Why Gino Palazzolo From 90 Day Fiancé Always Wears A Hat

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda keep stoking the flames on "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" with the drama, jealousy, and secrets that fans have come to expect. But, Palazzolo and Pineda, who first appeared in Season 5, have also shown that they are committed to each other. The Michigan product development engineer and the Panama teacher have been dating for three years after they met on an international dating website and fell in love. Despite their 17-year age gap and cultural difference, the couple plan to get married and have a baby. 

Palazzolo and Pineda's path to happily ever after has been challenging as they try to meld their lives together. For instance, Pineda is very possessive of her fiancé, while Palazzolo is concerned about Pineda's spending habits. And those are only some of their disagreements. In one particularly explosive fight, Pineda confronted Palazzolo because he sent nude photos of her to his ex. The American literature teacher clapped back by knocking her lover's hat off his head. Of course, viewers know this was a cardinal sin in Palazzolo's books. Luckily, he quickly replaced it with a spare he found in his bag. Viewers know that Palazzolo is obsessed with hats, much to Pineda's disdain. Yet, there is an underlying reason for Palazzolo's penchant for chapeaus.  

Gino Palazzo has a medical condition

While her social media shows that Jasmine Pineda is always looking put-together, Palazzolo keeps his attire low-key. In the past, some "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" fans have speculated that Palazzolo might be hiding his head. One fan even suggested that he may be covering his head because of some insecurities. "It's like a security blanket for him," an Instagram user mused. However, there is a medical reason that Palazzolo keeps his head covered.

Palazzolo has been living with psoriasis for a long time. Pineda once addressed the issue on her Instagram, confirming that he has the condition. The skin condition is associated with scaly, inflamed skin on the scalp and other parts of the body. On one episode of "90 Days," Gino revealed, "I started wearing a hat now, I don't know how many years ago because I have lost my hair over time. When I don't have a hat on I feel like I'm naked or something." Palazzolo hasn't always covered his head. Sometimes, he takes to social media and posts pictures of his younger self when he still had a full head of hair. 

Life may have been simpler prior to his hair loss because now that he chooses to wear headgear, he sometimes finds himself in some sticky situations.

Gino Palazzolo's hat obsession makes life difficult

Gino Palazzolo shared on a "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" episode why he prefers to wear a hat on video chats with Jasmine Pineda. He stated, "I always have my hat because I prefer how I look with the hat on." Well, at least one person was not very pleased when he did not take it off when he met her. Pineda's mother expected Palazzolo to remove his fedora before the mealtime prayer. Palazzolo refused. Off camera, he explained, "I'm just not comfortable taking my hat off." The matriarch was not impressed by his actions, but the Michigan native stuck to his guns.

Of course, there are times he cannot wear the headgear and must submit to standard protocols. One such occasion was when he and Pineda had to go through airport security in Panama. He obliged the officials and removed the hat, much to the delight of Pineda. She gushed, "The very brief times I have seen him without the hat, I'm telling him like, 'You are [the] Michigan version of Bruce Willis.' Like, look at him! He's a Hollywood star." Even though Pineda adores his look, it seems as if Palazzolo just prefers to keep his hat on.