Who Is Comedian Matt Rife's Reported New Girlfriend, Jessica Lord?

Matt Rife has seemingly started a romance with someone new. The comedian was previously linked to Kate Beckinsale beginning in June 2017, but the two had broken up by August of that year, as Us Weekly was told by a source. "They went on a couple of fun dates. It fizzled out weeks ago," the source said. Rife was last seen with the "Pearl Harbor" star during a 2018 outing to a performance of Dave Chappelle's, per People.

In a June 2023 interview with Elite Daily, Rife opened up about not having a significant other as a result of how busy his schedule has been. "I just don't have time," Rife said. "I'm on the brink of being sick almost every day. Not in a cold kind of way, but just being run-down... I sleep probably three hours a night, maybe. And then I've got basically at least two shows every night, I'd say six days a week at least." A more recent report, however, is stating that Rife's love life has taken a new turn.

Matt Rife's rumored partner, Jessica Lord, is an actor and dancer

Matt Rife is reportedly dating actor Jessica Lord. In July 2023, Page Six wrote that they were told by sources that Rife and Lord are currently an item. The pair has been spending quality time together when possible amid Rife's hectic tour schedule, the news outlet said. In addition, the sources shared that Rife had briefly dated another actor, Lucy Hale, before starting to see Lord more recently.

Some of Lord's roles include portraying the character Lola in the 2010s show "The Next Step." She also appeared on an episode of "Ransom" back in 2019, as well as an episode of "Party of Five" in 2020. One of Lord's biggest parts to date is playing Lena Grisky in the series "Find Me in Paris." According to TV Guide, Lord is a native of Rochdale, Manchester, England, and is a trained dancer aside from being an actor. Lord has displayed her performance skills in the past, such as when she posted a clip on Instagram of herself carrying out a sultry dance routine in June 2023. The action-thriller film "Murder at Hollow Creek" is an upcoming project of Lord's and will also be starring actors such as Jason Patric and Mickey Rourke, Deadline wrote in March 2022. Rife has publicly interacted with Lord via social media.

Matt Rife is showing Jessica Lord love on Instagram

Matt Rife is showing his interest in his reported partner, Jessica Lord. When he chatted with Esquire in April 2023, Rife admitted that he "kind of hate[s] dating." Though he mentioned that his busy schedule can interfere with his love life, Rife revealed that he does have a desire to ultimately settle down. "I know I am just in my mid-to-late 20s, but still, I do want a wife and a family and a prominent home life that makes me feel comfortable, safe, and is my peace," Rife said.

Rife and Lord have not publicly stated that a romance between the two of them is official, but Rife has interacted with Lord's latest social media posts. In July 2023, Lord took to Instagram to share an image of herself posing during a photoshoot. Rife then left the comment, "LS." Fans have responded with speculation as to what the message may mean, with some interpreting it to be a romantic gesture. "LOVESICK that's what he meant," one user wrote. Another added, "love struck?" alongside the heart eyes emoji. Additionally, when Lord posted pictured of herself on Instagram wearing a hot pink dress in June 2023, Rife commented with a flamingo emoji.

Matt Rife is picky when it comes to women

Although Matt Rife and Jessica Lord's relationship has yet to be confirmed, if the two are indeed dating, the actor/dancer has met the comedian's super high standards. In an April interview with "Net Positive with John Crist," Rife shared, "I'm so picky. I have like, the highest standards for girls, for anybody I get involved with." On whether he's considering marriage in the future, he answered, "Yeah, dude! I think now that my career's changing, I genuinely don't want anything to do with like, going on the road, just hooking up with a bunch of girls. That has zero appeal to me ... It can only get you in trouble." Seems like Rife is ready to settle down!

When asked what his top five "green flags" were for a love interest, Rife told Access Hollywood, "She likes animals, she's never been to Tulum — because hot girls in L.A. go to Tulum like it's the grocery store, like it's every week — somebody who's kind to everybody, good sense of humor obviously. Like, I like a relationship where you can bully each other a little bit. And then fifth, I would say they have to be into movies." Given that Lord has a pooch and is an actor, she meets at least two out of five of Rife's priorities. Perhaps a trip to somewhere other than Tulum together is in their future.