The Real Reason Olivia Culpo And Danny Amendola Broke Up

Star NFL wide receiver Danny Amendola and model Olivia Culpo broke up in March 2018. "Everyone goes through breakups in life," the former Miss Universe told Access Live at the time. "Everybody has their own way of handling it, and it's something that I definitely am not going to get into at this moment. But I am sure everyone can relate to heartbreak."

However, later that year, the gorgeous couple gave love another try and looked happier than ever. Things were going so well for the pair that a source told Us Weekly that Culpo would be getting a ring on her finger "sooner rather than later." The source added, "Olivia and Danny are better than they've ever been this time around." Just over two weeks later, Amendola was spotted with another woman. But was his frolic on the beach the reason for the split or was it the last straw? Let's find out the real reason Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola broke up.

Down and distance

"Danny couldn't handle Olivia's demanding lifestyle and wasn't pleased with certain choices she was making," a source told E! News in March 2018 when the couple first split up. "The constant travel was also causing a rift." That same month, Danny Amendola signed with the Miami Dolphins after five years with the New England Patriots. This move is significant to note because the wide receiver signing with another team meant the couple saw each other less.

Olivia Culpo, a lifelong New England Patriots fan, is from Cranston, Rhode Island, which is a 30-minute drive from the Patriots' home, Foxborough Stadium. "The Patriots have always been a huge part of my family since I was young," she told "Making time for the games was just something we did. I have still kept this mentality to this day and always try and attend games whenever possible." Culpo's immediate family lives in the area, and she also owns a restaurant in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Dating a person who lives and works near your family and business is easy. Dating a person who lives almost 1,500 miles away from those things? Not so much.

Different lifestyles

Danny Amendola was born in The Woodlands, Texas and played high school football there. He played college football at Texas Tech. His first NFL team was the Dallas Cowboys in 2008. Long story short, he's a low-key Southern boy who keeps a social media presence because we assume he feels obligated. He keeps his accounts strictly business and rarely posts anything personal.

On the other hand, partly due to the nature of her career, Olivia Culpo is a constant on social media. A quick scroll through her Instagram and you quickly realize she travels almost 365 days a year and is rarely in one place for more than 48 hours. A source close to the Miami Dolphins' organization told Us Weekly that the differences in their lifestyles ended up being too much for Amendola to take saying, "Olivia is all about the celebrity culture. It's her life. Danny is all about sports and football. It's not the greatest match."

He may have cheated

On October 22, 2018, Olivia Culpo posted a photo on Instagram of her and Danny Amendola at the beach with the caption, "New and exclusive rock hard 6 pack temperpedic (sic) ab pillow, boyfriend not included." A mere six days later, TMZ posted photos of Amendola getting a little too comfortable with a bikini-clad mystery woman. 

As expected, it didn't take long for the mystery woman's identity to be revealed – former Miss Malibu and current CBS4 Miami sports reporter, Bianca Peters. A source told Us Weekly that the pair "met the night before through mutual friends" and were just hanging out. "All their friends met up at the beach on Saturday, [October 27]. Bianca has no plans to hang out with Danny again. It was just a Saturday at the beach." The source added, "I don't think they hooked up," but you might have a similar reaction to Culpo after reading that. "Wow," she tweeted, in an apparent response to the seemingly scandalous photos. 

For her part, Peters wants no part of the drama. "Danny is new to Miami and Bianca had no idea he had a girlfriend. She is not in that world. She was a CBS journalist who is just starting her own media company," a source told E! News. The insider added"Now that she understands the situation, she has no plans to see him again. She does not want to be dragged into this."

He didn't consider the relationship exclusive

On September 4, 2018, Olivia Culpo packed on the PDA with the NFL wide receiver in an Instagram story, confirming that the pair were back together. And while Olivia Culpo and her fans saw that as good things to come, according to People, Danny Amendola allegedly had different ideas about their rekindled relationship. 

"Danny never viewed Olivia as an exclusive girlfriend," an insider told the publication. "She came to Miami or New England [when he played for the New England Patriots] all of the time, and they dated, but it was more her putting in the travel effort than him." The source added that Amendola was "playing both sides," and that Culpo should have seen the writing on the wall. "Olivia refers to Danny as her boyfriend, but he doesn't refer to her as his girlfriend. He could care less about making it official." Ouch.

Excuses, excuses

When you see your boyfriend cozying up with another woman in a bikini, you might have a few emotions. Olivia Culpo is no different. A source told E! News that Culpo was "very disappointed and shocked about the photos." But despite what it looked like, Danny Amendola tried the "just a friend" defense. 

"Danny has reassured Olivia that Bianca is a longtime friend and they were just catching up," the source continued. "He has assured her that nothing is going on between them and that he is really happy with Olivia." Naturally, the source added, "Olivia is not totally buying it." As expected, the risque photos of Amendola and Bianca Peters caught the eye of Culpo's friends as well. "Everyone around her has urged her to cut ties with him ... her friends think that it's best for her to move on," the source explained.

Culpo was in Australia doing a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated when the news broke, and although she smiled for the selfies, the source claimed she was "definitely upset" and "focusing on her work right now and trying to keep busy."

Social media shots

If fans of the couple were holding their breath for reconciliation any time soon, they might want to go ahead and exhale. A day after the news broke that Danny Amendola and Bianca Peters were cuddling up in Miami, Olivia Culpo sent a shot all the way from Australia.

"Shooting for @si_swimsuit!! Ive (sic) dreamed of this since I was a little girl and today could not have felt more surreal. I still feel like I'm dreaming. Here's a sneak peak (sic)..... I dedicate this to all the snakes," she posted on Instagram while holding an actual snake. The snake reference, of course, was perceived as a dig at Amendola.

On November 2, 2018, Amendola celebrated his 33rd birthday. The next day, Culpo took to Instagram yet again to let him know what he was missing. Sporting a shiny new Rolex on her wrist, the model captioned the IG story with: "Looks like this is my present now. HAPPY BDAY TO ME." Stay salty, Olivia.