Who Is Social Media Star Griffin Johnson's Girlfriend, Macy Broyles?

Griffin Johnson's girlfriend, Macy Broyles, seems to be his perfect match.

Johnson is one of the most popular Gen-Z content creators of the moment. Right now, Johnson is super close to reaching 10 million followers on his TikTok account alone, but his entire social media portfolio  — including Instagram — boasts millions of followers. Johnson got his start as a member of Sway House — a "TikTok house" that flaunted the affluent (and sometimes troubling) lifestyles of a group of California teenagers — per In The Know, but he has since diversified his content efforts.

During an interview with Forbes, Johnson briefly mentioned his former relationship with TikTok star, Dixie D'Amelio, and revealed that their messy past breakup inspired him to change lanes. Now, Johnson belongs to The Sway House, a TikTok investing initiative, which doles out financial advice to his young peers. "I don't think financial literacy is talked about enough in schools," said Johnson. So, I've made it my mission because I saw how many opportunities that I was missing out on, like Roth IRAs." 

Today, Johnson is in a relationship with TikTok star Macy Broyles. It's not exactly clear when Johnson started dating Broyles, but they definitely appear to be birds of a feather. And people have noticed! Back in March, during a completely unrelated post, one fan gushed about being able to keep up with Broyles through Johnson's Snapchat updates. But TikTok and Snapchat are aren't the only cool thing about Broyles. Here's everything we know about her.

Macy Broyles vlogs about her fab life

Although Macy Broyles has a long way to go before she catches up to Griffin Johnson's social media numbers, she also has her own impressive following. Her Instagram — which hasn't been updated since 2021 — has just under 28,000 followers. Meanwhile, On TikTok, Broyles has nearly 60,000 followers. Her content is made up of a variety of her interests, including a ton of self-care and nutrition tips, clothing hauls, beauty and style tutorials, and other trends.

Of course, Broyles often incorporates adorable content with her boyfriend, Griffin Johnson into her feed. Broyle's first ever TikTok, which was posted in 2019, was a short video of Johnson joking around on camera. Shortly after, Broyles followed up with a super sentimental TikTok where she expressed her desire for Johnson to return home from his travels, as "Crush" by singer Tessa Violet played in the background. "Idk about u but i'm ready for @imgriffinjohnson to come home," Broyles captioned the post. 

During a more recent TikTok of Broyles making tacos, Johnson made a cameo and added some light (and completely unrelated) commentary to the video. "I look like a stallion," he said as Broyles educated her followers on macros and protein content. Sometimes, Johnson simply plays the role of the supportive boyfriend, like in this one TikTok where Broyles flaunted her cute workout attire as he silently hyped her up. Broyles also hops over to Johnson's TikTok account as well. In late July, Johnson featured Broyles in a TikTok ad for his recent Hollister partnership.

Macy Broyle and Griffin Johnson both pursued science degrees

Griffin Johnson and Macy Broyles may both rake in big bucks, but they also both have big brains, which has allowed them to pursue a college education in similar fields. According to Broyles' Instagram, she graduated summa cum laude from Indiana State University in May 2021. Posed in her white graduation dress, with her gap and gown draped over her shoulder, Broyles downplayed her accomplishment in her caption. "Me still pretending this didn't happen," Broyles wrote, alongside a blue heart and a crying emoji. And though Broyles didn't disclose her discipline, she earned a biology degree, according to an Indiana State University newsletter. The title of her senior thesis was "Organic food versus conventional: Is there a measurable benefit?" It's unclear if Broyles is actively pursuing a career within the biology realm.

Johnson, who also attended Indiana State University, once considered a career in the scientific realm. According to In The Know, Johnson was at one time working on obtaining a nursing degree. The outlet linked to a December 2019 tweet where Johnson bemoaned his program's strict grading standards. "Keep in mind a 75% is an F in nursing," tweeted Johnson. Currently, it seems that Johnson is currently focusing on his many other income streams, however. With that said, Broyles managed to document a super important moment within Johnson's educational journey, as he flaunted his bright blue nursing scrubs. "Caught nurse boi in action," Broyles captioned the TikTok video, which has amassed over 670,000 views.