What Is O.J. And Nicole Brown Simpson's Daughter Sydney Doing Now?

O.J. Simpson was famously embroiled in one of the most high-profile murder trials in history. The former football player was accused of murdering his then-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. Everywhere O.J. went, he and those connected to him, including his children, were constantly under public scrutiny.

Simpson has five children, two of whom were with Nicole. Sydney Simpson, born in 1985, was the eldest of O.J. and Nicole's kids. She was only nine years old when her mother was murdered. Throughout the trial, Nicole's family cared for Sydney and her brother, Justin Simpson, with their grandmother attempting to shield the youngsters from the spotlight, which was sure to be challenging.

Since Sydney was just a young girl when the trial occurred, she was likely oblivious to the contentious debate surrounding her father's guilt or innocence. As matured, she formed her own perspectives on the matter, as sources told the National Enquirer: "Sydney still believes that her father murdered her mother, but she wants to make peace with him and tell him that she forgives him." That said, people are curious to know what Sydney has been up to since her father's trial. Here's what we know. 

Sydney Simpson attended Boston University

Sydney Simpson could have let all the frenzy surrounding her father's involvement in her mother's murder get the best of her. Instead, she overcame the difficulties that came with it. Not much is known about Sydney after the famous trial, as she has chosen to keep a private life. However, we know that Sydney continued her education once her father, O.J. Simpson, was acquitted.

According to SportsSkeeda, Sydney attended Gulliver Academy, a private school where she received her primary education. After Simpson graduated from Gulliver, she continued her education at Boston University in 2004. The young college student had a typical move-in day that involved her father offering a helping hand. A source spoke to E! News about the move-in day, sharing, "He [O.J] was just like a regular dad moving his daughter into college." In 2010, Sydney graduated with an undergraduate degree in sociology from the school's College of Arts and Sciences.

After college, Sydney relocated to Atlanta, where she started her own business, Simpsy LLC, in 2014. The young entrepreneur's business manages multiple properties in the area, and Sydney hasn't stopped there as she has continued to pursue various additional business ventures. The Boston University graduate also decided to start a business with her brother, Justin Simpson, in co-owning a restaurant, per Insider Lyfe. Clearly, Sydney has kept herself busy.

Sydney Simpson had speculated romances

Between her collection of business ventures, it's surprising that Sydney Simpson has time for anything else. However, she's made room to find love. One of her relationships has been with Stuart Alexander Lee, according to The Celebs Closet. According to the outlet, the couple began their relationship in 2007. Evidently, both attended the same college, suggesting that they likely crossed paths during their time there. Sydney and Lee had a lengthy relationship — lasting five years — before they ultimately decided to call it quits in 2012. It's unclear what caused the couple to split, but Sydney appears to have moved on from Lee.

In 2014, Sydney was spotted with Florida politician Robert Blackmon. According to the Daily Mail, the two were out enjoying lunch in Beverly Hills, CA. The outlet reported that Blackmon was a friend of her younger brother, Justin Simpson, which is most likely how they met. However, the public outing turned out to be a friend's lunch rather than a romantic one because Blackmon denied the rumors he dated the businesswoman. In 2017, he told the Tampa Bay Times, "She's a good friend of mine, but we're not dating." Since her outing with Blackmon, Sydney has continued to lay low. And according to Celeb Suburb, as of 2023, she reportedly remains single.