What Happened To Blondie's Cookies After Shark Tank?

In 2012, Blondie's Cookies founder Brenda Coffman entered the "Shark Tank" with one goal: secure $200,000 in capital in exchange for a 3% stake in her fledgling cookie biz. The story goes that after expanding the operations out of Indiana and opening four retail locations in Florida, the company was in dire straits. Basically, Blondie's Cookies had bitten off a little more than they could chew. "They are losing a lot of money their first year, yes," Coffman confessed to successful "Shark Tank" judges Kevin O'Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec about the predicament. Sadly, Coffman did not make good on that goal, and all four judges declared they were out on Blondie's Cookies.

Fortunately, Corcoran left Coffman with some parting advice. "I feel like you've made a big mistake in opening the Florida stores, and I think on some level you know it," Corcoran began. "But what's going to work against you — because I know I have a good share of that myself — is your refusal to quit," she added. So what happened to Blondie's Cookies following the "Shark Tank" appearance? And did Coffman take Corcoran's advice to heart? Let's get to it!

Blondie's Cookies closed all four Florida retail locations

All is fair in love and cookies! According to Brenda Coffman, following her time on "Shark Tank," she eventually took heed to veteran deal maker Barbara Corcoran's advice. "I think if I hadn't gone on the tank, I wouldn't be talking to you today," Coffman recalled to Tasting Table. "I really do think that we were very, very close to filing bankruptcy because of those stores. All the way down to the closest people to us, our attorney, our accountant, all said, 'You can't pull out of this. You need to exit.'" 

Fortunately, once Coffman was able to get out from under the Florida locations, the business began to flourish again — partly due to the phenomenon many refer to as "the Shark Tank Effect," wherein businesses see a drastic increase in profits regardless of whether or not they make a deal. "Within 24 hours after the show, I got three marriage proposals, 1,700 emails, and lots of phone calls and well-wishers," Coffman gushed to Nashville Wraps. But that's not all. Coffman told Tasting Table that the company was also able to secure many "wonderful corporate clients" from their feature on the business reality television series.

Blondie's Cookies business is booming

As the old saying goes, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade you toss them out, and bake cookies instead. And that's precisely what Blondie's Cookies Ffunder Brenda Coffman did! Following the appearance on "Shark Tank," Blondie's Cookies has expanded big time when it comes to their mail-order business, now shipping all over the United States. And they've even rolled out a fundraising program and a wholesale division catering to small businesses. But that's not all. Coffman also purchased another facility complete with a test kitchen, event space for classes and parties, and room for a retail shop to purchase cookies directly. "This will help us present our product in a little more upscale, gourmet environment," Coffman told the Kokomo Tribune. Meanwhile, the cookies will still be made and housed in their original Greentown, Indiana facility. Double the cookie space, double the fun!

Perhaps, however, the most significant new development for Blondie's Cookies is the franchise opportunities they have in the works. "We know our brand is so strong at this point, and our systems and techniques are so accurate, that we can train someone to have their own skin in the game and make a living doing what we do in their own city without adding the extra logistically burden," Coffman explained. One smart cookie, indeed!