What We Know About Kelly Osbourne's Boyfriend Sid Wilson

The Osbournes are the USA's most dysfunctional family import. Still, somehow the band of Brits manages to make it work. After multiple bumps in the road, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are still going strong after over 40 years of not-so-wedded bliss. Meanwhile, following his divorce from the mother of his three kids, Lisa Stelly, Jack Osbourne is settled down with his fiancée, Aree Gearhart, with whom he shares a daughter, Maple Artemis Osbourne. Finally, Kelly Osbourne welcomed her first baby last year with her boyfriend, Sid Wilson, rounding out the lineage love-fest.

It's been a long road to love for Kelly, who had to kiss more than her fair share of frogs before finding her Prince Charming. Distractify lists the menagerie of men that she dallied with over the years. They're a motley crew that includes her first love, The Used frontman Bert McCracken, artist Kes Glozier, model Ricky Hall, chef Matthew Mosshart, whom Kelly was engaged to in the mid-2000s, and cinematographer Erik Bragg.

Kelly and Bragg were in a pandemic relationship. The couple met at the beginning of 2020 and promptly went into lockdown together. Somehow, they managed not to strangle each other. In fact, despite splitting in October 2021, Erik gushed about his former love. "Kelly rules," he told US Weekly. "That's it. That's all." So, that's the exes over with; now, onto what we know about Kelly Osbourne's current boyfriend, Sid Wilson.

True love

According to People, Kelly Osbourne and Sid Wilson met in 1999 when his band toured Ozzfest — Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's music festival. Fast forward two decades plus, and Kelly and Wilson moved from the friend zone onto the love highway. "After 23 years of friendship, I can't believe where we have ended up!" she captioned a photo of them kissing. "You are my best friend, my soulmate, and I am so deeply in love with you, Sidney George Wilson." So, who is the man who finally captured Kelly's heart?

Wilson is the mask-wearing #0 in the nu-metal band Slipknot. Per Kerrang!, he's from Des Moines, Iowa, but spent most of his formative years in the UK, where his parents are from. "I grew up English. My parents had an English pub when I was born, which was the family business. I came to the UK frequently as a child, and we had a few other relatives who had emigrated too, so I grew up doing English things," he said. "I drink tea and eat crumpets like everyone else! I talk about the same boring religion, politics, and history stuff as everyone else."

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Wilson joined Slipknot as their turntablist in 1998 before switching to keyboards in 2008. In addition to playing the blacks and whites for one of the world's biggest metal bands, the 46-year-old tours solo as DJ Starscream. Wilson's talents have earned him quite a fortune. He's worth an estimated $10 million.

And baby makes three

Kelly Osbourne and Sid Wilson confirmed they were dating in January 2022. A source told People that the longtime friends-turned-partners were "very happy together." Clearly—just four months later, Kelly announced she had a baby on board. "I know that I have been very quiet these past few months, so I thought I would share with you all as to why... I am over the moon to announce that I am going to be a Mumma," Kelly posted on Instagram, along with a couple of snaps showing her holding an ultrasound photo.

In January 2023, her mom, Sharon Osbourne, revealed on "The Talk" (via ET) that Kelly had given birth to a little boy whom the couple named Sidney Wilson. "So great, so great. She won't let a picture go out of him, and I'm so proud of her," Sharon told her fellow hosts.

And sure enough, at the time of posting, Kelly has yet to share any photos of baby Sid. However, he did appear on her Instagram in March — sort of. "'An uncle is a blessing. It means so many things. Words could never tell the joy an uncle brings. An uncle is a bond of faith that even time can't sever, a gift to last all of our lives. An uncle is forever.' — Irene Banks," Kelly captioned a pic of her and her brother, Jack Osbourne, with the top of the baby's head peeking into the bottom of the photo.