M Lopez

San Diego, CA
Reality TV, Celebrity News, Fashion
  • Megan has been working in entertainment for over 10 years.
  • She's previously written for Us Weekly, InStyle, and Yahoo!.
  • Megan also has production credits under her belt, serving as an associate producer on the documentaries "SOMM 3" and "Wait for Your Laugh."


While Megan Lopez has more than 10 years of work experience in the entertainment world, she has loved all things film and television for much longer than that! She got her start interning at magazines (yes, those old things), and fell in love with writing about celebrities and fashion. After being inspired by Elle Woods from "Legally Blonde" as a teen, Megan headed to law school (and even owned a tan Chihuahua, though hers was named Gucci). She graduated and dabbled in entertainment law before transitioning into production, which saw her naturally gravitate back to her writing roots. Megan's been serving as a senior entertainment editor for the last few years and adores putting her endless Bravo and Bachelor Nation knowledge to good use through her writing. Megan joined Static Media in 2022.


Megan attended both USC and UCLA, which makes her a Truin.
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