Hersha Parady, Little House On The Prairie Actor, Dead At 78

"Little House on the Prairie" actor Hersha Parady has tragically died at the age of 78. Parady's son, Jonathan Peverall, confirmed the actor's death to The Hollywood Reporter and revealed she passed away in his Virginia home.

A month before her death, Peverall had set up a GoFundMe Page in honor of the actor, who was suffering from a brain tumor. He wrote, "Hersha, who has always been an active and outgoing woman, is battling a tough medical condition — a brain tumor known as meningioma. This illness has robbed her of her strength, her memory, and sadly, her vibrant personality." According to the Mayo Clinic, meningioma "arises from the meninges — the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord." Although there are no specific symptoms tied to the disease, it truly affected Parady.

Peverall explained on the GoFundMe page how the disease had taken a toll on his mother. He shared, "She has become largely bedridden, and it is very difficult to see my Mom, who was once full of life and energy, now struggling with basic daily activities." The actor's only son was hoping to raise funds to get the medical support she needed. Unfortunately, the "Courage" star passed away not long after he set up the page. Still, Parady was loved by many and will forever be remembered by those closest to her and her adoring fans.

Hersha Parady was proud of the way she left Little House on the Prairie

Hersha Parady played the role of a lifetime as Alice Garvey on "Little House on the Prairie." Parady joined the show in its fourth season, eventually becoming Walnut Grove's resident schoolteacher. Fans loved and adored her as she starred in three seasons of the groundbreaking drama. However, in Season 6, Parady departed "Little House" when her character died in a fire.

In the episode, Alice (Parady) finds herself trapped in the School for the Blind as flames spread after a discarded pipe set the building ablaze, per CBR. Alice attempts to save her friend's baby, but it's too late and she and the infant end up dying in the fire. Although the scene is heartbreaking to watch, Parady is incredibly proud of that specific episode. She told CBR, "In spite of the impending doom it would bring — at least I went out with a roar and not a whimper!" The actor recalled working with the Los Angeles Fire Department and special effects personnel for the first time. 

She said, "...to be surrounded by 'controlled' fire and readied fire extinguishers, I was ready to act up a storm! I loved every minute of it!" It truly goes to show how passionate Parady was about her job, as she went out in a blaze of glory — literally.