Winter House Season 1 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

The casts of "Summer House" and "Southern Charm" are used to sunshine and balmy weather, but some of them are taking a break from filming their hot Bravo shows to star in "Winter House," a new series set on the snowy slopes of Stowe, Vermont.

Bravo is no stranger to doing mashups of its shows. When "Summer House" premiered in 2017, the network cleverly fooled viewers into thinking that they were just watching more "Vanderpump Rules." Cast members from the established series — including birthday girl Stassi Schroeder, Scheana Shay, and Kristen Doute — visited a summer house in Montauk, New York to mingle with new faces, creating a seamless introduction to the "Summer House" crew.

For the latest crossover event Bravo has cooked up, two reality worlds will collide during a boozy winter getaway filled with cozy moments and crazy antics. The rumor mill has already churned out some red-hot drama about the "Winter House" cast that had to be doused with ice water (more on that later). One of the "Southern Charm" stars who signed on for the new series is lawyer Craig Conover, who did an excellent job selling "Winter House" during an Us Weekly interview. "All I can say is that everything that you could have ever dreamed to happen in, like, a show of your favorite people happened," he said. Meanwhile, Kyle Cooke described it as "Summer House on steroids." To learn more about your newest Bravo obsession, read on.

When can fans watch Season 1 of Winter House?

You won't have to wait until the official start of winter to watch the cast of "Winter House" try to play nice amid the snow and ice. October 20, get your pumpkin spice lattes and cozy quilts ready so that you can curl up on the couch and check it out. Fans are getting a blizzard-sized premiere that will begin at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

A press release on Futon Critic promises that viewers can expect to see plenty of "hot tub hookups and snowy shenanigans" during the course of the show's first season. There will be six episodes, which span a time period of over two weeks. "I don't know how we're going to make it 17 days," Craig Conover tells castmate Austen Kroll in the trailer. The show's title was previously a mashup of the two series that are converging: "Summer House Winter Charm" (We can't help but wonder why the "Charm" was removed). In the trailer, we see glimpses of the cast members dressed like cheerleaders, Vikings, and yuppie ski villains from an old '80s movie. Some of the women also dare to rock bikinis while they frolic in the snow. 

Fun activities like sledding and skiing are blended with tears, booze, threesome talk, and declarations of love to create a slushy wintry mix of drama that's sure to make "Winter House" one of Bravo's hottest shows.

Who will appear in Season 1 of Winter House?

Most members of the "Winter House" cast will be familiar faces. The "Summer House" group heading to Vermont for some mischief in the mountains includes Kyle Cook, Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard, Paige DeSorbo, Luke Gulbranson, and Ciara Miller. The only two "Southern Charm" stars joining the party are Austin Kroll and Craig Conover, who are more than enough to stir up trouble — remember when Craig hooked up with Jules Daoud at Kyle's birthday party on "Summer House?" Because Austen and Craig have a history with the other show's cast, their presence shouldn't feel forced.

Some of the seasoned reality stars brought friends with them to shake things up a bit more. Paige was joined by her pal Julia McGuire, a model based in New York. Because she was already seeing someone when "Winter House" was being filmed, she viewed her role in the group as that of "matchmaker," according to her Bravo profile. However, one of her castmates developed a "surprising crush" on her, putting her in an uncomfortable position, per Futon Critic. Julia will be accompanied by another friend who models for a living, Gabbrielle Kniery.

Newbie Andrea Denver is a male model and champion skier, and we have a feeling that all the single ladies will be lining up for lessons. Rounding out the cast is Jason Cameron, yet another model and a friend of Julia's who "loves to keep the party going and the tequila flowing."

Austen Kroll is the undisputed King of the Mountain

When Ciara Miller left a flirty comment on Craig Conover's Instagram post about opening up his law office, it made fans wonder if there was something going on between her and her "Winter House" co-star. However, during an April interview with Us Weekly, Craig revealed that he was still dating Natalie Hegnauer and said that it was a bit of a bummer being apart from her while filming the new series. "You're seeing other people pair off and do their thing, you do start to miss your partner," he stated. "So it was more just lonely and you wish they were there to kind of enjoy it."

Meanwhile, his castmate Austen Kroll was charming the pants off Ciara and Lindsay Hubbard (but not in the literal sense, based on what we know right now). In the "Winter House" trailer, Lindsay tells Austen that she's in love with him, but it's Ciara who has a steamy makeout session with him on the slopes. "You know that I f****** like you, I cried after our first date because I am scared to like you," Ciara tells him in another scene. Austen even gets a text from his ex Madison LeCroy suggesting she's not ready for him to move on. 

Because Austen is so popular, you'd think he was a yeti and that this was "Finding Bigfoot." However, we'll have to wait and see if that's him rocking the yeti costume in the trailer.