Jamie Foxx Suffers A Tragic Loss

Jamie Foxx is mourning the loss of one of his close friends and collaborators. On October 5, 2023, actor Keith Jefferson died at the age of 53, as The Hollywood Reporter wrote. Leading up to his passing, Jefferson had revealed he'd been diagnosed with cancer. Per his website, Jefferson was a Texas native who was known for roles in projects such as "Once Upon a Time In Hollywood," "The Hateful Eight," "Django Unchained," and "The Jamie Foxx Show," among others. He and Foxx also worked together most recently for the movie "All-Star Weekend," which has Foxx serving as its director and hasn't yet been released. 

Back in August 2023, Jefferson spoke about his cancer journey on Instagram and praised his loved ones for offering their support, including Foxx. "I have a loving family and the best friends in the entire world. You know who you are. From my Mom to J Foxx and everybody in between," Jefferson said. "I love you whole heartedly." Previously, Jefferson talked about his and Foxx's friendship when he took to social media to honor Foxx's birthday in December 2021. "We've been thru a lot but I would step in the ring with you anytime and will always have your back fighting for and beside you," Jefferson wrote. Now, Foxx is opening up about his grief amid this heartbreaking loss. 

Jamie Foxx is 'having a hard time' after Keith Jefferson's death

Following the death of his colleague and friend Keith Jefferson, Jamie Foxx is publicly honoring Jefferson. Foxx posted on Instagram after Jefferson's death to express his sadness. Starting the caption with three broken heart emojis, Foxx then said, "This one hurts. Keith, you've been nothing but absolute grace, your whole life your heart is pure your love is immeasurable you were an amazing soul." Foxx went on to say, "We will all miss you dearly. It's gonna take a long time for this to heal. Goodbye, my friend. I love you." 

The "Ray" star again remembered Jefferson with a second social media post featuring a throwback photo of himself and Jefferson posing by a private plane. In its caption, Foxx detailed that his and Jefferson's connection dates back to when they first crossed paths in their college years. He added, "Everything hurts right now having a hard time looking through these pictures reliving the memories of us having a great time going to miss you man gonna miss you." In addition, Foxx has shared numerous photos of Jefferson via his Instagram Stories, such as a picture of Jefferson and Foxx from years past, as well as others of Jefferson posing alongside fellow celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Quentin Tarantino.