Male Celebrities Who Love Showing Off Their Good Looks

We have a thing for male celebrity hotties here at Nicki Swift, and we have previously highlighted all sorts of zaddies, including those who are younger, middle-aged, and even those over 55. We've also sorted through the hottest basketball, baseball, and football players in the game today (Jimmy Garoppolo, looking at you!). All these men are incredibly attractive, but not all show off that attractiveness to the same degree. There are celebs who we just can't help but notice are good-looking, and then there are celebs that really, really want us to know how beautiful they are. Those are the dudes we are focused on here.

We scoured Instagram in search of male celeb thirst traps — a difficult job, as you can imagine — and are happy to report that it is not just Kim Kardashian and Cardi B showing off their bods, but also some of Hollywood's sexiest men. After eliminating former thirst trappers — like Nick Jonas, who majorly toned things down after getting married and having a kid — we were left with a solid list of male celebrities who love to show off their good looks. Here are some of our favorites.

Luke Evans has been called king of the thirst trap

When Luke Evans read aloud thirst tweets written about him for the BuzzFeed series in December 2022, he seemed to have a ball — and we are not surprised, because the man encourages dehydration levels of thirst. Instagram is the primary avenue for Evans' exhibitionism, and he very rarely misses an opportunity to pose without at least some of his clothing. Evans is especially fond of bathing suit photos, and since his swimsuit style of choice tends to be Speedos, these photos leave very little to the imagination. It is no surprise that they often gain the attention of outlets.

Evans loves showing off so much that Socialite Life even awarded him the label "King of the thirst trap" in April 2021. That article counted down the actor's 10 hottest Instagram photos, but Evans has given them plenty of others to consider in the years since. The actor — famous for roles in films such as "The Hobbit," "Nine Perfect Strangers," and "Beauty and the Beast" — has continued to gain attention for his shirtless photos, even though he loves to pretend they are about something other than his shredded bod. For instance, he celebrated 2021 Pride Month by showing off a rainbow-themed underwear band (and his abs and pecs).

Cristiano Ronaldo loves to pose in his underwear

While Luke Evans is a fan of Speedos, Cristiano Ronaldo's thing is underwear. The world-famous soccer player (or footballer, depending on where you hail from) is known for having one of the best bodies in sports, and he is certainly not shy about sharing it with the world. Unsurprisingly, he has also found a way to make money off of that body and his love of underwear, attaching his name to a brand called CR7 beginning in 2013. CR7 sells boxers, socks, and loungewear, but Ronaldo can almost always be seen modeling tight boxers. Given that they literally say his name on the waistband, we can't think of anyone else who would be a better fit.

Ronaldo has multiple children, so he qualifies as not only a zaddy, but also a daddy. They may be too young to understand what that means, but we sure do have feelings about it. We think others do too, since Ronaldo is the most followed Instagram user in the world (his account is only second to the official Instagram handle), and he certainly sells his undies well. He poses in them in the pool, during cold water immersion sessions, and even while sitting on a vintage car. While the Portuguese stunner also highlights his physique by way of swimsuit photos, he clearly has a thing about undies. "I always feel good when I'm wearing great underwear — it's a confidence boost," he told DA MAN.

Liam Payne can't stop showing off his abs

One Direction was formed during Season 7 of "The X Factor UK," when five individual singers were grouped to form a new boy band. Though they lost the top spot and came in third, they certainly "won" in the larger sense. The band became immensely successful because of the boys' charisma and catchy songs. But we would be naïve to ignore another big reason they shot to fame, which is due to the way their collective good looks turned them into a million teens' crushes. Like all of the other group members, Liam Payne grew from a boy into a man while he was in 1D, and that evolution allowed him to move into more adult territory. For example, after the band's split, Payne's first solo single was the sexually charged "Strip That Down."

While Payne always had a fit body, he clearly worked hard to pack on the muscle as he grew older. He also covered himself in tattoos, most notably on his arms and hands. Both might explain why Payne also began to post more thirst traps highlighting his unclothed torso — something that has only increased over the years. After gaining some weight in 2020, Payne recommitted to fitness and underwent what many have called a "body transformation." He began to show off again, posting shirtless bathroom selfies and shots by the pool that even had Mark Wahlberg commenting on his abs.

Tyler Cameron knows exactly what he is doing

As of 2023, there have been 20 seasons of "The Bachelorette," meaning there have been hundreds of men on the show as potential suitors, and the vast majority (if not all) have been what can only be described as traditionally good-looking. Nonetheless, each season has a few standout hotties — and sometimes, those guys are so cute and charismatic that they become actual celebrities. That happened with Tyler Cameron, arguably one of the hottest guys ever to appear on the show. Cameron was a suitor on Season 15 of "The Bachelorette," where he vied for Hannah Brown's final rose and came in second to Jed Wyatt for some inexplicable reason.

Cameron has since taken off in a way that few "Bachelor Nation" folks do, all while running a construction business in Florida. He was cast on two other reality shows, "The Real Dirty Dancing" and "Special Forces," made a cameo on "Saturday Night Live," and modeled in a Steve Madden campaign. Cameron also makes good dough advertising brands like White Claw and Amazon on Instagram to his 2.2 million Instagram followers. He caters to this audience by showing off — posing suggestively on boats, licking food off his fingers, and doing chores (all while shirtless). After one sexy photo made waves by featuring a prominent bulge, Cameron told "Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen that the picture was no fluke. "Yeah, we knew that going in," he said when asked if he was aware of what was on display.

Christopher Meloni embraces his sex symbol status

Chris Meloni found fame when he began appearing simultaneously on two television series in the late 1990s, HBO's groundbreaking "Oz" and NBC's "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." These roles were very different, but the talented actor tackled both with gusto. He was also frequently naked on "Oz," which certainly did not turn away any new fans. Some things just get better with age, including Meloni. Now in his 60s, the man is being lusted over more than ever before — and he is totally embracing it. He has not only continued to film nude scenes in his acting projects, but he also stripped down for two big ads. The first was in 2022 for Peloton, which came to be after the actor said he worked out naked at home, and the second was a 2023 sock ad for Tommie Cooper.

The thirst for Meloni really amped up in 2021, when a photo of Meloni filming "SVU" was posted to Twitter. The photo, which highlighted Meloni's ample backside, went viral, producing hilarious thirst tweets and prompting the emergence of more hot Meloni pictures. "I was given the moniker 'Zaddy,'," he explained on the "Time to Walk" podcast (via People). "My first reaction was 'What the hell?' and it really made me laugh. But I also felt as though their response was almost their warm welcoming of Stabler back and me back in this role." Forget that whole Pratt/Pine/Evans/Hemsworth debate — we vote for Chris Meloni.

Drake received mixed reactions to his shirtless selfies

Rapper Drake has accomplished many things in his life, particularly when it comes to music. He is the artist with the most overall hits on the Billboard Hot 100, and he has the most top five, 10, 20, and 40 hits as well. He has also sold 184 million singles, which makes him the top-selling singles artist of all time. These facts put the former "Degrassi" actor up there with other great musical legends. And any time you are at the top, there are bound to be some haters. This is clearly evident if one is to look at the online reaction to pretty much any of Drake's posts, whether it be a photo of him braiding his son's hair or screenshots of the nasty DMs he sent to a music critic.

Drake has had numerous controversial posts that prompted public outrage, including one in 2022 where he posted a photo of a woman that he did not know, taken in public, which many rightfully dubbed to be a gross invasion of privacy (and just plain creepy). Other times, however, people just want to pick on the guy. For example, Drake's shirtless thirst traps typically receive somewhat of a mixed reception. One photo in particular sparked a whole online debate in April 2023, when the rapper posed in just a low-slung towel. While many fans expressed lust or complimented the star, others suggested Drake had gotten plastic surgery to secretly enhance his abs.

Vinny Guadagnino is a member of Chippendales

When "Jersey Shore" first made its debut in 2009, Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino were the male cast members flaunting their muscles and putting the moves on all of the ladies. Vinny Guadagnino was the shyest of the bunch, which makes sense since at 22 he was significantly younger than the 27-year-old Sorrentino and 29-year-old DelVecchio (Ronny Magro, who was also there, was 24). Age and a couple of years on reality TV turned Guadagnino into a hookup machine, as we saw on the show, and the years since the end of "Jersey Shore's" initial run have seen the star shift into something entirely different. He is now very fond of showing off his good looks, particularly his toned abs and muscled arms.

Though Guadagnino gets mostly positive responses when he shows off on social media, the nature of the Internet and the fanbase attracted to "Jersey Shore" means he gets clowned as well — most often for his lack of a tan, a key component of the "GTL" or "gym, tan, laundry" daily ritual the show helped make popular. There are occasional critiques of his body, too, but nobody has been complaining in Vegas, where Guadagnino has stripped down for a Chippendales residency on five different occasions. "Being a part of Chippendales and getting the chance to host, dance, show some skin and see my fans up close and personal at one of the most iconic shows on the Strip is always a blast," Guadagnino said (via People).

KJ Apa's thirst traps highlight his eight-pack abs

Most people would kill to have six-pack abs, but for "Riverdale" star KJ Apa, that would be a downgrade. The handsome actor has become known for his shredded eight-pack, because "Riverdale" loves a shirtless dude, and because he has not been shy about sharing pictures of his body on social media. Plenty of articles have been written about Apa's various thirst traps, including some that he has since deleted. Our favorite shot of the New Zealand actor is probably one where he is standing on rocks by the water with outstretched arms and a long open jacket, showing off those abs. The picture also caught the attention of many websites, which is probably why Apa's intense chest and ab workouts have been highlighted by male fitness magazines.

It's been a while since Apa has posted a sexy selfie to his Instagram grid, perhaps because he became a dad in September 2021 and his priorities shifted. Those previous thirst traps did, however, score him a cushy deal with Lacoste, for whom he became an underwear ambassador in early 2022 (he has shared some of the advertisements on his social media, and they are predictably steamy). Thankfully, Apa — who has stopped dying his hair red now that "Riverdale" has stopped filming — seems to have a healthy take on his sex symbol status. "I don't think it's anything I'm ever going to get used to. As soon as you get used to becoming a sex object, that can be dangerous," he told Vulture.

Channing Tatum is never too shy to strip down

Given that Channing Tatum famously worked as a stripper prior to becoming an actor — the inspiration for his "Magic Mike" films — it makes sense that he would have an exhibitionist streak. He's also just really, really good-looking and appears to know it. But unlike some of the other men on our list, Tatum is not a frequent poster of thirst traps. In fact, he is not a regular poster of anything, often going weeks or months between Instagram posts. He posts the occasional sexy photo or video to his stories, but with the exception of one glorious, fully nude shower photo the actor posted in May 2019 — when he lost a bet to his then-girlfriend Jessie J — all of the skin shots on Tatum's grid are from his professional projects.

"As someone that has to work out for a job, I promise you I would not look like this unless I had to be naked in most of my movies," the actor said on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" in 2021. Indeed, we cannot think of many of his films where he has not been at least shirtless, and his role in the "Magic Mike" trilogy pretty much hinged on his good looks and willingness to strip down. He has also gone nude in numerous non-"Mike" projects, such as "The Vow," "Foxcatcher," and "The Lost City." In addition to movies, Tatum's amazing looks have also been highlighted in plenty of photoshoots. In particular, his 2022 VMan shots are worth a gander.

Shemar Moore has showed off his abs on talk shows, the red carpet, and more

Shemar Moore is an actor, model, producer, philanthropist — and definitely an exhibitionist. He first gained fame when he began appearing on the daytime soap opera "The Young and the Restless" in 1994, in a role that later earned him a Daytime Emmy Award. During his 11 years on "Y&R," Moore made guest appearances on primetime shows, filmed movies, and even had a leading role in a primetime series, "Birds of Prey," but his fame was limited. His profile really exploded after he left the soap in 2005, thanks to his casting on "Criminal Minds." He spent over a decade on the series, and followed it up with another procedural, "S.W.A.T.," which garnered him an entirely new demographic of fans.

Now in his 50s, Moore looks just as good as he did on "Y&R," and he definitely knows it. He has spent years showing off his body wherever he can, including on his Instagram. But it goes beyond that, too. In 2013, Moore lifted his shirt to give fans a peek at his sculpted abs while on "Anderson," a move he repeated on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" in 2015 and on Steve Harvey's show "STEVE" in 2022. He has also displayed that shredded bod on the Monte Carlo TV Festival's red carpet and in an interview with ExtraTV. There is basically nowhere the guy won't show off his torso, but as the saying goes, when you've got it, flaunt it.

Gus Kenworthy makes his injury photos look sexy

Gus Kenworthy first came to our attention when he entered the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. The talented skier took home a silver medal that year (for men's freeski slopestyle) and won the hearts of many with his adorable personality and undeniable physical attractiveness. Kenworthy has been to two more Olympics, but since they are always during the winter, he is typically covered up. But thanks to his tendency to post photos highlighting his fantastic body, we have seen more than our fair share of his pecs, abs, thighs, and more. Even pictures of his sports-related injuries have left fans lusting — like a photo featuring a giant bruise on his bum. From the gym to the side of the highway, there seems to be no place Kenworthy won't take off his clothes.

Kenworthy's good looks have also led to several professional photoshoots where he has appeared shirtless — and even a role in "American Horror Story: 1984." But Kenworthy's most revealing shots are often ones he posts himself. One of his favorite types of thirst traps is the Speedo shot; a leopard-print Speedo has been featured many times throughout the years, including a 2019 shot on a deck and in 2022 with Kenworthy lounging on a pool float.

Instagram is not a fan of George Stults' mooning

You might know George Stults from his six seasons on "7th Heaven" or from his work such as Hallmark Channel's "I'm Not Ready for Christmas" or Lifetime's "Staging Christmas." But if you are a follower of Stults' Instagram, you know that his actual personality is far from anything you would find on Hallmark. Stults has a dark sense of humor, which he displays through boundary-pushing memes and jokes often focused on sex and religion. He also loves to show off his body, not just to be sexy, but as a way to push the envelope. Even his Cameo profile photo features Stults in his signature red thong. 

From doing construction with his bum peeking out of his pants to posing in skimpy shorts to celebrate the 4th of July, you never know what to expect from Stults. And while he certainly likes to show off his attractiveness in more typical selfies, like this gym one featuring his bicep, Stults' tendency to gravitate toward the risqué has gotten him reported to Instagram so many times that he got fed up with being temporarily banned and ditched his old account (which had gained the attention of websites specializing in hot dudes). He has a professional account, but if you want the real Stults, find his new personal account (he didn't stay away long) and prepare yourself for bad dancing and lots of mooning.

Jason Momoa has made us appreciative of loincloths

Ever since the start of his career in "Baywatch," Jason Momoa's attractiveness has impacted the roles he's received. They typically feature him shirtless and sexualized; quite frankly, we have no complaints as long as he doesn't. Momoa did not even speak English in his breakout role on "Game of Thrones," but his giant 6'4" frame and luscious long hair helped ensure his character became a fan favorite. From "Conan the Barbarian" to "Aquaman," Momoa has continued to show off his looks as much as his acting talents, but he has also been given the chance to try new things with projects such as "Slumberland" and "Sugar Mountain."

Outside of movies, Momoa has given fans plenty of other sexy material featuring that mammoth bod in various stages of undress. For example, he starred in a 2020 Rocket Mortgage campaign where he played with bubbles in a bathtub, wore only a spandex singlet for a 2020 Earth Day video, and showed off his buns in an April 2023 workout video for Men's Health. Momoa's most attention-grabbing moment came when he showed off his traditional Hawaiian malo in an Instagram post during an October 2020 fishing trip. This post gave us a whole new appreciation for loincloths, and it went viral, leading to an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" where Momoa stripped down to his malo. "I feel very beautiful in them, and it's just something that just feels natural," Momoa told People about his traditional loincloths.

Ashley Parker Angel gets attention for his thirst traps

Ashley Parker Angel has not released an album since his solo debut, "Soundtracks to Your Life," in 2006, but he has remained in the public eye thanks to social media. Angel has undertaken a handful of low-profile acting jobs, done some voiceover work, and even had a couple of stints on Broadway. But the reason he has over 250,000 Instagram followers likely has a lot more to do with his looks than a stint in "Wicked" that ended in July 2018. It takes only one glance at his Instagram to note that Angel is frequently featured in just his underwear, and occasionally even less. "I love being in front of a camera, and I've been that way since I was a kid," Angel told Out in 2014. "As long as it's for the right reason, not just to take a check."

Angel first became famous because of his appearance on the reality show "Making the Band," where he made it all the way to the end of the competition and became part of the resulting band, O-Town. The band definitely played up its members' sex appeal before their 2003 split, but it was Instagram that led Angel to really begin highlighting his Ken-doll looks. As far back as 2015, labeled Angel "Instagram's Best Thirst Trapper," and the man is aging like a fine wine, so he is still at it. And that's totally cool with us.