Vanderpump Rules: Who Is Tom Schwartz's Roommate Jo Wenberg?

Tom Sandoval seemed to take over when it came to Season 10 of "Vanderpump Rules," but amidst one of the biggest cheating scandals reality television has ever seen, there was another major shakeup in the famous group of friends. Season 10 of the reality show began with the shocking news that Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz had ended their marriage, as noted by Bravo. And while Schwartz had a makeout session with Raquel Leviss in Season 10, we know she wanted another Tom — Tom Sandoval, that is. While Schwartz's romance with Leviss may have been a fluke, many Bravo fans have been suspicious about his relationship with his roommate, Jo Wenberg.

Wenberg and Schwartz started raising fans' eyebrows after she appeared in one of the early episodes of Season 10. Schwartz revealed that he had moved into a new apartment following his split with Maloney. Although this must have been tough, Schwartz wasn't entirely alone throughout the transition. In one of the episodes, the reality star revealed that Wenberg had been crashing with him. At the time, Schwartz denied having a relationship with Wenberg, but it wouldn't be the first time he claimed he didn't hook up with someone when he actually did. With Wenberg's sudden involvement in the show and Schwartz, many Bravo fans have been dying to know more about the reality star's "roommate."

Tom Schwartz and Jo Wenberg had a fling

Will Jo Wenberg be a new member of the "Vanderpump Rules" cast? Maybe, if she keeps up her mysterious relationship with Tom Schwartz. When Wenberg appeared on Bravo fan's television screens in Season 10 of the reality show, many didn't believe that Schwartz could have a female roommate who he wasn't hooking up with.

Fellow cast member Scheana Shay visited Schwartz's new bachelor pad after his split from Katie Maloney. She and Bravo fans seemed to think it wasn't a bachelor pad after all. Schwartz revealed his friend, Wenberg, was his temporary roommate. The reality star quickly denied to Shay that the two were more than just friends, according to US Weekly. He shared, "[I haven't hooked up with Jo]. Not even a little bit. Not even a micro-moment. Jo's my girl." Although the reality star denied having a romance with Wenberg, fans weren't convinced, and they had a right to be suspicious.

At the Season 10 reunion, Schwartz revealed new details about his and Wenberg's relationship, Bravo notes. He shared, "It did evolve into a situationship, or like a friends-with-benefits thing with clearly defined boundaries. We were both coming out of long-term relationships, and for a minute there, we were each other's happy place." While it may not have been a full-blown relationship, Schwartz and Wenberg took their friendship to a new level.

Jo Wenberg is a hairstylist

Jo Wenberg isn't just Tom Schwartz's roommate turned friend with benefits — although that's how many "Vanderpump Rules" fans may know her as — she's actually a hairstylist. According to US Weekly, Wenberg wrote on her since-deactivated website that she got into the hair styling industry when she was just a teen cutting people's hair in her garage. After she graduated from a beauty school, Wenberg moved to Los Angeles to make her dreams come true. LA, however, became a harsh reality for the aspiring hair stylist. For two years, she struggled to catch her big break in the industry. Wenberg never cut her dreams short, and it's a good thing she didn't. She has gone on to work for several celebrities, and she ended up working on the "Vanderpump Rules" cast in 2015.

Throughout the years, Wenberg and Schwartz became great friends, and the reality star has even let her mess with his luscious locks. In August 2023, the bar owner debuted a shocking new look as he went from his usual wavy brown hair to a platinum blonde look. Schwartz shared a photo of his locks on Instagram and made sure to shout out Wenberg, who goes by "jomygosh" on Instagram. He wrote, "Hit me with the Draco Malfoy. thank you for the new do @jomygosh @lenalemonada @hairboss_professional come check out their spot..." From being a hair client to roommates to friends with benefits, Schwartz and Wenberg's relationship is interesting, to say the least.