Here's Why Elizabeth Frankini Got Fired From Below Deck

"Below Deck" Season 8 was fraught with drama. Not only did the cast and crew film during the COVID-19 pandemic, but Captain Lee Rosbach also had to navigate a yacht with an almost entirely new crew, including the chief stew, Francesca Rubi, and her first stew, Elizabeth Frankini. While the first stew is usually the chief stew's right-hand man, Frankini got distracted by her boatmance with deckhand James Hough and managed to flub on many tasks, exasperating Rubi and the rest of the crew.

One particular mishap by Frankini was literally toxic. The stew made a mixture of soap and bleach in the interior, which created fumes that left the crew woozy. After the chief engineer did an investigation, he realized Frankini's concoction was the culprit and likened it to the mustard gas used during World War II. "I was honestly distracted by ... the way [Rubi] answered me. I was really starting to feel a lot of condescending animosity from her," Frankini shared with E! News. She added, "Unfortunately, I didn't know that was so toxic and I feel so bad about it. You know, I do feel really bad, especially 'cause [Rubi] did say, 'Take it outside.'" While that might have been a fireable offense, Frankini managed to stay for most of the season – until one final straw got her fired.

Elizabeth Frankini's guest cabin antics got her axed

As if Elizabeth Frankini's flirting with deckhand James Hough during charters didn't leave Chief Strew Francesca Rubi vexed, the first stew committed a major no-no when she slept in the guest cabin with the deckhand during their night off without asking for permission. According to Decider, Rubi went to Captain Lee Rosbach and stated, "There are too many slip-ups, there's just too many." After they called Frankini into the wheelhouse, Rubi told her, "I think, every charter I've really had to work and I'm continually putting energy and checking up on you and we've had numerous chats about this, but sleeping in the guest cabin was sort of like the final straw for me. We've come to sort of a decision, we're gonna have to let you go."

After Frankini's disastrous season, "Below Deck" OG chief stew Kate Chastain had her back. "Mistakes happen. But I appreciate how [Frankini] was always apologetic and respectful and kept working after making mistakes," Chastain tweeted. Frankini, for her part, tweeted, "It was hard doing an intense job being filmed and has been difficult to watch my mistakes play out in front of millions, especially when there's so much more going on that doesn't make the final cut. It's been a learning experience. Thanks for your well wishes, I appreciate it!" Despite her positive attitude, the fired first strew didn't hold back during the Season 8 reunion and let Rubi know just what she thought of her.

Elizabeth Frankini felt she was bullied by the interior crew

It's safe to say there was no love lost between Elizabeth Frankini and Francesca Rubi during the "Below Deck" Season 8 reunion. While Rubi defended her chief stew skills, Vulture notes that Frankini accused her and the third stew, Ashling Lorger, of being "bullies in the end." When Lorger shot back, "You're just not cut for yachting, Elizabeth," Frankini answered, "I do have captains and chief stewardesses that I've worked with in the past who would differ from your opinion, so."

As for Captain Lee Rosbach, he gave a hard "Nope" when a fan tweeted, "[Would] you give Elizabeth another chance for a future season?" Frankini — who had no idea that Rosbach felt that way — told Showbiz CheatSheet, "I just want to say that Captain Lee, he's miserable and judgmental. And after living through this experience like I wouldn't want to work with him again either." The former "Below Deck" added, "He allowed Francesca to be a terrible chief stew ... And behind the scenes, I was being bullied and treated way worse than I think the camera showed."

After her public firing, Frankini seems to be doing just fine as a yachtie and is currently working for The Nauti Crew based in Fort Lauderdale. "Each Nauti Charter includes a dedicated captain and stewardess ready to ensure that you have the best time ever. Like what you sea? Book now!" Frankini promoted. Hopefully, there are no toxic fumes — or crewmates — on board.