Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested In 2022

It might seem like celebrities live in a different world than the rest of us, but there are still certain rules they still have to follow. Despite having lots of money and fame, celebs are not above the law — though it seems some think that they might be. When they do, it can lead to an arrest and potentially serious repercussions.

While it can be fun for fans to see famous celebrity faces in viral mugshots, these arrests are more than just entertainment headlines and aren't a laughing matter. They can lead people to lose jobs, endorsements, sponsorships, or in some cases, even result in their deportation from the United States. Some celebrities have gone to prison to pay for their crimes. So which stars got into trouble with the law in 2022? Let's round up some of the familiar names who were arrested over the past 12 months.

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky found himself in trouble with the law in April 2022. While coming back from a Barbados vacation with his pregnant girlfriend, Rihanna, Rocky landed at Los Angeles International Airport, where police were waiting to arrest him. He was taken out of the LAX terminal in handcuffs, all due to a charge over an alleged shooting that took place in November 2021.

At the time, the Los Angeles Sheriff's department revealed to HollywoodLife that the rapper was being held at a Los Angeles Police Department jail with a bail set at $550,000. That was quickly paid, and he was released that same day. A court date was set for August, during which Rocky pleaded not guilty, and his alleged victim, A$AP Relli, was granted an order of protection. A preliminary hearing will take place in January 2023. 

This unfortunately wasn't his first run-in with the law, A$AP Rocky previously was found guilty of assault in 2019 after taking part in a brawl in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Blake Jenner

Blake Jenner, who is best known for his role as Ryder Lynn on "Glee," found himself in hot water in July 2022. TMZ reported that the actor was pulled over by police officers for failing to stop at a red light. Once the officers made contact with Jenner, they believed he was showing signs of intoxication and made him undergo sobriety testing. The results led to an arrest and booking for a misdemeanor DUI. 

Unfortunately, this wasn't the first time Jenner was in the news for negative reasons. The actor was married to his "Glee" co-star Melissa Benoist for a little under four years before divorcing in 2016. In 2019, Benoist opened up on Instagram about experiencing domestic violence, though she didn't directly name Jenner as her abuser. A year later, Jenner put out a statement on Instagram acknowledging it had been him, and that he was working on bettering himself. 

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller was arrested not once, but twice, in 2022. The first arrest took place in Hilo, Hawaii in March, with Miller being charged with disorderly conduct and harassment following an incident in a bar, where the actor allegedly lunged at a man playing darts and grabbed a microphone from a woman singing karaoke. Miller, who prefers they/them pronouns, had their bail set at $500, which was paid and led to their release.  

In April, Miller was arrested in Hawaii once again. This time, they were arrested for second-degree assault, for allegedly throwing a chair and hitting a woman on the forehead. He was released in a few hours pending further investigation. And the legal drama didn't stop there, as Miller was in court in November, where they pleaded not guilty to burglary charges that stemmed from a robbery report in Vermont in May. 

Miller released a statement to People through his rep in August, shedding some light on his flurry of legal issues. It read in part, "Having recently gone through a time of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment. I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior. I am committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage in my life."

Joseph Gatt

"Game of Thrones" actor Joseph Gatt found himself in trouble with the law in April 2022. That month, the Los Angeles Police Department put out a release regarding his arrest, which explained that they served a search warrant on Gatt's home after receiving info that he had been engaged in what police called "online sexually explicit communication with a minor across state lines." The release also sought to identify any additional victims. 

According to Today, the actor was released on $5,000 bail shortly after being taken into custody. The news outlet also reported that he took to his now-private Twitter account to address the arrest, stating at the time, "I obviously want to address the absolutely horrifying and completely untrue allegations recently leveled against me. They are 100% categorically wrong and reckless. I have confirmed errors and misleading information in today's press release. I am fully cooperating with police and LAPD to get to the bottom of this. I look forward to clearing my good name."

Tory Lanez

The rapper Tory Lanez was arrested in April 2022 ... and it was due to social media activity. Lanez was previously charged with shooting fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion back in the summer of 2020, and a pre-trial protective order was put into place. He allegedly violated that in April, after posting things on social media that seemed to be directed at Megan Thee Stallion, and was taken into custody. The judge at the time ordered that Lanez not make public mention of either the case or his fellow rapper. 

In September, Lanez got in even more trouble when he allegedly attacked singer August Alsina in Chicago. That led to a judge putting the rapper on house arrest until his trial regarding the Megan Thee Stallion incident began. That trial kicked off in mid-December and is now ongoing. A voicemail from that night was played the first week, with Lanez reportedly saying, "I'm deeply sorry ... so I feel crazy that I made a mistake. What happened, happened already. I can't take it back. I'm just telling y'all I'm sorry." 

Mike Shouhed

Page Six reported that "Shahs of Sunset" star Mike Shouhed was arrested in March 2022. The outlet reported that the reality star was arrested for "intimate partner violence with injury," a domestic violence charge, at the time, and that a visible injury was observed on the victim. 

Shouhed was given a $50,000 bond, which was paid a few hours later. He took to his Instagram to post some cryptic things on Instagram Stories, including a quote that read, "Your life is your responsibility. Your success is your responsibility. Your failure is your responsibility. Your reaction is your responsibility. Your behavior is your responsibility." 

In July, Shouhed's fiancee, Paulina Ben-Cohen, confirmed she was the victim in a statement to Page Six via her attorney. It read in part, "Paulina's primary focus is on keeping herself and her children safe. She supports the work that the police and the City Attorney's Office have done, and she continues to cooperate with them while looking forward to putting this sad situation behind her and moving on with her life."

In October, Shouhed made a deal and had many of his misdemeanor charges dismissed, per TMZ. Anger management and parenting courses were part of the reality star's agreement, which also included community service and the completion of a gun safety course. Shouhed and Ben-Cohen's relationship status was unclear at that time.

Hope Solo

Former U.S. women's soccer player Hope Solo found herself in trouble with the law in March. She was arrested on charges of misdemeanor child abuse, resisting arrest, and impaired driving following a run-in with police in North Carolina. Her 2-year-old twins were in the car with her when it happened, and the athlete was reportedly passed out behind the steering wheel in a parking lot. 

After the arrest, her attorney put out a statement to CNN that read, "On the advice of counsel, Hope can't speak about this situation, but she wants everyone to know that her kids are her life, that she was released immediately and is now at home with her family, that the story is more sympathetic than the initial charges suggest, and that she looks forward to her opportunity to defend these charges." Solo released a subsequent statement on social media, thanking supporters and promising to share her side of the story.

In July, she received a suspended sentence of 24 months, and an active sentence of 30 days. At that time, the athlete was given 30 days credit for the days she had already completed during her time at an in-patient rehab facility. She was also given fines — $2,500, plus a $600 fee for lab test costs — and ordered to get a substance abuse assessment. Following her sentencing, Solo put out a statement that read in part, "Easily the worst mistake of my life. I underestimated what a destructive part of my life alcohol had become. The upside of making a mistake this big is that hard lessons are learned quickly. Learning these lessons has been difficult, and at times, very painful."

Michael Madsen

Michael Madsen, an actor best known for his work in "Kill Bill: Vol. 1," was arrested in February. Madsen's charge was trespassing on another property, though he was arrested at his own home in Malibu at the time, DailyMail exclusively reported. The outlet revealed that a property owner nearby had tried to make a citizen's arrest after Madsen trespassed on their property, and that individual wanted to press charges against the actor. This led to Madsen being picked up by officers, who took him to a local hospital before escorting him to the police station. The actor's trespassing charge resulted in a $500 citation for a misdemeanor. He was released the following morning. 

This is not the first time Madsen has been in trouble with the law. In 2019, he lost a job due to his legal woes. He was arrested for a DUI after crashing his car into a pole, resulting in four days spent in jail. That incident caused him to be fired from his role in a film called "Confessions of a Serial Killer." That also wasn't his first DUI; he was arrested in 2012 for driving erratically. At that time, he struck a plea deal that required him to attend AA meetings and do a 30-day stint in rehab, according to TMZ

Garrett Hedlund

Actor Garrett Hedlund landed himself in jail in Franklin County, Tennessee in January. The actor was arrested for public intoxication, and his bail was set at $2,100, TMZ exclusively shared. It was later revealed by the same outlet that he attempted to jump out of a car earlier that same day and tried to kick and hit the man that eventually called the cops on him.

This troubling info came around the same time it was revealed by TMZ that the actor was being sued for his prior DUI. That event took place exactly two years prior in Los Angeles. At that time, Hedlund allegedly passed out drunk behind the wheel of his car, ran through a red light, and hit a car carrying a mother and her three children. He allegedly was over twice the legal alcohol limit, and the victims claim he tried to flee the scene. Page Six later obtained the documents pertaining to that crash, discovering he was arraigned the same month, released on a $100,000 bond, and later sentenced to 36 months of probation and three days of community service. 

Farrah Abraham

Former "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham started out the New Year in hot water. The reality star was arrested in January after allegedly slapping a security guard at a club called Grandmaster Records, per TMZ. The outlet's eyewitness revealed that the star had previously been asked to leave, but refused, resulting in the slap. A citizen's arrest was allegedly made, where Abraham was held down on the pavement before being taken into police custody. Abraham posted a video of herself being subdued by a security guard on Instagram, alongside a lengthy caption where she accused the club of arranging the whole event and called it a "complete setup." 

She released a statement to TMZ following the incident, which read, "I'm tired of being maliciously battered, attacked, conspired against while having dinner at Grand Master Records, this was a private person's arrest my lawyer is handling from here. It is terrifying and traumatizing that people attack me and I can not even enjoy dinner as I'm the only person out of 3 attacked and harassed when. I look forward to court as always, warning this place is a danger to public figures."

Vic Mensa

In January, rapper Vic Mensa was arrested at an airport after landing from a trip to Ghana, Africa. Mensa allegedly had a large amount of drugs in his luggage, including liquid LSD and psychedelic mushrooms, and was taken into custody at Dulles International Airport. The contraband was discovered after he was forced to undergo a secondary screening at U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The rapper faced felony narcotic possession charges. 

Mensa went to court over the charges in June, where he plead guilty to possession of a controlled substance and reached a plea deal, according to TMZ. The rapper's plea deal included a 12-month suspended sentence, a required substance abuse assessment, the payment of a $1,000 fine, 25 hours of community service, and a year of unsupervised probation.

He spoke to TMZ after the deal was made, giving his side of the story, "In this case, I have decided to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge ... It is important to note the extensive research being done on the topic of psilocybin [shrooms] and the many significant movements underway for legalization and decriminalization ... Unfortunately, our laws have not kept up with the research showing that psychedelic plants and compounds can be successfully used to treat otherwise treatment-resistant mental illness ... My hope is that the silver lining to this matter will be increased focus on the effectiveness of psychedelics to treat mental illness and mood disorders that millions are battling with depression and anxiety with hope that all of our laws will change accordingly."

Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish was placed under arrest in January for a suspected DUI charge. The star was in Atlanta, Georgia at the time, reportedly filming the movie "Haunted Mansion," per Deadline. Police responded to local residents' calls about a driver falling asleep at the wheel. When police eventually caught up with Haddish in someone's driveway, she refused to undergo a breathalyzer. According to TMZ, police believed she was under the influence of marijuana, and arrested her for DUI and improper stopping on a roadway. The actress was only in police custody for a few hours, after posting $1,666 bail. 

Ever the comedian, Haddish later made light of the incident on an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon," telling the host, "I've been praying to God to send me a new man. A good man. And God went ahead and sent me four ... in uniform." She later added, "I've got a really great lawyer and we're gonna work it out."