Who Is Alex Rodriguez's Fitness Influencer Girlfriend, Jaclyn Cordeiro?

If it feels like 2002 again, that's because Jennifer Lopez's love life has once again been front and center in the media. But around the same time she was breaking the Internet as the better half of Bennifer 2.0, her ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez made headlines of his own — first for his breakup with J.Lo and then for moving on with other women. After splitting from J.Lo, A.Rod dated model Kathryne Padgett circa June 2022. At the time, People reported that they were "casually dating" and the pair were just "having fun." By September, the summer of love was over. "They're good friends — they're just each single. They broke up, but they're super tight. It's all good," a source told People.

Page Six was the first to note when the star MLB player found love again with a fitness influencer named Jaclyn Cordeiro. Emphasis on the fitness part because it's apparently a big point of connection for the couple. "She may be as strict about her own regimen as he is," an insider dished to People. "Alex and Jaclyn are both fitness obsessed and into exercise and bodybuilding." While all we got from Page Six was that Rodriguez and Cordeiro were "enjoying spending time [together]," they are still a couple as of this writing. That likely says a lot about A.Rod's level of commitment to Cordeiro, so what do we really know about the woman who has (newly) captured his heart?

Jaclyn Cordeiro loves working out (just like A.Rod)

On Instagram, Jaclyn Cordeiro brands herself as an "online health & fitness lifestyle specialist." This is further backed up on her LinkedIn, where she writes that she is the "owner and CEO of JACFIT, a lifestyle transformation specialist and fitness expert." Does anyone else remember when Alex Rodriguez dated Cameron Diaz back in 2011, and she got super buff during the relationship? Based on his dating history, we're sensing a common theme here, namely that A.Rod has a type. A source said as much when Cordeiro and Rodriguez were first linked. "[Alex] would not date anyone for a few months or longer who was not into daily fitness. It is a major part of his life," they told People.

In addition to working at JACFIT, Cordeiro is a regular in fitness competitions. Per Oxygen, she competed in the Canadian Physique Alliance Figure category shortly after giving birth for the first time because (as she put it), "I figured there was no better way to get my 'pre-baby' body back." In 2021, Cordeiro took part in the Natural Toronto Pro Qualifier, placing first in both her categories.

As a fitness junkie, we're not surprised Cordeiro pays special attention to what she eats. Forget the steak — A.Rod's GF is on a strictly plant-based diet! "The benefits of how I felt were astounding: more energy, [ability] to maintain my ideal weight, quicker recovery time from training ... and the list goes on," she told Oxygen.

Fitness isn't all they have in common

While fitness may have been what initially connected Alex Rodriguez and Jaclyn Cordeiro, the two share other similarities. Like A.Rod, Jaclyn is a parent to two girls, Bella and Savannah Cordeiro, per Essentially Sports. In 2021, Jaclyn shared with Status Fitness Magazine that her "life's goal is to raise strong, independent, kind daughters." Of course, fitness plays a role in this. "We have conversations about all the aspects that go into fitness. We talk about the difference between being skinny and being strong and fit," Jaclyn explained to Oxygen. Her daughters also crop up regularly on Jaclyn's Instagram. "Being a parent isn't easy, but it is the most rewarding," the fitness guru captioned a video with one of her daughters, showing them bobbing their heads along to music as they hung out in the car parking lot.

When she's not parenting or prioritizing her fitness, Jaclyn enjoys many of the same things Rodriguez does. Before dating the New York Yankees icon, Jaclyn shared a picture of herself on Instagram decked out in Yankees gear. She also told Status Fitness Magazine that she likes to listen to Jay-Z while working out — and we imagine A.Rod does too, given his friendship with the rapper. Additionally, Jaclyn loves attending sports games. Earlier in 2023, she took in Super Bowl LVII with her BF, and she was spotted courtside at a Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game on a separate occasion.