Bravo Stars Who've Dated Within The Network

Imagine working amongst a sea of genetically blessed co-workers. That's the reality for the reality TV stars on the Bravo network ... which results in a lot of mingling between stars of different shows. From the crazy crew of "Summer House" to single ladies from "The Real Housewives" and the rowdy gentlemen on "Southern Charm," the casts of these beloved Bravo series often end up dating one another. 

Often times these reality stars and occasional co-workers' relationships are even instigated by Bravo bigwig Andy Cohen himself. The host of "Watch What Happens Live" often questions single Bravo celebs about other stars they'd like to date during segments like "Swipe Right or Call It a Night" on his late-night talk show, recently asking newcomer to the network, "The Real Housewives of New York" star Brynn Whitfield, about a variety of Bravo men.

But whether Cohen plays matchmaker or not, a whole lot of famous faces from the Bravo universe have started up relationships with one another, and we're rounding them all up, from couples going the distance like "Summer House" star Paige DeSorbo and "Southern Charm" star Craig Conover to some little-known flings you may never have heard about.

Ashley Darby and Luke Gulbranson

While fresh out of a divorce from her husband of eight years, Michael Darby, in April 2022, "The Real Housewives of Potomac" star Ashley Darby found herself at BravoCon amongst many of her colleagues that October ... including "Summer House" hunk Luke Gulbranson.

Darby fessed up to an attraction to Gulbranson on an episode of "Watch What Happens Live" prior to the big convention, according to People. Less than a week later, at BravoCon, Gulbranson initiated an interaction, which he shared with Andy Cohen on a November episode of the late-night talk show. He also shared that they were still texting a month after the meeting. By December 2022, the couple had gone on a few dates before taking a pretty serious step.

That month Darby visited Gulbranson's home state of Minnesota and met his family — even posting a since-deleted cozy snap of the couple in the snow with a caption that included, "Thank you for showing me the beauty of Minnesota @lukegulbranson." Sadly, despite things looking like they were moving fast, Darby shared on a "Watch What Happens Live" appearance in January 2023 that the relationship was over, revealing, "Luke and I are not romantically involved anymore." The reality star cited her recent divorce as a big reason for the split.

Raquel Leviss and Nema Vand

"Vanderpump Rules" star Raquel Leviss's love life has been center stage this last year due to her part in one of the biggest scandals in reality television history, Scandoval. But before Leviss started dating her best friend Ariana Madix's longtime boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, she briefly dated another star from the Bravo universe. The SUR employee struck up a relationship with "Shahs of Sunset" star Nema Vand shortly after she ended her engagement with co-star James Kennedy in early 2022.

The couple even attended the wedding of yet another Bravo celebrity, former "Summer House" star Hannah Berner, together that May. Berner's friend and former co-star Paige DeSorbo revealed the interesting tidbit of information in June 2023 on the duo's podcast, "Giggly Squad," while also sharing that Leviss seemed to have her eye on DeSorbo's boyfriend, yet another Bravo star, Craig Conover, at the time (via US Weekly). 

In the wake of the Scandoval drama, Vand opened up about their short-lived romance while on "Vanderpump Rules" star Scheana Shay's podcast, "Scheananigans." He revealed that she brought up Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval's relationship during their time together, even claiming they may have an open relationship. 

Peter Madrigal and Brynn Whitfield

Bravo viewers know that "Vanderpump Rules" star Peter Madrigal is quite the ladies' man. After some dalliances with nearly all of his female co-stars, it may not come as a shock that he's also dated outside of his series. But it wasn't Madrigal who revealed a connection to a newly-minted Bravo star, but one of the newest cast members of "The Real Housewives of New York City," Brynn Whitfield.

During a game of "Swipe Right or Call It a Night" on "Watch What Happens Live" in August 2023 — during which host Andy Cohen showed her a range of single men from the Bravo universe to see who she'd swipe right for — Whitfield replied that she had "been there, done that" when a photo of Madrigal was shown. 

Cohen noted that the two had made out before while showing his photo, as Whitfield previously revealed the juicy information on the "Mention It All" podcast a month prior (via Yahoo!). There she revealed that she made out with the SUR manager "once at Halloween," noting that it happened way back in 2006. 

Gizelle Bryant and Jason Cameron

In January 2023, a new Bravo relationship came to light — "The Real Housewives of Potomac" star Gizelle Bryant seemed to be striking up a romance with "Winter House" newcomer Jason Cameron. A Bravo fan account, Bravo and Cocktails, first spotted them on a date that month and shared a video of the two looking cozy on Twitter

When Bryant later spoke to Today that same month, she opened up about the spotting, revealing it was "definitely a date" and giving fans even more fun info while sharing they were actually set up by her "The Real Housewives of Potomac" co-star Ashley Darby and her own short-lived "Summer House" beau, Luke Gulbranson. 

On a later episode of "Watch What Happens Live" in March, Bryant fielded questions from host Andy Cohen about their status. Though she refrained from letting Cohen call him her boyfriend when asked, "How's Jason, your man?" the host, Bryant, responded, "Jason's great." The couple's relationship status is still unclear today. 

Scheana Shay and Carl Radke

Since technically "Summer House" started as a slight spinoff of Bravo's other series, "Vanderpump Rules," it's no shock that there has been some intermingling between the casts. But fans were pretty surprised to learn two of the shows' original cast members and biggest stars, Scheana Shay and Carl Radke, were once an item.

Rumors first surfaced in 2018, with many "Vanderpump Rules" cast members claiming there was a hookup between the two stars, including an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" from Kristen Doute where she "one million percent" confirmed that it took place. Even Radke confirmed the news on a "Watch What Happens Live" episode that February, stating, "Scheana and I hooked up, yes." 

Despite the confirmation from one half of the alleged duo, Shay squashed those rumors during a "Vanderpump Rules After Show" in which she stated, "One million percent it never happened." But a year later, Shay was telling a totally different story. She actually appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" in April 2019 right alongside Radke, where they confirmed they did, indeed, hookup at his apartment. 

Nema Vand and Scheana Shay

Speaking of Scheana Shay, the "Vanderpump Rules" star revealed another surprising Bravo connection in April 2020 while appearing virtually on "Watch What Happens Live." The former SUR server shared that she once dated "Shahs of Sunset" star Nema Vand, telling host Andy Cohen that the pair went on "about six dates." She noted that it was her fault things didn't progress, explaining, "I just wasn't in the place to be in a relationship."

Despite not going the distance and only dating for a few months, Shay only had glowing things to say about the former Bravo celeb ... including that she always kept him in mind for her friends. Vand had wanted to take their relationship to the next level, but Shay shut it down. "I just wasn't ready for that. But I think he's amazing, absolutely amazing. I would introduce him to any girl who's worth his time because he's amazing," Shay shared. 

Brynn Whitfield and Shep Rose

"The Real Housewives of New York City" returned for Season 14 with a newly-revamped cast, including the very single and ready-to-mingle Brynn Whitfield. And the beauty wasted no time getting to know current Bravo celebrities, which she explained during an August 2023 episode of "Watch What Happens Live." Whitfield revealed to host Andy Cohen that she had already been exchanging DMs with a single "Southern Charm" gentleman, Shep Rose (via US Weekly).

When pressed on their communications, Whitfield told Cohen, "He's very sweet. He's very smart. Very sweet, yeah." And as to what the Bravo stars talk about? She revealed, "It's all PG. It's, like, about philosophy and dogs — our favorite subjects." And it wasn't the first time Whitfield mentioned Rose. During an appearance a month prior alongside all of her co-stars, she had named Rose as one of the people she was most excited to meet at this year's BravoCon. 

Sonja Morgan and Ryan Serhant

"Million Dollar Listing New York" star Ryan Serhant was so successful on his Bravo series he snagged his own spinoff, "Sell It Like Serhant." And while his 2016 wedding to wife Emilia Bechrakis was chronicled on the network in a four-part series, "Million Dollar Listing New York: Ryan's Wedding," long before he tied the knot, he had a fling with another New York-based Bravo star. 

On a June 2021 episode of "Watch What Happens Live," "The Real Housewives of New York City" star Sonja Morgan shared that she once dated Serhant. "I dated Ryan before he got married," Morgan revealed, noting that they once met at a "humanity event."

When host Andy Cohen pressed if they did anything more than kiss that night, Morgan replied, "We did a few things else afterward. We went on other dates." The surprising duo are actually photographed together at two separate events in 2012 but eventually went their separate ways.

Sonja Morgan and Craig Conover

"The Real Housewives of New York City" star Sonja Morgan is known for her wild dating escapades, and after revealing her fling with "Million Dollar Listing New York" star Ryan Serhant, it was only a matter of time before she fessed up to other Bravo connections. In July 2023, Morgan stopped by "Watch What Happens Live" to promote her latest Bravo series, "Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake," and revealed an interesting tidbit about her time with another Bravo star, "Southern Charm" hunk Craig Conover (via Decider).

The revelation came as a surprise, as host Andy Cohen had actually been asking her co-star Luann de Lesseps about her interest in "Southern Charm" star Austen Kroll when Morgan volunteered, "I did the other one ... We had a little tete-a-tete." Morgan was referring to Kroll's best friend and co-star, Conover. For his part, Conover denied the hookup claims, responding on an episode of his podcast, "Pillows and Beer," with co-host Kroll (per Daily Mail). 

The pillow entrepreneur explained, "No, we haven't kissed. I haven't seen her in like five years." Despite the denial, he added, "Sonja has always been a funny friend to have ... She's aggressive, she's a bundle of fun, but no, Sonja and I have not kissed. Sonja was just having fun on 'Watch What Happens.'" The pair's flirtation was first put on display when they both appeared on an episode of "Watch What Happens Live" in June 2017, where Morgan famously showered him with compliments. 

Jules Daoud and Craig Conover

Jules Daoud may not have hung around the "Summer House" crew for long — she famously only appeared on Season 4 — but that didn't stop the beauty from testing the Bravo-verse waters. During her season on the series, she happened to bump into Bravo star and "Southern Charm" bachelor Craig Conover during co-star Kyle Cooke's birthday bash ... and cameras caught the rest. 

Daoud ended up leaving the house with Conover that night and not returning until the morning when she was caught by her "Summer House" roommates. She opened up about in a confessional. "Last night, Craig was definitely able to cheer me up." When asked pointedly if the two had slept together, her answer was a simple, "Yes." 

Sadly, things didn't go much farther. Conover opened up about the brief romance on a November 2020 episode of "Watch What Happens Live," sharing, "I'm dating someone new now ... [Daoud] was great we had a lot of fun, but she actually just texted me that she was coming to Charleston and unfortunately I did not text her back because I didn't think that would be appropriate."

Austen Kroll and Lindsay Hubbard

"Southern Charm" fans know all too well how messy Austen Kroll's love life has been over the years. So why wouldn't he get into a love triangle with ladies from an entirely different Bravo series? We'll start with his entanglement with "Summer House" original cast member Lindsay Hubbard.

The two were close friends for years, but fans weren't privy about their romantic relationship until they crossed paths on the "Summer House" spinoff, "Winter House." Hubbard talked to US Weekly about their rollercoaster relationship in 2021, revealing, "Austen and I do have a history when we're both single that you don't know what's going to happen." During the filming of that season of "Winter House," it was her "Summer House" co-star Ciara Miller that Kroll was interested in.

But by the summertime, Kroll's sights seemed to be back on Hubbard as he attended her birthday party and snuck in a makeout session in front of partygoers ... including Miller, on an episode of "Summer House." The on-again, off-again relationship came to an end shortly after that, as Hubbard was linked to her "Summer House" co-star Carl Radke beginning in September 2021. According to People, the two got engaged in August 2022.

Ciara Miller and Austen Kroll

The stunning Ciara Miller from "Summer House" got caught in "Southern Charm" star Austen Kroll's web beginning in 2021. The two met while filming the inaugural season of "Winter House," the "Summer House" spinoff, and seemed to naturally hit it off.

But by the time of "Summer House" filming, Kroll ended up making out with old flame Lindsay Hubbard, and his time with Miller seemed to come to an end. Despite the love triangle, Miller told Entertainment Tonight in November 2021, "I'm not saying that the door is shut completely on it 100%." But by April 2022, after that season of "Summer House" aired, Miller changed her tune.

She appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" that month and revealed her relationship with Kroll was pretty much nonexistent. "I told him we could say 'hi' and 'bye,' and that's the start and end of our conversation," she told host Andy Cohen. Ouch!

Shep Rose and Jaclyn Shuman

Shep Rose's love life has been documented on Bravo since "Southern Charm" started in 2014. He even got his own spinoff while on his quest for Love, "Relationshep," in 2017. But he has tried his hand at love connections in the Bravo world as well. During a December 2017 appearance on "Watch What Happens Live," Rose revealed a surprising past hookup — a one-time star of "Summer House," Jaclyn Shuman.

While on the late-night talk show with "Vanderpump Rules" star Stassi Schroeder, the stars were asked if they had hooked up with a cast member from another Bravo show. Rose explained he had, with someone from "Summer House," elaborating by saying, "She was single ... She was dating somebody during the show first season, and she didn't come back second season and ... I'm telling too much." 

Though he didn't offer up her name at first, host Andy Cohen and Schroeder figured it out, both inferring it was Jaclyn Shuman. Shuman only appeared in the first season of the series, and though things didn't work out between the two of them, Rose added, "I think the world of her." 

Jason Cameron and Caroline Brooks

Before he started a fling with "The Real Housewives of Potomac" star Gizelle Bryant, "Winter House" star Jason Cameron hooked up with another "Real Housewives" personality. In July 2022, Page Six reported that the hunky Bravo newcomer was linked to "The Real Housewives of Dubai" beauty Caroline Brooks. The outlet published a photo of the two at dinner, while a source gave details about the couple.

"They were extremely friendly and flirtatious. Jason even fed her spicy rigatoni at one point ... They've definitely known each other for awhile," they reported. For her part, Brooks took to Twitter to share a photo of the date, which read in part, "NYC amazing dinner at Carbone with my hot date."

For his part, Cameron later talked to US Weekly about their time together, sharing, "Dinner was great! She's a very intelligent and interesting woman. Shared a few dishes and had a really fun time. We're getting to know each other better. Definitely hit it off at dinner and I'm hoping to see her when she's back from vacation." Things fizzled out at some point after that, as the two were no longer spotted together.

Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conoover

Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover first met during Season 4 of "Summer House," after which Conover ended up taking one of DeSorbo's roommates home (see more on that drama above!). And though they crossed paths a few times after that — they were co-stars for the inaugural season of "Winter House" in early 2021 — there was no spark at that point. In Summer 2021, that all seemed to change as the two quietly started a romance. 

They went public with their relationship in October 2021, with Conover opening up to People that month. "We both had a crush on each other from three years ago when I came to the Hamptons for Kyle [Cooke's] birthday party," Conover explained. "We are pretty happy now. I don't think either of us has ever dated someone else in the industry. We get each other, it's nice. We really are each other's biggest fans, which is something that I've always looked for." The couple is still going strong, with their main issue seemingly being DeSorbo's hesitancy to get engaged, as documented in both of their Bravo shows' recent seasons.