Here's Who Hallmark Star Tom Cavanagh Is Married To In Real Life

Actor Tom Cavanagh's wife is a total boss who also has a fulfilling art-centered job. Over the years, Cavanagh has starred in a handful of Hallmark films and series. According to QC Approved, the actor/director has starred alongside Kimberly Williams-Paisley in Hallmark's mysterious "Darrow and Darrow” series, which has the Hallmark veterans playing lawyers who duel it out in court but solve murders together during their free time. In 2017, Cavanagh spoke with Parade and revealed the backstory of their characters. "She played a strong female character, a driven woman," shared Cavanagh. "It's nice that in this day and age, we see someone like that, particularly given the current political climate. She's also smart and funny, very alive and believable. A lot of it also comes from writer Phoef Sutton. "

For the past few years, when Cavanagh wasn't working for Hallmark, he was also acting in and/or directing projects such as "Blue Bloods," "The Flash," and "Legends of Tomorrow." With that said, his career dates back to the early '90s, with 2000 affording him his starring role in "Ed." Cavanagh is also one of many Hallmark stars who can sing, as he's appeared on Broadway in "Shenandoah" and "Urinetown the Musical." Cavanagh has been married for the majority of his successful career. And though his wife also works in a creative profession, she prefers to stay on the other side of the lens.

Moe Cavanagh is a sports editor

Tom Cavanagh is married to photo editor Maureen Cavanagh — who prefers to be called Moe Cavanagh, per her website. The happy couple married in 2004, though they've never shared the details about their special day with their fans. Currently, Moe is a contributing photo editor for the New York Times. However, she's also worked for The Players Tribune, Sports Illustrated, and Women In Sports Photography, per her professional Instagram account, @photo_mocavanagh. According to LinkedIn, Moe has been with the Times since 2020.

Before that, Moe was the creative director for The Players Tribune — the Derek Jeter-led publishing company "that provides athletes with a platform to connect directly with their fans, in their own words" (via The Players Tribune). In 2017, Moe spoke with Built in NYC and shared about her job details. "I am the Creative Director of TPT," shared Moe. "I oversee the visual design and aesthetic of the site and brand. One of the biggest parts of my job is to recognize, nurture, and promote other people's good ideas." 

Although Moe already had worked with a string of top media companies, she joined The Players Tribune because of the "ability to start something from the ground up with really smart people." Plus, as Moe shared, "It's hard to complain about a job when you have a Pop-A-Shot in your office and Derek Jeter is your boss."

...But she also makes time for her husband and kids

Moe Cavanagh is killing it within the photography world but her family is her first priority. Moe is also a mother to four children with Tom Cavanagh. And though both parents are selective about which personal details to share about their family, Tom once expressed some rare public excitement over the birth of their third child. In 2009, Tom sat down with People and revealed that, though Moe's due date was on the horizon, they weren't quite done nesting. "We're supposed to have the [baby] room ready!" he exclaimed, later assuring that they weren't totally in over their heads. "We're loaded up, we're ready," he added.

By 2016, Moe and Tom had four little ones to take care of. "I have four children — ages 3, 6, 8 and 9 — and a successful weekend for me is if we can make it through without having to go to urgent care for stitches," Cavanagh revealed to Sports Business Journal. And though both parents led busy careers, they made time to nurture their children's growing minds — especially during the Winter. "When it gets cold, we like to get the kids out of the house. The Natural History Museum is right across the street from our apartment, or we will go to the Museum of Modern Art," added Moe.