Jake From State Farm's Life Was Much Different Before His Fame

The actor who portrays "Jake from State Farm" has had an inspirational rise to fame. In the earliest State Farm commercial featuring Jake, a real State Farm staff member named Jake Stone played the part. He was then replaced by actor Kevin Miles, a graduate of the Chicago Academy for the Arts.

Miles began his time as "Jake from State Farm" back in 2020. He's since starred in well-known State Farm ads like the company's 2021 Super Bowl commercial, which featured Paul Rudd, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and Drake, per People. In addition, "Jake from State Farm" was spoofed by Michael B. Jordan in a 2023 "Saturday Night Live" skit that has garnered four and a half million views to date.

During a 2021 "Dan Patrick Show" interview, Miles opened up about the "Jake from State Farm" audition process. "I really just think that I just happened to test well with the focus groups," Miles said. "I always wanted to make it something that felt close to me, close to who I am." However, leading up to his success, Miles faced challenges along his journey. 

Kevin Miles slept in his car for 'a couple months' prior to playing Jake from State Farm

Kevin Miles worked his way up to find fame as "Jake from State Farm." In 2021, Miles talked to Forbes about moving to Los Angeles after earning his bachelor's degree in acting. Securing a steady income as an actor was difficult early in his career, and Miles recalled taking on odd jobs to make ends meet. "I was food running for a while, and that was hard because to get all these theatre degrees and every week food running in your graduation suit — it was so daunting," Miles said. 

When Miles was a guest on the "About Last Night Podcast with Adam Ray" in 2021, he revealed that he slept in his car for "a couple months" while trying to advance as an actor. "I think I was the most stressed, really," Miles said about this time in his life. Luckily, he told Forbes, he started to score roles in commercials after applying for all kinds of parts, eventually getting the opportunity to become the new face of "Jake from State Farm."

In his 2021 "Dan Patrick Show" chat, Miles noted how his circumstances have been altered by playing "Jake from State Farm." "My schedule is definitely very packed," Miles said. He added, "I think the best thing is that, when I'm approached out in public, it's all good energy, and that helps." To this day, audience members can't get enough of "Jake from State Farm."

Kevin Miles, aka Jake from State Farm, keeps winning viewers over

The popularity of "Jake from State Farm" as played by Kevin Miles continues to soar. Per the State Farm Newsroom, in July 2023 the "Jake from State Farm" TikTok account hit 1 million followers. As of September 2023, the account has gained 1.1 million followers. 

The character's appeal to younger viewers was highlighted in the company's news release celebrating this achievement. "'Jake from State Farm' has been an incredible asset to connect us with Gen Z and Millennial audiences," said Alyson Griffin, the company's vice president of marketing. "We are so proud of all the hard work our marketing department and marketing agencies have put in to make Jake a relatable character and spread the good neighbor spirit."

"Jake from State Farm" has collaborated with other fellow public figures such as race car driver Emelia Hartford on Instagram, as well as Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, who both acted with Miles in a September 2023 State Farm commercial

Aside from his frequent work with State Farm, in 2021 Miles filmed the movie "Uglies," a book adaptation in which he portrays Auryn. The project, which is yet to be released, features stars like Joey King, Chase Stokes, and Laverne Cox in lead roles. Miles will also be in the series "While You Were Breeding," whose post-production was halted in May 2023 amid the writers' strike, as reported by Deadline.