Devin Herenda

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Los Angeles, California
Pasadena City College
Bravo TV, The Today Show, Pop Music
  • After serving as an assistant editor for the PCC Courier and beginning to write for myBurbank News, Devin won the 2020 Lisa A. Davidson Memorial Scholarship from the Los Angeles chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.
  • She enjoys staying up to date on celebrity appearances for talk shows like "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" or "The Drew Barrymore Show," as well as the latest sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey and guests.
  • In addition to filling the role of writer, Devin has served as an editor for a middle grade novel.


Devin began her journalism pursuits while studying at Pasadena City College. When she's not contributing to Nicki Swift, she continues to write for myBurbank News, Songwriting Magazine and BuzzFeed. One of Devin's favorite parts of her work is interviewing a variety of people for articles and her podcast series, "Local Legends with Devin," which she hosts for myBurbank.


Devin studied journalism at Pasadena City College, where she earned her associate degree in 2020. Here, she gained firsthand news experience through coming on board as a writer and assistant editor of the PCC Courier's lifestyle section.
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