What Kim Kardashian Really Had To Say About Those Drake Affair Rumors

Kim Kardashian is over all the allegations that she had an affair with rapper Drake. The reality star set the record straight about the gossip in the third season of "The Kardashians," as the rumor has been going on for years.

It all started in 2018 when Drake released his fifth studio album, "Scorpion," per Harper's Bazaar. One of the tracks titled, "In My Feelings," became a successful hit amongst the masses. But more than just becoming a success, the song fueled rumors that the musician had an affair with Kardashian. One of the lines in the song says, "Kiki do you love me? / Are you riding? / Say you'll never ever leave from beside me." At first, you might not even read into this lyric. But after fans did some digging, a Twitter user noticed that Kardashian's nickname is "Kiki." This made people believe the two had an affair. However, at the time the SKIMS creator was married to Kanye "Ye" West. 

What made it worse was that Nick Cannon didn't deny the possibility of the "God's Plan" rapper having an affair with Kardashian, per Complex. The host suggested the affair is not "that far off of a concept." But when The Shade Room posted the clip of Cannon's comments, Kardashian denied the allegations. She wrote, "Never happened. End of story." But the rumor has continued to live on, and the reality star has made some shocking revelations regarding all the gossip. 

Kim Kardashian claims Kanye Ye West started rumor of Drake affair

Kim Kardashian dropped a bombshell about the rumors surrounding herself and Drake in Season 3 of "The Kardashians." The reality star revealed to Kris Jenner that her ex-husband Kanye "Ye" West was the one to start the affair rumors, per Insider. Kardashian shared, "He [Kanye] was the one that started a rumor that said I was hooking up with Drake, having an affair our whole marriage. He accused me of that publicly."

Kardashian was incredibly hurt by her ex-husband's behavior and shared, "So the person that's supposed to protect me the most, publicly would accuse me of having an affair throughout our whole marriage." The SKIMS creator revealing that her ex-husband started the rumors comes as a shock, at least to some, because in the past, he has defended Kardashian from the rumors.

In 2018, at the height of the affair rumors, West took to Instagram to call out the "Hotline Bling" rapper, per The U.S. Sun. "The fact that people are making rumors and thinking that you f***ed my wife and you're not saying anything, and you're carrying it on like that ... don't sit well with my spirit," West said. It makes sense that Drake would stay out of the drama by not mentioning the rumors at all. What doesn't make sense is why West would reportedly start the rumors in the first place.

Drake has been friends with the Kardashians for a while

Putting all the alleged affair rumors between Drake and Kim Kardashian aside, the "God's Plan" rapper has been friends with the famous family for quite some time. The musician first crossed paths with the Kardashian/Jenner clan in 2013 when he performed for Kylie Jenner's Sweet 16 party. From that point on, the famous family and the rapper became close friends. Drake even gushed about the reality stars to E! News. "I'm just a friend. I really like Kylie a lot, I really like Kendall [Jenner] ... Khloé [Kardashian]'s really nice. And obviously, you know, the queen of it all — Kris Jenner — she's my favorite." Interesting to see that there was no mention of Kim, despite all the rumors.

In fact, the musician was reportedly connected to someone else in the family other than Kim. According to Us Weekly, the "One Dance" rapper was reportedly romantically connected to Kylie. The outlet reports that the two seemed happy to be in each other's presence at the musician's 33rd birthday in October 2019. It seemed like just a rumor at first, but in November 2019, a source revealed the two were more than just friends. "At his Halloween party, they were affectionate and clearly there together. They've been seeing each other romantically. He also showed up to Kendall's birthday." So, who knows? Maybe it was actually Kylie that Drake was interested in and not Kim.