RHONY: What Happened To Ramona Singer's Daughter, Avery?

Tiny but mighty! Perhaps that's the best way to describe 12-year-old Avery Singer when she first appeared on "Real Housewives of New York" as the voice of reason to her zany mother, Ramona Singer. Never forget the time she forbade Ramona from wearing a revealing top to a Missoni party in the Hamptons. Still, Avery is adamant that she was never totally comfortable being in the Bravo world. "I feel like most viewers now that I started when I was 12 and I was very present on camera, and then I definitely took a back seat as I got older with college and I worked in finance," she explained to the Hollywood Life in March. "I always wanted to be my own person. I always know my mom's on TV, but I don't watch any Bravo, honestly. It's very separate."

But aside from staying as far away from reality television as she can, what else has Avery been up to? Here's what we know. 

Avery Singer sought higher learning

After graduating from high school in 2013, Avery Singer headed south for Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. And as one can imagine, Avery's over-the-top mother was not well... well, you know the rest. Thank you, former "RHONY" star Dorinda Medley. "The transition of seasons was especially hard this year as Mario and I sent Avery off to college. It had been a very emotional time getting ready to send our only 'baby' off on her own but we began to look at all the positives. We are so proud of Avery and everything she has accomplished," Ramona penned about the bittersweet time in her life. 

After only one year, however, Avery opted to move a bit closer to home and transferred to the University of Virginia. "While she did like Emory and cherishes the experiences she had there and the friends she made, she thought a bigger University with a very accredited business school would better suit her interests and long-term goals. UVA also offered the option for a dual major and Emory did not," Ramona wrote about her daughter's decision in her blog.

Then in May 2017, Avery graduated from UVA with a bachelor's degree in economics and a minor in sociology. "Watch out real world," Avery penned in an Instagram post along with several photos of the special occasion. But first, a trip abroad. "When she graduates, she's going to Asia for a month with her friends," Ramona told The Daily Dish about her daughter's post-grad plans.

Avery Singer entered the corporate world

Upon returning from her trip to Asia, Avery Singer did, in fact, settle into the "real world" — and that included trading her cap and gown in for a job in corporate finance, first working for Morgan Stanley and then Neuberger Berman. But how did Avery land in finance? Ramona Singer said she helped steer her daughter, Avery, in the right direction. "She said to me, 'Mom, I really want to be very successful financially in life, so what career should I pursue if I wanted to be very successful financially?' I said, 'Well, to me, where the most financial success is either Wall Street finance, [or] real estate or computer technology.' So she chose finance 'cause she's really good with numbers. She's like me, she likes numbers," Ramona told Bravo's The Daily Dish

Eventually, however, Singer left the world of finance for a remote position with Cameo, a startup tech business wherein fans pay for personalized video messages from their favorite celebrities. "It's remote forever [working for the company]. So I literally, Coco's 17 now, and we get to hang out every day and that's why I think she's still kicking," she gushed about spending even more time with the family dog. Sadly, in November 2022, Avery was laid off from the startup. "Despite the setback, I am feeling optimistic about landing on my feet and now #opentowork eagerly starting to search for my next play!" she penned on her LinkedIn profile. And that she did!

Avery Singer is officially her own boss

These days Avery Singer is working as her own boss ... Bach Boss, that is! Following her layoff, Singer took the bull by the horns and launched her luxury party-planning concierge service, Bach Boss, along with her longtime friend, Jolie Lauren Golub. "When one door closes, another one opens. I guess I'm officially my own boss," Avery revealed in a bombshell Instagram post in January. "Tell your friends and friends of friends about @bachboss_. We'll create a perfect itinerary for your group with no stress."

And in true fashion, Ramona Singer was there to support her daughter every step of the way. "Avery, I am beyond proud of what you have built with @bachboss_. You are an inspiration to people on how you started this company and what you have achieved so far in such a short time!!!!" she penned in part on Instagram, along with several photos of herself, Avery, and other partygoers celebrating the launch of the new party bix. "Watch out everyone! They are already on their way to take over the bachelor & bachelorette planning market," the proud mama declared. 

Bravo, Avery!