What Hallmark's Erin Krakow And Tyler Hynes' Relationship Is Like In Real Life

Former costars Erin Krakow and Tyler Hynes shared a positive relationship offscreen. The two actors played the lead roles, Elizabeth and David, in the 2021 Hallmark Channel film "It Was Always You." Via Hallmark's site, Elizabeth is engaged to David's brother at the start of the flick. When Elizabeth and David cross paths, though, her personal life quickly takes a turn. Following the debut of "It Was Always You," Krakow noted that she instantly connected with this storyline. "This is perhaps my favorite Hallmark Channel movie," Krakow said in an interview for "Sarah Scoop." "I loved the script the second I read it."

In a 2021 behind-the-scenes look at the romance movie, per Hallmark Channel, Krakow and Hynes described the romance between their characters. "There's just something undeniable about their connection," Krakow said. She added, "Somewhere along the way, Elizabeth sees a different side of David, and he sees a different side of her." Hynes stated, "There's something exciting. There's something a little bit dangerous about it." From the start, Krakow and Hynes felt at ease with one another.

Erin Krakow and Tyler Hynes hit it off right away

Erin Krakow and Tyler Hynes got along well behind the scenes of "It Was Always You." The Hallmark stars chatted with Entertainment Tonight in 2021 about making the film, and Krakow revealed that it was her idea to ask Hynes to star in the project with her. "People really love Tyler, and they're excited to see him. I was excited to work, then actually requested him for this movie because I thought he'd be so great in this part," Krakow said. 

Hynes opened up about his humorous earliest messages with Krakow, which included him texting a picture of his dog and saying to Krakow that "this was the look I was going for," and Krakow sending a GIF of Hynes in response. "We started right into the ridiculousness on the texts," Hynes said. He added, "I'm sure you've had this, where you just meet somebody, and it's super easy. Like, right away you just skip all the B.S., and you get into it. I love that." In 2021, Hynes spoke of the harmonious dynamic between himself and Krakow while he was a guest on the "Hallmark Podcast." "Me and Erin had a good working relationship," Hynes said. "She was very talented, and we worked pretty hard on this one." Since this collaboration, Krakow has been asked about the idea of working with Hynes once again.

Erin Krakow 'would love' to act with Tyler Hynes again

Erin Krakow has addressed whether she and Tyler Hynes would do another movie together. Before "It Was Always You" was officially announced, Krakow hinted through Instagram that the project would be a treat for fans. "Picture wrapped last night and I'm feeling all the feels," Krakow wrote alongside a behind-the-scenes image from the film's poster photoshoot. "This is going to be a special one!"

During her 2021 "Sarah Scoop" interview, Krakow spoke highly of Hynes' acting skills. "I'm thrilled that [Hynes] took the role because he just brought it to life in such a fun, annoying, charming, adventurous kind of way," Krakow said. She added, "And we have such an ease working together." Likewise, Hynes praised Krakow's talent during his 2021 "Hallmark Podcast" interview. "There is something about Erin that, she's very capable of being vulnerable in a very... engaging way," Hynes said. "She's got a vulnerability about her that she can turn on that is very interesting." Krakow was asked by Deidre Behar of Entertainment Tonight in 2021 if she may work with Hynes again following "It Was Always You." "I would love it so much," Krakow said. "I'm already trying to convince everyone that we need to shoot the sequel." When Krakow shared a selfie on Instagram in January 2023, one fan commented that they hoped Krakow was "Possibly making It Was Always You part 2." Krakow responded by saying, "I'm game! @tyler_hynes is game!"