Here's Who Hallmark Star Clare Bowen Is Married To In Real Life

Clare Bowen is skilled at playing someone's love interest in her Hallmark projects, but in real life, there is only one man for her. In 2017, the "#Xmas" actor married her longtime boyfriend, Brandon Robert Young, in a dreamy wedding ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee, per People. Young had popped the question in 2015, but when Bowen's brother got sick, they held off on wedding planning, per ET. Once he went into remission, it was a race to the altar as the couple were head over heels for one another.

Marriage had never been considered to Bowen until she met Young, per ET. She shared, "I had never wanted to get married before Brandon, which I kind of love. We're picking flowers and I'm designing dresses ... It's so beautiful. It's so much fun. I had no idea because I didn't have any dreams about it before him."

The couple's love still holds strong, and in October 2022, they celebrated their fifth anniversary. Bowen took to Instagram to share a photo of the two and revealed the plans they had for their special day. She shared, "How To Anniversary by Brandon and Clare. Go to gigantic Christmas shindig at @radiocitymusichall, NYC. Walk carpet. Get mouthful of fake snow. Make excellent friends ... Here's to the next five years, beautiful @brandonrobertyoung.. sometimes I still can't believe you're mine." Cue the collective "aww!" Don't worry, Hallmark and Bowen fans, that's not all we dug up on the actor's beau as we deep-dive into who Young is.

Brandon Robert Young is a musician

Grab your headphones and get ready to dive into the world of Brandon Robert Young, through music at least. That's right, Young is a musician and has been for years. According to Spotify, in 2000, the "Helpless" singer moved to Nashville to pursue his dreams in music. For years, he was a struggling musician but continued to push for what he wanted most. He shared, "Patience is one of the greatest lessons I've learned on this path. Creativity, and saying what you wanna say exactly how you wanna say it, takes time. You rarely get it right on the first try. You gotta want it, be willing to wait for it, and you gotta work for it."

In 2012, Young released his first EP titled, "Rosebuds & White Doves," per Spotify. The six-track EP was just a teaser as to what would come in his career. In 2019, he released a self-titled EP and has continued to drop new singles throughout his musical journey. If he's not working on new music, Young is taking his talent on the road. The singer has brought his music to Australia, Dublin, and many more places. And he hasn't been taking on these exciting ventures on his own. Young has actually joined forces with his wife to not only create music but share it with others.

Brandon Robert Young and Clare Bowen collaborated

Clare Bowen and Brandon Robert Young are in harmony, not just as life partners but as musical partners. In fact, their relationship was sparked by their love of music. Bowen explained on the "Pat's Soundbytes Unplugged" podcast how years ago, she performed with a live band for the first time, and Young happened to be in that band. She shared, "...We kept in touch via text and eventually started writing together about three months later when he got back, and we tried really hard not to fall in love, but it didn't work." The couple became a full-blown musical act called Bowen Young. Since 2021, the pair has released several singles, and it's only a matter of time before fans get an entire album.

In the meantime, followers of Bowen Young can listen to singles like "Dangerously In Love," which is inspired by their love story. After a home invasion, the couple realized how easy it could be to lose the one you love and wrote about it in the song. The Hallmark star expressed to the "Bringin' It Backward" podcast how much the song meant to her and her husband, she said, "Each time we play it we love each other a little bit more. This event was just one part of our story, but it affected us deeply." Bowen and Young's love is in the music they write, and we can only imagine the music will continue to get better.