Fascinating Details About Bravo's Paige DeSorbo

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Bravo's biggest star these days isn't a "Real Housewife." She's a 30-year-old fashion influencer currently starring on not one, not two, but three other shows on the network! Paige DeSorbo got her start in 2019 on Season 3 of "Summer House," joining the cast as a newbie without having any close friendships established with her co-stars. 

"No matter what, making friends is weird, and it's especially weird in your late 20s. So, I was nervous — that's a lot of new personalities, and I didn't really know anyone that super well, so my approach was just to be reserved," DeSorbo told AOL of joining "Summer House." Being reserved certainly paid off, as she formed close friendships with castmates Hannah Berner, Amanda Batula, and Ciara Miller. 

Some of the those relationships carried over to the "Summer House" spinoff, "Winter House," on which the fashionista is a fixture. And now that DeSorbo is dating "Southern Charm" star Craig Conover, she's started appearing on that series, beginning with Season 8 in 2022. Do you know these fascinating facts about the brunette beauty? 

Paige DeSorbo was a fan before she joined Summer House

Bravo lovers, Paige DeSorbo is one of you! The New Yorker fessed up to loving all things Bravo long before she joined the cast of "Summer House" in 2019. Not only did she watch other shows on the network; she had also tuned in to the two previous seasons of her own reality series.

"I did watch the show," DeSorbo confessed to AOL. And she already knew who she'd hit it off with — Amanda Batula! While she clicked with established "Summer House" star Batula, DeSorbo also found a bestie in fellow newbie, Hannah Berner. Of their first season together, DeSorbo noted, "I always like to say that I think the greatest love story of the summer was Hannah and I. Like, now I can't live without her. I talk to her every single day."

In a later interview for "Lifestyle Today," DeSorbo and Berner both admitted to being massive Bravo fans, which must have made interacting with co-workers interesting for the duo. DeSorbo revealed, "Yeah, we definitely get very starstruck when we're around other Bravo people."

Her beloved friendship with bestie Hannah Berner started on TV

Prior to her reality TV fame, Paige DeSorbo was an assistant working for ABC, but she was also a freelance fashion writer. Though they both worked at Betches Media (alongside fellow cast member Jordan Verroi), DeSorbo and fellow Season 3 "Summer House" newbie Hannah Berner weren't close pals before joining the show. But their union quickly became one of the most endearing parts of the Bravo series, extending beyond Berner's departure after Season 5. 

DeSorbo told Yahoo!'s In the Know, "It's so funny, because when Hannah and I first met, we knew that we got along and we knew that we had a very special relationship. Never in our lifetime did we think that people watching the show would pick up on it as much as they have. So, for people to really love who you are naturally — and who your natural friendship is [with] — is the best feeling ever. We have so much fun together." 

She also opened up about their friendship to AOL, sharing that both stars loved their families and prioritized friendships, but they had different strengths and different taste in men. At the end of the day, DeSorbo says of herself and Berner, "We're a happy married couple!" 

Her killer fashion is usually affordable and attainable

Paige DeSorbo's job title is fashion influencer, but that doesn't mean all of her items are designer. In fact, the reality star is known for providing excellent style tips for ladies on a budget. She doesn't believe fashionable necessarily equals designer all the time. The Bravolebrity shared her favorite fashion advice with the blog Thrift and Tell: "Just because it's expensive doesn't mean it looks good." 

She's hosted Amazon livestreams in the past, often with themes for viewers which show off affordable pieces that can be purchased straight from the website. And in 2022, she even launched her own collection with Amazon's The Drop that was available for a limited time. The items, true to DeSorbo's motto, weren't expensive and averaged around $44. DeSorbo shared on her Amazon page, "When I was younger, I would watch Audrey Hepburn movies with my grandmother. That is when I fell in love with styles that could stand the test of time. Each piece in my collection was curated for the girl who loves to style the pieces in her closet differently for each occasion and for every season."

Despite loving to shop and creating her own fashion collection, the spot DeSorbo likes to frequent is off limits to the rest of us. "My favorite place to shop is my mom's closet. With 90s trends back in style, she has saved such great things I still wear," she told Thrift and Tell. 

Summer House gave Paige DeSorbo another career

Aside from making a lifelong pal in Hannah Berner, Paige DeSorbo's relationship with her co-star also launched an unexpected second career. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, DeSorbo and Berner were frequently taking to Instagram Live to chat with their followers and give their hot takes. They turned those live and candid chats into a podcast in October 2020, launching the first episode and calling it "Giggly Squad." 

If the name sounds familiar, it should! They got the moniker from an epic Season 4 fight that took place between Berner and co-star Kyle Cooke. Cooke was growing increasingly aggravated at DeSorbo and Berner for laughing at the dinner table. He fumed at fiancee Amanda Batula, "[Lindsay]'s actually talking to you and you're, like, hanging out with the giggly squad." And with that, a perfect name was crafted for their future podcast filled with inside jokes, hot takes, and laughs. 

As for Cooke's thoughts about the pair using his words for their title? DeSorbo told ET that her co-star hasn't forgotten he's responsible for the popular podcast's moniker, sharing, "He brings it up a lot that he's in charge of the name, and he said something recently where he called me 'the peanut gallery.' And I said, 'You better watch out 'cause I might start another podcast."

She currently appears on three different Bravo shows

The cast of "Summer House" has been a revolving door over the years, with fewer stars returning summer after summer (paging, Hannah Berner!). But ever since she joined the cast for Season 3, Paige DeSorbo has made herself a fixture on the popular series. She is reportedly set to return for the highly anticipated Season 7

If you can't get enough of this Bravoleb, you're in luck. DeSorbo also appears on the "Summer House" spinoff, "Winter House." The show is currently in its second season, and depicts the longest time she and long-distance boyfriend Craig Conover physically have stayed together. "I'm not used to living with a boyfriend. I'm f***ing terrified," she revealed on the show

The filming of Season 2 of "Winter House" comes after DeSorbo wrapped Season 8 of yet another Bravo series, Conover's "Southern Charm." And if boyfriend Conover has his way, she might set a record with four Bravo shows. The "Southern Charm" hunk opened up to People magazine about a potential spinoff for the couple. "I think [our own show] would be funnier than both 'Southern Charm' and 'Summer House,'" he boldly stated, adding, "I think it'd be fun to see us in our off time."

A simple TikTok scored Paige DeSorbo a major campaign

Paige DeSorbo's star quality is undeniable — so much so that one TikTok earned her a massive and highly coveted campaign. She shared the unbelievable story with the outlet NewBeauty, revealing that simply being honest and herself got her some recognition from a major brand. 

"I did a TikTok about doing my makeup one day. ... I wanted to be really transparent and show girls that perfect skin is just not a thing. I had so many pimples that day, but I just went for it," DeSorbo revealed. She continued, "Maybelline saw it and reached out to me, and it was, honestly, a dream come true. I think 10-year-old Paige was freaking out inside — and so was 28-year-old Paige." 

The cosmetics company tapped the reality star for a go-to makeup Youtube tutorial, showing her favorite day-to-night look in 2021. Confident in her work, DeSorbo told viewers, "Honestly, if you don't get hit on after this makeup tutorial, then it's him, not you." Just don't follow DeSorbo's bad habit of falling asleep with makeup still on – or at least get up and wash your face if you do!

Her relationship with Craig Conover was a long time coming

Aside from having "Summer House" to thank for her close friendship with co-star Hannah Berner, Paige DeSorbo's Bravo reality show is also where she first crossed paths with her current boyfriend, Craig Conover. Yep, the two stars first met in 2019 during a party on Season 4, when Conover's "Southern Charm" crew and the "Summer House" gang converged at Kyle Cooke's birthday party. But that night, Conover hooked up with a different brunette in the cast — Jules Daoud — and DeSorbo had a boyfriend at the time, Perry Rahbar, who did not appear on the show. 

DeSorbo and Conover were co-stars on the inaugural season of "Winter House" in 2021, but once again were star-crossed. DeSorbo struck up a flirtation with housemate Andrea Denver, and Conover had a girlfriend back home, Natalie Hegnauer. But after filming wrapped, both reality stars found themselves single.

DeSorbo told ET that they finally stepped out of the friend zone in April 2021. The beauty had made a trip down to Conover's native Charleston, South Carolina, when they first got cozy... though that wasn't the original tone of the getaway. "On that trip, I realized that Craig was single — and we were nothing but friends on that trip — and then the last night he kind of kissed me," she revealed. Though she explained that it took them a few more months to be official, the rest is history! 

Paige DeSorbo was a child model, working for Limited Too

Paige DeSorbo has a passion for fashion, and it's been that way since she was a child. As a young girl, the brunette beauty worked as a model for the now-defunct children's clothing store Limited Too. Long before she launched her own fashion line with Amazon's The Drop in 2022, the stunner helped sell cute girl clothes for the mall staple. 

DeSorbo's podcast co-host and former "Summer House" co-star Hannah Berner showed proof of this past life on Instagram in 2020. Berner shared a photo from DeSorbo's modeling days, writing, "Paige was a Limited Too model in middle school so I made Amanda [Batula] photoshop in our faces to prove that Paige has been in a clique before and I have the sickest accessories."

This fun fact also resurfaced during Season 1 of "Winter House," when DeSorbo's old Limited Too modeling pal Julia McGuire joined the cast. 

Craig gave her a Christmas gift that made her cry

These days, Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover are Bravo's resident it couple. Conover has even talked about marriage, revealing during BravoCon, "I have a feeling that we're going to end up getting married one day. It'll be great. I don't know if she knows that. I think you'll get to see it actually come out on one of the shows." And if his engagement ring is anything like his Christmas presents, it will leave DeSorbo in tears.

The "Summer House" beauty said her man is skilled in the presents department. She opened up about her and Conover's sweet first Christmas exchange to Us Weekly, revealing, "I actually started crying opening up my [Christmas] gifts because he got me something that was just, like, so me. He got me a Fendi bag and then he got me all these other little things." DeSorbo added that she's touched by his attention to detail when it comes to gift planning, sharing, "I was like, 'How did you even think of this?' And he said that he has a list in his phone. Anytime I say I like something, he writes it down. He got me a whole picnic set, he got me a waffle maker, like, random things I've said throughout the year..." 

In November 2022, when pressed about the issue, the "Southern Charm" star told Andy Cohen he'd like to propose to DeSorbo by Thanksgiving 2023. Hopefully Conover has been taking notes about what type of ring his leading lady likes!