An Inside Look At Lachlan Murdoch's Wildly Lavish Life

The Murdoch name holds some serious power. Rupert Murdoch created the entertainment giant Fox and News Corp. and with that comes a lot of wealth, and he hasn't been shy in sharing it with his six children. In particular, his eldest son, Lachlan Murdoch, knows a thing or two about spending his and his family's money, as he lives an extravagant life.

Lachlan grew up followingin his father's footsteps, ready to become a businessman. By 1997, Lachlan was the deputy chief operating officer at News Corp., per Business Insider. Although he left the family business in 2005, he later returned to the entertainment giant. In 2014, he took on the role of executive co-chairman of 21st Century Fox and News Corp. After Disney acquired 21st Century Fox in 2019 for a $71.3 billion payout, Lachlan took on a new position, becoming the chief executive of Fox Corp. Amid the Disney deal, Rupert acquired $12 billion, and gave his children $2 million each!

Lachlan is rolling in dough — from his jobs to the money he's received from his father. Although it's unclear how much the businessman is worth, his reported total compensation for 2022 was $21.7 million, per Business Insider. And that number is sure to climb! In what seemed like a real-life episode of HBO's "Succession," Lachlan was named his father's successor. Lachlan's bringing home the big bucks, and he spends it like no other!

Lachlan Murdoch has multiple home sweet homes

For Lachlan Murdoch, the saying "home sweet home" should be plural. With how wealthy he is, it's no surprise the businessman loves splurging on a nice residence. In 2017, Murdoch purchased a winter wonderland in Aspen, Colorado, per Mansion Global. With more than 13,000 square-feet, six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a guest house, there's truly no reason to leave! It comes complete with a home theater, gym, and for wine lovers, a full cellar. All these amenities didn't come cheap, either. According to the outlet, Murdoch paid $29 million for the estate. But he must have felt he was getting a good deal because the listing price was originally $44 million.

While his Colorado home sounds incredible, it's not the only property the businessman owns. In 2019, Murdoch set a new record for the "largest residential real estate transaction in California history," per Los Angeles Magazine. The chairman purchased $150 million worth of real estate! His purchase included the French-style home featured in the sitcom "The Beverly Hillbillies," formally known as the Chartwell estate, along with the home of late President Ronald Reagan. The Chartwell estate offers 11 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, per CNBC. The 25,000-square-foot home has a 40-car parking garage, beautiful gardens and secret tunnels. With all these extravagant homes, Murdoch and his family will never find themselves without shelter!

Lachlan Murdoch is a yacht enthusiast

They say work hard, play hard, and Lachlan Murdoch definitely fits this to a tee. While he is all about his and his family's business, he also likes spending money on some lavish objects. One thing the businessman is into is yachts and they cost a pretty penny. According to the Daily Mail, Murdoch has long been a part of the boating world and is a yacht enthusiast. In 2022, he made a $30 million superyacht purchase! At 42 meters, the yacht can host up to nine guests in 5 different cabins. Complete with a dining space and lounge area on the top deck. This $30 million purchase is a mere fraction of the $150 million yacht the businessman purchased in 2019.

Details about building the $150 million superyacht remained under wraps for years. However, Superyacht Times shared a rare glimpse into Murdoch's purchase in 2023. The boat, called Sarissa, is nearly 60 meters long and fits up to 12 guests, as well as 12 cabin members! The top of the boat has classic wooden flooring with sleek black furniture, perfect for entertaining guests. But the businessman has yet to set sail on the superyacht as it is still being built, per the Daily Mail. However, Murdoch clearly doesn't mind waiting for perfection, especially if it's costing him $150 million!