What We Know About Hailee Steinfeld And Josh Allen's Relationship

Hailee Steinfeld and Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen? We're here to get to the bottom of it.

Steinfeld isn't like "Most Girls" who start a relationship, as she has to go through her romances in the public eye. Nevertheless, Steinfeld's dating history has been relatively modest due to her deliberate decision to hold off on pursuing romantic connections. In 2016, she told "The Bert Show," "Guys, I'm nineteen. I haven't really been on dates." And if you thought that Steinfeld wasn't getting asked out, well... you'd be wrong. The actor said she gets asked out, but added, "I just don't go."

However, there have been a couple of men who have captured Steinfeld's heart, including One Direction's Niall Horan. The pair began dating in 2018 and called it quits that same year due to Steinfeld's busy schedule. Since then, the actor has kept a low profile, but has been vocal about what she wants in a man. In 2021, the "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" actor described her perfect man to Cosmopolitan. She shared, "I want a partner who is, first and foremost, loyal and honest but confident in themselves and able to do their thing while I do mine." It looks like she might have found the perfect guy after all because Steinfeld has since been connected to NFL star Josh Allen. And even though their relationship has just taken off, there is a lot to unpack between the new "it" couple.

Hailee Steinfeld is excited about her new relationship with Josh Allen

Sparks are flying between Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen. Although it's unclear how they met, speculation surrounding the new couple began in May 2023 when they were spotted out on the town in New York, People reported. A source told the outlet that the "True Grit" actor and Buffalo Bills star had been seeing each other for "several weeks." The insider added, "It's new, but they are having fun."

The relationship continued to bloom in June as Us Weekly reported the new couple has been a thing for "about a month." Steinfeld's new romance with Allen has to be a breath of fresh air, as she hasn't publicly dated anyone since 2018. As far as their relationship, the insider added that it's "going really great" and the two constantly "laugh a ton when they're together [and] are always smiling." Clearly, the two are smitten with one another, but Steinfeld has always taken her relationships slow and she plans on doing the same with Allen.

Although it seems like Steinfeld is excited about the potential new romance, she's "not putting any pressure or unrealistic expectations on things," according to Us Weekly. The "Pitch Perfect 2" star is proceeding with caution in her new relationship with Allen, especially because he broke up with his last girlfriend not long before they got together.

Josh Allen split from his girlfriend not long before being spotted with Hailee Steinfeld

Things seem to be going well between the new couple on the block, Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen. However, not everything has been picture-perfect because the Buffalo Bills star broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Williams, not long before he began dating the actor. According to the New York Post, Williams and Allen have known each other since childhood. However, the two didn't start dating until 2017 and were together for five years before breakup rumors began circulating in April 2023.

Why did these breakup rumors start? Well, Williams did the 21st-century version of announcing their split by unfollowing the quarterback on social media, as noted by The U.S. Sun. Not just that, but the pilates instructor also deleted photos of her and Allen on Instagram and fans were quick to notice the change. According to Heavy, one of Williams' friends seemed to confirm the couple's split in early May 2023. Karlee Zacky posted a photo of her and William on her Instagram Story with the caption, "Now accepting husband applications." Clearly, Allen's application was denied. Just a month after his breakup from Williams, the Buffalo Bills star was spotted out in New York with Steinfeld. Talk about a quick turnaround! But clearly, the new couple is infatuated with each other, which is probably a tough blow to Williams.

Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld have verbally acknowledged their relationship

Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen were photographed engaging in some serious PDA during a Los Cabos getaway in July 2023. According to Allen, the paparazzi went to great lengths to snap pics of him smooching Steinfeld in a hot tub. "They were on a boat. I saw it, and I just felt this gross feeling. It's like insecurity, no privacy," he said on the "Pardon My Take" podcast in August 2023. Allen also revealed that he found the immense interest in his love life mind-boggling.

Steinfeld and Allen seemingly gave up on trying so hard to keep their relationship under wraps after that debacle. In October 2023, they were spotted watching the Buffalo Sabres face off against the New York Rangers at Buffalo's KeyBank Center. According to People, the hockey date was their first public outing as a couple (well, the first one that they were comfortable with people knowing about, anyway). That same month, Steinfeld attended the Buffalo Bills' matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London.

Steinfeld later gave her relationship with Allen a playful wink while walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes in January 2024. USA Today reporter Ralphie Aversa asked her how she felt about the Bills' chances against the Miami Dolphins that same night, and she flashed him a thumbs up, while saying, "Real good." But when she saw that Aversa was holding a Bills jersey with Stefon Diggs' name on it, she told him, "Wrong number, though!"

The Taylor Swift comparisons have commenced

Hailee Steinfeld plays an archer in "Hawkeye;" Taylor Swift sings "The Archer." Swift's song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is featured in the "Pitch Perfect 2" soundtrack; Steinfeld stars in the movie. Let's also not forget that Steinfeld is a member of the exclusive club that is Swift's girl squad — she even appeared in the "Bad Blood" music video.

It's hard to imagine any bad blood between two pals who have so much in common, but it was inevitable that they would become friendly rivals when they both started dating NFL players. They've also been compared to one another by the media; when Steinfeld went shopping with Allen's mom at Leveled Up Buffalo, Page Six noted that Swift has befriended the mother of her man, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, as well.

Both entertainers' WAG swag game is remarkably strong, too. Swift attended one of Kelce's games in a custom Chiefs jacket designed by Kristin Juszczyk, the wife of San Francisco 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk. Meanwhile, Steinfeld has impressed some Bills' fans by cheering for Allen in a throwback 1988 Buffalo Bills AFC East Champions snapback. But one big difference between the two famous women is that NFL fans have had fewer opportunities to complain about Steinfeld hogging the jumbotron. When she attended the Bills' game in London, the man seated next to her, Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, was treated like the biggest celeb in attendance.

Hailee Steinfeld's response to engagement speculation

Can't a gal just wear some bling on her left hand without people speculating that a trip down the aisle is imminent? In December 2023, some blurry bling on one of Hailee Steinfeld's fingers captured the attention of a Wives of NFL subreddit member. Paige Buechele, the wife of Buffalo Bills practice squad quarterback Shane Buechele, had shared a photo on her Instagram Story of Steinfeld hanging out with her and another quarterback WAG, Kyle Allen's fiancée, Summer Juraszek, at a game. (Fun fact: Shane once played for the same team as Taylor Swift's boo.) Paige also befriended the pop star, with TMZ reporting that Swift invited her and a few other WAGs over to her apartment in NYC to watch a November 2023 Chiefs game.

So, the big question is whether Paige will get a "save the date" for Swift or Steinfeld's nuptials first. At the Golden Globes, Steinfeld didn't reveal whether a wedding was in the cards for her, choosing instead to show off the silver ring shaped like a doe, a deer, a female deer, on her right hand when the topic of a possible engagement to Josh Allen came up. She was also asked by E! News what she finds so appealing about an athletic guy. "Listen, what isn't it about? Come on, now," she said. Was that an "Amen, sis!" we heard from Swift?