Olivia Dunne Gives Fans A Taste Of Her Staggering Social Media Earnings

Social media influencing can be big business, and Olivia Dunne just cashed out! For decades, colleges and universities made billions of dollars off their student-athletes while keeping the profits to themselves. But things have changed. Now, the most popular — and social media savvy — college athletes can bring home six-figure incomes. Of course, Dunne, a millionaire gymnast for LSU, is one of the most well-known of the bunch. Over the past few years, Dunne has built a large social media following that's yielded more financial security than the average person will ever have.

With increased fame, money, and attention, has come drama, however. Dunne — who is only 20 years old — has already accrued a pack of opinionated haters. However, her most notable feud has been with TikTok star Breckie Hill. And while that feud led to some petty commentary across social media, Dunne was probably too preoccupied with balancing her checkbook to care. A single Instagram post can net Dunne up to $43,200, according to Nola. But wait until you hear about the mind-shattering payment she recently received!

Olivia Dunne is worth big bucks

Olivia Dunne may have a shining future as a gymnast, but she certainly doesn't have to rely on the sport for income. Dunne recently appeared on the "Full Send" podcast, revealing the highest fee she's ever charged for a social media post. "Can you say what your biggest bag was for a single brand deal?" asked the host. "I usually don't ever talk about money. ... But I would say it's six figures," Dunne shared. Dunne soon revealed that her six-figure fee actually amounted to $500,000. However, as Dunne mentioned earlier in the podcast, she prefers "long-term" deals. "Really, for me, what I love with certain brands, is getting long-term brand deals," shared Dunne. "Those are probably the best because you build a relationship with the brand, and they want you year after year, and you know, sometimes they will pay you more as the years go on."

Basically, if a company is looking to get on Dunne's feed, they should probably get on that before she takes Beyonce's advice and raises her price. Although Dunne didn't list any payments from any specific brands, she's certainly collaborated with some heavy hitters, including Motorola. "Love my Infinite Black @Motorola US razr+ and its incredible Flex View feature! With its bendable functionality, my phone transforms into a tripod, allowing me to capture content on the move!" wrote Dunne on TikTok in June.