Are The Feud Rumors About Blackpink's Lisa And Rosé Real?

It seems inevitable that with any boy band or girl group, rumored feuds between members will rise. We've seen it with Nsync, One Direction, Little Mix, and so many more. While sometimes they are true, other times it's just a bunch of speculation. The latest group to fall victim to feud rumors has been K-Pop sensation, Blackpink. Specifically, their two youngest members, Lisa and Rosé.

In the past, Lisa and Rosé have been vocal about how they initially didn't get along. Lisa spoke about their annoyance with each other in their 2020 Netflix documentary, "Blackpink: Light Up the Sky." She said, "...we used to fight like a lot. Every single day I have to like, 'Oh Rosé can you just stop?' And I was like so mad at her." Lisa had even shared that she wanted to tell Rosé she was annoying, but when she tried, she ended up telling her about black bean noodles instead. The two cracked up, and have been extremely close since, or so we thought.

Lisa and Rosé have had many fans speculating the two are not good friends. According to KPop Starz, during their shows in October 2022, Blinks noticed the two members being distant on stage. This is unusual for Lisa and Rosé as they are usually very interactive with one another. The distance between the two continued in their following shows as fans hoped they were just reading into it. So, are Lisa and Rosé really feuding? Continue reading to find out!

Lisa and Rosé are not fighting

Blinks can breathe a sigh of relief because Lisa and Rosé aren't actually feuding, at least according to their fellow band member, Jisoo. In 2023, Jisoo "Shut Down" there were feuds between the group's members, per NME. Instead, the singer revealed that when these rumored feuds circulate all the girls "laugh" it off. Jisoo shared, "We laugh when we see such things. We say [things] like, 'they say I'm your competition, so be careful' or 'why didn't you post on your Instagram, it caused a rumor, you should've promoted my album,'" she continued, "We treat it as a joke." Although Jisoo never explicitly mentioned Lisa and Rosé by name, it was evident to fans that she was talking about the pair.

Still, Lisa and Rosé spend nearly every waking moment together, so they are bound to fight like sisters once in a while, even if it's over something so simple. Just look at their 'B.P.M.' Roll #4 YouTube video. Lisa and Rosé got into a brief fight after Lisa said she wouldn't tag Rosé for the picture she was taking of her. Rosé was upset with Lisa as the two went back and forth, but just like all their other "fights" the two hugged it out. And funnily enough, as any other sister would, Lisa did not end up tagging Rosé in the photo. Still, nothing can come between the two, and that was evident from the first time they met.

Lisa looked at Rosé as competition when they first met

The process to be in a K-Pop group can be brutal, and Lisa had to look at everyone as competition when she auditioned for Blackpink, including Rosé. The musician recalled the daunting process in their 2020 Netflix documentary "Blackpink: Light Up the Sky." She said, "...there was this new girl with short hair, tied back. It was kind of awkward. I was like 'Oh! A new girl?' I was so wary of competition." Little did Lisa know that girl would become one of her closest friends. As for Rosé, she remembers the process being terrifying as she was "really intimidated."

As the two girls got to know one another, they realized how alike they are. Lisa told Netflix, "We were the same age, and we had similar tastes. Since we both came from another country, we relied on each other when we were having a hard time. We become like two peas in a pod."

Just like Blinks and Blackpink, there is no Rosé without Lisa. In March 2022, Rosé even wished her fellow bandmate a happy birthday via Instagram and went as far as to call Lisa her sister, per Pop Base. She said, "Happy birthday Lisa! Forever my sister from another mis.. lol Love you so much." So, no matter what it may look like on stage or what rumors circulate about the two, Lisa and Rosé are forever friends.