The Hallmark Star Who Was Lindsay Lohan's First Kiss

Kissing scenes are often nerve-wracking to film, but just imagine the nerves one would have if their first kiss ever was on camera. Several actors have gotten their start in the industry at a young age, and because of this, many have had a handful of "firsts" onscreen, including the daunting experience of a first kiss. Lindsay Lohan is one of them. Lohan got her start in the industry at just 3 years old when she started modeling and taking on different commercial jobs.

While the youngster got a taste of what fame could be like, she wouldn't truly experience it until the hit 1998 film, "The Parent Trap." The actor recalled the filming process with Rolling Stone: "I was 10 when I did 'Parent Trap.' I left school for eight months. When I came back, my friends were like, 'Where'd you go?' I said, 'My family and I went on a long vacation.'" After the movie was released, it felt like the era of Lindsay Lohan really kicked off. 

You couldn't escape the young actor as she booked film after film. Lohan grew up right in front of our eyes, and with that comes plenty of new experiences. Whether fans knew it or not, they got to witness one of the actor's major life moments — her first kiss. But who was it with? Well, we're here to fill you in on all the juicy details about the Hallmark star who stole Lohan's heart. 

Lindsay Lohan's first kiss was with a celebrity heartthrob

In the early 2000s, everybody had a crush on Chad Michael Murray. Many of us would have done anything to get the chance to date him, let alone lock lips. Well, Lindsay Lohan kind of got to experience both. The hit reboot of "Freaky Friday" came out in 2003, in which Murray starred as Lohan's boyfriend. While the "One Tree Hill" star confirmed to the Tampa Bay Times that he "loved" working with Lohan, we're not so sure she felt the same. Lohan was a nervous wreck when it came to filming kissing scenes with the actor.

When asked by Vulture if Lohan was a good kisser, Murray revealed that it was actually her first kiss on camera. He shared, "I don't recall [if Lohan was a good kisser]. You're so focused on the choreography and camera angles ... So Lindsay was really nervous, as anyone would be for a first onscreen kiss." Murray wasn't just Lohan's first onscreen kiss, though, but her actual first kiss ever

He made the revelation during an appearance on "Busy Tonight," per People. For her part, Lohan admitted to The New York Times: "I was so nervous to do my first kiss on camera." But clearly, the actor had nothing to worry about because her co-star doesn't even remember it that well — although we're not sure if that's just as bad as saying it was terrible. Luckily, Lohan received support from a helpful colleague. 

She wasn't the only one who smooched Chad Michael Murray

Lindsay Lohan definitely has a memorable first kiss story, not just because it was with Chad Michael Murray but also because of how everything went down. As we know, the "Freaky Friday" star was incredibly nervous to kiss Murray, and who wouldn't be? But it got so bad that Lohan's co-star, Jamie Lee Curtis, had to step in. 

As she informed The New York Times, "She [Curtis] talked to me in my trailer and made it funny so that I wouldn't stress about it." But it went beyond just the timid version Lohan shared with the outlet. Murray revealed to Vulture some shocking new details of how he got a surprise smooch from Curtis in the process. In the midst of trying to calm Lohan's nerves, the "Halloween" breakout showed her there was nothing to worry about. 

Murray explained, "Jamie goes, 'Forget about it, come here.' And she [Curtis] kisses me and pulls away and goes, 'See? It's easy! It's nothing! Right, Chad? I'm like, 'Oh it's great! Fantastic!'" Curtis was already an icon at that point, so Murray was happy to be kissing the living legend. And it seems like Curtis' tactic worked because watching "Freaky Friday" now, you'd never know it was Lohan's first kiss ever.