Who Is Aaron Rodgers' Rumored Girlfriend Mallory Edens?

Actors and models and racecar drivers, oh my! NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been linked to a bevy of beauties over the years, including actors Shailene Woodley, Jessica Szohr, Olivia Munn, model Kelly Rohrbach, and, yes, even retired NASCAR driver Danica Patrick. Through it all, Rodgers has never shied away from his pursuit of finding the perfect football-personal life balance. "There's life after football, and there's life outside of football even during the season," Rodgers declared during an appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show" back in November 2022. "It's important to keep that balance... You're all about finding ways to tweak little things, to improve, and to be more efficient, but you're also a person. You have a life."

Perhaps, however, he's finally been able to find a way to marry (no pun intended) his love of sports with his love life: Enter billionaire Milwaukee Bucks heiress Mallory Edens, the new woman rumored to be Rodger's current girlfriend. So, who is this new mystery lady, and how did she connect with Rodgers? Here's what we know.

Aaron Rodgers and Mallory Edens' father are business partners and pals

The story goes that famous footballer Aaron Rodgers was first spotted getting friendly with 26-year-old Mallory Edens in January 2023 while attending — you guessed it — a Milwaukee Bucks game together. Go Bucks! Shortly after, an insider confirmed to People that Rodgers and Mallory were "more than friends" but insisted that it was "casual." 

While it remains unclear just how serious the couple is — one thing is for sure: The two go way back. Just like Mallory's' billionaire father, Wes Edens, Rodgers also owns a stake in the Milwaukee Bucks. (It should be noted, however, that Rodgers' meager stake — like, we're talking 1% — pales in comparison to that of Wes). In fact, it just so happens that Rodgers was sitting right next to Mallory in 2019 when she went viral for trolling rapper and Toronto Raptors global ambassador Drake by wearing a Pusha-T shirt at a basketball game between the rival teams. "He sits next to us at so many games, so like... he and my dad are friends," she explained to ESPN's "Now or Never" hosts about the curious seating arrangement. 

But while we're at it, let's clarify one thing: Mallory can do bad all by herself. She doesn't need Rodgers or her affluent dad by her side.

Mallory Edens has an impressive resume

As it turns out, Mallory Edens' resume is nothing to sneeze at. The former college track and field athlete and Princeton graduate works as a signed model, writer, activist, and movie producer. A jack of all trades! But don't just take our word for it. In 2017, Edens penned an article for Time wherein she explored how sports marketing tends to pigeonhole all women into one category, one that often includes pink jerseys. According to Edens, the issue is not with the color itself but rather "a symptom of a larger problem: our narrow view of what we expect from girls who are interested in sports." 

Rest assured, however, Edens didn't stop there. In June, Edens took to her Instagram account to announce that her very own production company, Little Ray Media, had just wrapped filming on "BAD GENIUS," an English version of the Thai thriller film. "I'm so grateful to all of the incredibly kind and hardworking humans who worked on this movie, excited for people to see what we made here, and proud of the tiny text on that cover page that reads 'produced by: @littleraymedia,'" she gushed in the revelatory post.

Perhaps the question isn't "Who is Mallory Edens to Aaron Rodgers," but "Can Aaron Rodgers keep up with Mallory Edens?" TBD, we suppose.