New Details From Delphi Murder Case Are More Disturbing Than We Could've Imagined

The following article includes descriptions of murder.

Since 2017, the Delphi murder case has gripped the true crime nation and continues to do so as new details emerge. In 2017, two teenage girls, Liberty German and Abigail Williams, were hiking in Delphi, Indiana when they suddenly disappeared, per NBC Chicago. A day after they went missing, their bodies were found not far from where they started their hike. However, authorities still searched for the individual who played a role in their deaths.

In February 2017, authorities released two details regarding the potential suspect, per NBC Chicago. A photo taken from Libby's phone and an audio from what authorities believe was an interaction between the two girls and the suspect was released. The infamous words "down the hill" were pulled from the audio in hopes someone would recognize the voice. Unfortunately, even with all the evidence, the case went cold for years.

Still, Libby's sister, Kelsi German, never gave up hope of finding the person who killed her sister and her friend. In February 2022, she told WTHR, "When I'm feeling frustrated, when I feel like no answers are coming and I'm feeling dejected, I say that. I say, 'Today is the day. It's coming and it'll get here. We're going to have answers' and just reaffirm myself..." Kelsi's hope came true in October 2022 after Richard Allen was arrested and charged with the murder of Libby and Wliliams, per NBC Chicago. While the case seemed shut, new details have brought the Delphi case back to the spotlight.

Richard Allen's attorneys suggest Delphi murders were part of a ritual

The Delphi murder case had so many twists and turns, but new details have made this case even more confusing. In October 2022, Richard Allen was arrested and charged with murdering Liberty German and Abigail Williams, per NBC Chicago. As his attorneys prepare for the upcoming trial, they have released new documents suggesting that the two teenage girls were murdered by a white nationalist group called the Odinists, per NBC News.

In a filing obtained by NBC News, Allen's attorney said, "Members of a pagan Norse religion, called Odinism, hijacked by white nationalists, ritualistically sacrificed Abigail Williams and Liberty German. Absolutely nothing links Richard Allen to Odinism or any religious cult." The filing claims that at the crime scene, there were several "ritualist symbols," but investigators did not move forward with the idea that German and William's death was part of a ritual. WLFI-TV reports that in the documents, Allen's attorney claims four other potential suspects could have been involved in the murder, but officials did not look into them despite some of them having a connection with Odinism.

This bombshell filing has thrown a wrench into a case that many people thought was closed shut. Although Allen pleaded not guilty, prosecutors allege he has confessed to the killings on multiple occasions, per ABC News. However, this new filing has raised more questions about the Delphi murder case, as Allen's trial is set for January 2024.