9 Workout Photos From The Stars Of General Hospital That Make Us Sweat

Here are some fiery workout photos from the "General Hospital" cast that will leave you motivated, drooling... or both. 

Since the release of the 1949 series "These Are My Children," daytime TV fans have immersed themselves in the dramatic, shocking, and heartbreaking soap opera genre. One show that has continued to captivate audiences is "General Hospital." Set in the fictional town of Port Charles, New York, the show follows the scandalous lives of the town's residents as they navigate love, dysfunctional family dynamics and even murder. Thanks to its immense popularity, "General Hospital" recently reached its landmark 60th anniversary, earning the title of the longest American scripted show in production, per Variety.

However, the outrageous storylines and jaw-dropping drama aren't the only reason viewers tune into the daytime drama. Like similar soap operas, "General Hospital" features an expansive cast full of attractive actors and actresses who make viewers swoon. With the rise of social media, some cast members have shared with their fans how they remain fit, healthy and alluring with various workout snapshots and videos. 

Cameron Mathison has 99 problems (but his workout isn't one of them)

Since joining "General Hospital" in 2021 as a recast of Drew Cain, Cameron Mathison has captivated viewers with his handsome looks and ripped physique. On his Instagram, the Hallmark actor is no stranger to showing off his body progress and health journey, ranging from ice baths, to rowing alongside his dog, to lifting weights. 

"I've got 99 problems, but I'm going to the gym and ignoring all of them," Mathison joked in one of his photos. While the former "Good Morning America" host works out to feel and look good, his health journey has also been inspired by his past kidney cancer diagnosis. "I work with a health coach now — I've learned more about my own specific health challenges," he told People.

Cynthia Watros is a majestic yoga queen

While Cynthia Watros' "General Hospital" character Nina Reeves lives a life full of chaos and drama, the beloved talent's real life is full of zen due to her yoga lifestyle. From headstands and upward salutes to warrior and cat poses, the "Finding Carter" star has showcased her expertise in the long-running practice across her Instagram profile. 

"Saturdays are made for yoga.. well actually, every day is no matter what shoes you're wearing," she wrote alongside a photo of her doing a warrior one pose. Watros has even shared her knowledge with other yogis by teaching classes in the Los Angeles area. If the star's dedication to yoga doesn't make you want to improve your downward dog or half-moon poses, what will?

Tajh Bellow makes working out look so effortless

Actor Tajh Bellow is a lot of things. He's an Emmy-nominated actor on "General Hospital," a loving boyfriend, and a dog dad. However, one of his most notable attributes is his love for fitness and working out. Like many of his co-stars, the young talent has shared his progress and gains across inspiring posts on Instagram and TikTok. 

"Stay ready, so you don't have to 'get' ready," he wrote in one of his workout snapshots. But Bellow's fitness journey has also had its fair share of ups and downs. In 2020, he tore the quadricep off of his knee, meaning he couldn't walk for six months or run for 26 months. Fortunately, physical therapy and yoga helped him heal and achieve his 405-pound deadlift.

Evan Hofer earns muscle gains by working out with his Bowflex

When it comes to ranking the ripped men of "General Hospital," Evan Hofer certainly sits at the top of that list. Since making his debut on the series as Dex Heller, the hunky soap star has had his fair share of shirtless scenes, which he has worked toward with his various home workouts. "I have an awesome gym set up at home. I love Bowflex and have a ton of their equipment," he told Soap Opera Digest in January. I do weight lifting, splitting days between each muscle group."

Nicholas Chavez works outs out five days a week for his fit psychique

When he isn't portraying "General Hospital" heartthrob Spencer Cassadine, Nicholas Chavez is getting ripped at his local gym in Beverly Hills. According to a rather sweaty post on Instagram, the young talent dedicates five days a week to working out with his trainer Grant Roberts, who has teamed up with Marvel star Chris Hemsworth and Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. "Feels so good to have confidence in knowing we can do difficult things," his caption read. In a 2021 interview with Soap Hub, Chavez revealed that he gets his workouts in during the early morning hours.

Donnell Turner works hard for his summer body with sweaty selfie

Since debuting on "General Hospital" as the handsome former private investigator Curtis Ashford, Donnell Turner has made waves among viewers for his character's wild storylines and swoon-worthy appearance. As many fans can tell, the "Most Wanted Santa" star takes his fitness journey very seriously, often uploading pictures of him working out at the gym, hiking, or participating in cryogenic therapy. In one of his many fitness-based Instagram photos, Turner opened up about working on his physique despite suffering a meniscus tear. "Creating my summer body in the winter," he wrote. "Actually this a skinnier me about four months ago rehabbing a torn left meniscus."

Cassandra James sizzles in the sunshine with outdoor workout

When describing "General Hospital" star Cassandra James, the words "empowering" and "strong" come to mind, especially in regard to her workout photos on Instagram. As a way to break a sweat, James immerses herself in the great outdoor by going on runs and taking insightful hikes. When speaking to Soap Hub, the "Sort Of" star gushed about spending time in nature, stating: "We belong in nature. We've built so much amazing civilization around us. Being in nature is coming home. It's where we belong."

Maurice Benard got back in the boxing ring post-pandemic

As the infamous Sonny Corinthos, "General Hospital" star Maurice Benard has always been the town's tough guy, often at the expense of his emotional well-bing.. In real life, however, Benard values both his physical and mental health equally. Although Benard had to give up boxing amid the pandemic lockdowns, the actor jumped right back in because, as someone who lives with bipolar disorder, he understands the value of striking that balance. 

"It was tough. I'm sure a lot of people changed what they did because of the pandemic. I love boxing. Nothing feels better. I lift weights. I do other things," he told Soap Hub in 2021. "It's very important for your mental health to do something physical."

Brook Kerr gets her daily steps with stunning hikes in Hollywood

The last "General Hospital" star to land on our list is Brook Kerr, who plays Dr. Portia Robinson. Like her co-star Cassandra James, the former "Passions" star's fitness routine is full of hikes throughout the Los Angeles area — and yoga. "I really like yoga and hiking and anything that incorporates flexibility. You just feel, on a deeper level, like you're actually doing something good for your body," she told Soap Opera Digest in June. Her love for hiking can also be seen on her Instagram profile, which features a photo of her traversing the vast Hollywood Hills.