The Real Reason JWoww Is Divorcing Roger

Though she and her MTV costars vowed to never fall in love at the Jersey Shore, Jenni "JWoww" Farley bucked her own creed after she met beefed-up, "juicehead gorilla" Roger Mathews. Their romance flourished as cameras rolled, and after Jersey Shore wrapped, their relationship kept chugging along. 

These two appeared to be well on their way to lifelong bliss after tying the knot in October 2015, after about five years of dating. They settled into married life with their daughter, Meilani Mathews, and son, Greyson Mathews, and we just knew JWoww and her guido would be DTF forever ... up until the reality star flipped the script and filed for divorce in September 2018, according to the Asbury Park Press. Umm... awkward!

JWoww cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for their divorce, but that doesn't really tell us the true tea about what went wrong in their nearly three-year marriage. Here's the real reason JWoww is divorcing Roger.

It was a 'long time coming'

The divorce filing noted that JWoww and Mathews' differences had "caused the breakdown of the marriage for a period of at least six months," reported the Asbury Park Press, but that wasn't all. The documents also stated that there was "no prospect of reconciliation." Dang. What went wrong?

Well, an insider told Us Weekly that the breakup was "a long time coming," but they didn't really go into any further detail. Phooey.

The estranged duo had bouts of separation, with JWoww staying busy while filming Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and Mathews staying at home to raise their two kiddos. However, when JWoww wasn't waiting for the cabs to arrive and Jersey turnpiking in clubs, she was with her children and Mathews, and they appeared to be happy and in love in videos posted to her Jenni Farley YouTube channel. So, we're all sorts of confused.

BRB, we're going to guzzle some Ron Ron juice and drown our sorrows in a jar of pickles as we mourn their marriage.

He really wasn't into reality TV

Mathews made a few appearances on Jersey Shore during the time he and JWoww's love began to blossom, and he received even more camera time on the 2012 spin-off, Snooki & JWoww. But Mathews seemed content with his low-key life as a truck driver.

"Everyone was hoping they'd work it out, but it didn't happen," a source told Us Weekly. "He is fine with who Jenni is, but never had any desire to be famous or on TV. He lets her do her thing and doesn't get in the way."

Looking back on their union, we're shocked we didn't notice their polar opposite thoughts about living in the limelight a long time ago. In an Instagram caption dated January 2018, in support of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's husband, Jionni LaValle, and his opposition to being featured on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Mathews commented, in part: "As someone who has survived reality TV I know exactly where he is coming from."

And that brings us to our next point...

Did the reboots recharge her desire to be single?

With so many shows getting the reboot treatment, it didn't take long for MTV execs to hop on the bandwagon and bring back our favorite guidos and guidettes for 2018's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. JWoww appeared to be juggling motherhood, being a wife, and the revival of her reality television career with ease, but we can't help but wonder if returning to the spotlight did more harm than good, at least for her marriage. 

As fans of the hit show, seeing the old gang back together again filled us with a ton of nostalgia, so we wouldn't be surprised if returning to her old stomping grounds also reminded JWoww of her pre-Roger days. Maybe getting a taste of life without Mathews made her long for a time when she had no responsibilities and worried only about which mini dress she would wear to Karma Nightclub. Hey, it's a possibility.

Gym, tan, 'repetitive pattern'

Following news that their marriage was done-zo, Mathews filled up our tea cups with all the heart-wrenching details in an Instagram video: "My wife filed for divorce, it's true," he said "I don't blame her." 

He assured his followers that there was "no cheating or any dumb s**t or any juicy details," but he did confirm that JWoww grew tired of the "repetitive pattern" that they fell into. He refused to go into further detail about what that pattern could be, but he wanted to make one thing certain: "I'm not done fighting, I'm gonna win my wife back. I'm gonna win her affection back, I'm gonna win her love back." 

Welp, we're not sure that's going to happen, but maybe Mathews' "Dirtbag 9000" shock therapy device will do the trick. He's also mentioned couples counseling, so we're sending him a fist pump in the air as a sign of our support.

A smoosh-less marriage?

Those who watched the spin-off show, Snooki & JWoww, were privy to some very personal information about Mathew's ahem ... private parts. In one scene, after taking a few shots of Tequila, and with JWoww's dad within earshot, he admits to having Chlamydia four times, and if that isn't bad enough, he also talks about his "tiny penis," according to Yeah. TMI!

If we really wanted to know what was going down in the Farley-Mathews bedroom prior to JWoww's divorce filing, all we had to do was take a look at Mathews' Instagram. In one caption, he admitted he didn't follow many celebrities on the social media platform, but he did follow JWoww, adding, "Cause I see her more naked on her social than I do in real life." Oh boy.

He's quite the jokester, so perhaps he was just making a funny to keep his followers entertained, but now that we know that they were going through some problems, maybe there was a minuscule (no pun) serving of truth behind his words.

Mommy's midlife crisis

Remember when we mentioned the possibility that Jenni Farley's return to reality TV may have caused her to have second thoughts about her marriage? Well, come to find out, we really weren't that far off base, judging by Roger Mathews' social media account, of course.

While JWoww was busy with "T-shirt Time" and beating up the beat in various nightclubs back in January 2018, Mathews was holding down the fort on daddy duty, and he took to his Instagram to film a video dedicated to JWoww when she was on location filming Season 1 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. 

In the footage, he pans his camera over to their two children, who are in the midst of a tussle. He assures JWoww that despite the state of complete pandemonium in their home, he has everything under control. But then, he looks into the camera and asks her: "How's your midlife crisis going?" Ouch.

Midlife crisis or not, we wish these two the best with whichever direction life takes them.