Who Is Flo From Progressive's Husband, Scott Kolanach?

Remember Flo? Well, it turns out that apron-clad Progressive saleswoman has a husband, and while she's usually in front of the camera, he's often behind it.

Theater kid turned professional actor Stephanie Courtney burst onto the scene in 2007 when she took on the now famous role of the eager-to-please Progressive sales associate, Flo, featured on the insurance company's many commercials. Complete with her bright blue headband, crisp white apron, and winning smile, Flo, aka "that lady from Progressive," quickly became a fan favorite and a household name. "She gives us a break from the day-to-day news — and there's not a lot of good news out there," Villanova University PR Program Director Bill Cowen told the Daily Beast about her nearly overnight success. "Anything that gives us a moment to make us laugh, make us smile... That really resonates."

Still, it hasn't always been an easy road for the showbiz hopeful. Prior to her big Progressive commercial break, Courtney was just your average drama kid trying to make it big and make her lofty dreams a reality. "I always have this he's-just-not-that-into-you thing about this business — I'm not going to bend over backward to try to get someone to love me. I can't really change myself to impress someone," Courtney divulged to Backstage magazine when asked about her approach to landing roles. It appears having that particular mentality not only worked for her professionally but personally as well. Well, at least when it comes to her hubby, Scott Kolanach. But just who is the lucky man who holds the keys to Courtney's heart? Let's get to it!

Stephanie Courtney and Scott Kolanach hail from the same hometown

Do all roads lead home? Maybe they do if you're Stephanie Courtney or her husband, Scott Kolanach. The story goes that the lucky-in-love couple both hail from the same hometown. Courtney has always read like an open book when it comes to her upbringing in Stony Point, New York, forever singing the town's praises. "Rockland County, Stony Point, the Hudson Valley has some of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen. Gorgeous," she once gushed to the Rockland County Times. "And full of very funny people. My mom tops that list," she added. Meanwhile, Kolanach's IMDb page notes that he also hails from Stony Point.

But that's not where the similarities end. As it turns out, Kolanach also works in a somewhat similar field, though he's more of a behind-the-scenes guy. According to his IMDb page, Kolanach is well known for his work as the director of lighting for the improvisational and sketch comedy troupe and school The Groundlings.

While not much is known about their first meeting or subsequent courtship, it's entirely possible that the pair either met in Stony Point or at The Groundlings. In 2015, Courtney divulged to Cosmopolitan how "blown away" she was by a performance she attended at the comedy school. According to Courtney, she signed up for classes the very next day. And maybe the rest is history? Perhaps the lighting or, better yet, the lighting director also had a little something-something to do with the stars in her eyes. The world may never know.

Scott Kolnach moonlights as his wife's social media manager

These days, however, aside from being the husband of "Flo from the Progressive commercials," it appears Scott Kolanach is happy to moonlight as his wife's informal social media manager of sorts. During a candid interview with the Daily Beast in 2010, Stephanie Courtney discussed a pregnancy rumor that began circulating after one of her famous commercials aired. "They put me in a very starched apron, and I'm a curvy lady, and, so, when the starched apron gets tied..." she recalled. According to Courtney, it was after that little fiasco that she made a conscious decision to remain "blissfully ignorant" of any information circulating about her online or in the world, for that matter. Fortunately, however, her husband, Kolanach, was happy to take the reigns. According to Courtney, Kolanach stays abreast of the various social media accounts on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook in her honor. In short, he keeps his ear low to the ground. 

Aside from that, however, he's also a dad to his and Courtney's shared son. It was noted by Insider that the couple tied the knot in November 2008, with Way adding that they welcomed their son five years later, though little is known about him.

In 2017, Kolanach was also spotted by TMZ serving as arm candy to Courtney during a casual stroll in Beverly Hills. While the TMZ reporter peppered Courtney with questions about not only Harrison Ford but the rapper Drake as well, Kolanach remained pleasantly mum and ever the gentleman as he escorted her down the busy sidewalk.