Jill Duggar Dillard Takes Hard Look At Her Life After Tragic Loss

Jill Duggar Dillard's life has been quite busy lately, with the release of her new book "Counting the Cost" just a few weeks away. On July 29, 2023, Dillard shared that she had finished recording the audiobook and took a moment to thank those who helped her get it done on Instagram. Amid the happiness and joy that has surrounded her lately, Dillard has also experienced a heartbreaking loss when one of her close friends died.

On July 31, Dillard took some time to reflect on life in a candid Instagram post. The former "Counting On" star expressed some of her feelings on life as she took in the beauty of her garden and shared some photos of flowers that were in full bloom. "As my heart breaks for my friends and others walking through such tragedy and loss (like I mentioned in my stories), I take my grief, pain and questions to Jesus today, and I remember his promises...that he promises to be near to the broken-hearted, that he will never leave us or forsake us," she wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption. "In this sometimes crummy, fallen world, with the pain and hardships we all face, I am reminded of the contrasting hope that we have through Christ Jesus and the perfect bliss that awaits us with Him in heaven," she added. Before penning these words, Dillard posted about the death of her friend, Heather Schisler.

Heather Schisler had been diagnosed with cancer in May

Back in May, Jill Duggar Dillard's friend, Heather Schisler, revealed that she had been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer less than one year after giving birth to her fourth child. "Praying so much for y'all," Dillard wrote in the comments section of Schisler's Instagram post. On her daughter's first birthday, Schisler appeared frail, sitting in a wheelchair with her toddler in her lap. Days later, Schisler died. A broken hearted Dillard shared the news on her Instagram Stories. "We have [known] each other for years and were in the same small group at church for several years. We were pregnant together last year and had our babes just a couple weeks apart," she wrote.

Taking time to reflect on a "fleeting" life, Dillard called on her devout Christian faith to find solace after her friend's death. "I am also reminded of the story of Lazarus...where Jesus (God in flesh, the creator of heaven and earth) still wept when he lost his friend. He grieved. He wept even though he knew that he would raise Lazarus from the dead just a few moments later," Dillard wrote on Instagram. Although the tragedies we face in life aren't always easy to explain, Dillard is doing her best to cope.