What Happened To Justin And Artis After Catfish?

In 2012, MTV added to its list of hit series when it premiered "Catfish," a show that follows the lives of online users searching for love but falling for someone who is completely different from what they had portrayed online. One of the most explosive episodes and biggest lies in "Catfish" history was that of Justin and Artis.

Artis had been talking to someone he thought was a beautiful woman named "Jess" online for months. When he recruited the help of "Catfish" hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph to get to the bottom of who "Jess" actually was, he was in for a big surprise. Instead of "Jess" being a gorgeous woman, it was actually a man named Justin.

The situation became even more bizarre as the interaction between Justin and Artis unfolded on the show. After Schulman suggested that Justin might be gay and pointed out that he was posing as a woman to form a romantic connection with a man, Justin famously said, "You got me there." The episode has become iconic in "Catfish" history and remains one of the most memorable moments of the show. However, over 10 years have passed since the episode premiered, and many people are still wondering what has happened to Artis and Justin.

Justin and Artis became friends

During their confrontation on "Catfish," Justin and Artis seemed like they would never see eye to eye. On the show, Justin admitted that he had catfished Artis to teach him a lesson about talking to other women. At the time, Artis had a girlfriend and child, and Justin didn't think it was right for him to explore new romances while still in a relationship. While many people might agree with Justin's sentiment, catfishing is not a typical response.

In an unlikely ending to an already complicated story, Justin and Artis somehow reportedly formed a friendship after their memorable "Catfish" episode. According to Social News Daily, Justin confirmed their friendship in a series of now-deleted tweets, including one featuring a photo of the two friends with a caption that read, "Me and my bud. We're hoping to be on TV again." Although they never made a television comeback, their friendship persevered thanks to "Catfish."

Justin and Artis made YouTube videos

It seems Justin gained a taste for fame with his appearance on "Catfish" and wasn't ready for it to end. Despite questions about the authenticity of his episode due to past acting experience, Justin expressed a desire to pursue a career in entertainment, per The Inquisitr News. In November 2013, he stated, "I wish to pursue a career in TV. After all the publicity that erupted and all the wallets I filled, why wouldn't someone want to do business with me?" Justin even suggested a package deal with Artis, his on-screen friend, as a way to grab attention, saying, "I think it'd be a great attention-getter if Artis were a part of it! No Catfish reference, no MTV involvement to avoid that court s***. Just two guys entertaining the public eye for 20 seconds of new material."

However, the two friends never returned to television and instead pursued YouTube. In 2014, Justin released a video titled "Artis & Justin Return" promising to reveal the truth about their relationship. Justin later created a new YouTube channel and posted a video with Artis, ranting about their "Catfish" experience and Justin's poor relationship with co-host Nev Schulman. The friends only made one more YouTube video together, a short clip in which Artis did not appear on-screen.