VonViddy, TikTok Star, Dead At 32

The following article includes mentions of suicide, mental illness, and substance use.

Popular TikTok star, VonViddy has died from an apparent suicide at the age of 32. TMZ first reported the death of Joseph Muchlinski, who went by VonViddy online, on Wednesday. The outlet spoke to VonViddy's sister, who claimed that he lost "his long battle to mental illness."

Given VonDiddy's dedication to spreading joy and cracking jokes through commentary and various skits, his death has come as a shock to his social media following. However, his last social media post has some users wondering if he'd previously hinted at his plans. 

During VonViddy's last TikTok post, he somberly spoke about the legacy he hoped to leave behind. "Hi, My name is VonViddy. My real name is Joe Muhclinski, and I want to be remembered as a creator of videos that made people laugh and a creator of music," he started the video. "I also want to be remembered as a camp counselor who helped kids to make happy memories." The video then turned extra sad. "I'd rather not be remembered as an addict and alcoholic who put his family through hell." He continued, "But unfortunately, that's also part of me."

Sadly, this was the last time he ever addressed his fans.

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat 988lifeline.org.

Social media urges users to take mental health seriously

VonViddy's friends, family, and fans are heartbroken over his death. Given the suddenness of his death and the hopeless energy he exuded in his last video, it'll probably take a while for his fans to process everything. In the meantime, they've been sharing their condolences on social media. "That dude from tiktok VonViddy died. He was funny as hell. That's real sad man," tweeted one fan." RIP VonViddy (tiktok) It's so sad to hear. The world didn't know he was struggling until it was too late," tweeted another fan. On TikTok, one user commented, "Von Viddy we love you. Thank you for all of the laughs. Truly heartbreaking."

VonViddy's death has also inspired his online supporters to amplify the importance of mental and having a supportive community. "This video is troubling in so many ways. Vonviddy was in such despair & no one was there to talk him through his pain. Mental health is real and if you know anyone dealing with these issues give them a call today," tweeted another fan.

 One user also stressed the importance of seeking out help. "Tikntoker VonViddy just committed suicide, this is his final video. Mental health is real. Please find the help you need, and never give up R.I.P Joseph Muchlinski," they tweeted.