Did NFL Star Braxton Berrios Cheat On His Girlfriend With Alix Earle?

NFL player Braxton Berrios had a relationship with Sophia Culpo that came to an end in March after two years. Culpo announced the breakup in a TikTok where she discussed having to move because the relationship was over. Later, she claimed the relationship ended because Berrios cheated on her with influencer Alix Earle.

A month after announcing the split, Culpo spilled serious tea about her former relationship when fans asked about the breakup during an Instagram Q&A. "I'll say that it didn't end well or honestly. A lot of trust was broken," she wrote in April, via the New York Post. Culpo declined to divulge the "dirty details" at the time, but she would at a later date. A couple of months later, Berrios was romantically linked to Earle, and Culpo took the opportunity to seemingly throw shade at her ex. "Give it a few but call me when the love bombing ends," Culpo wrote in a quickly deleted TikTok that was posted June 27, 2023, via People.

The posts from his ex-girlfriend did not go unnoticed by Berrios, who went on the defensive immediately. "It was a good relationship, it was a healthy one," the Miami Dolphins receiver wrote on his Instagram Stories on June 27, via E! News. While Berrios did not mention Culpo by name, he said their relationship came to an amicable end. "It had nothing to do with anybody else for that matter," he added. However, Culpo was not done with her Berrios cheating claims.

Sophia Culpo had someone keeping tabs on Braxton Berrios

Sophia Culpo wasted little time after Braxton Berrios defended himself against her claims that he cheated, giving fans more information about the apparent indiscretions. "The real timeline. We broke up after the Drake concert Super Bowl weekend [in February] where he was seen making out with another girl," Culpo wrote in a since-deleted TikTok on June 28, 2023, via Us Weekly.

Later, Culpo explained on an episode of the "Barely Filtered" podcast — which aired on Sept. 20, 2023 — how she apparently found out that Berrios had been unfaithful. During his time with the New York Jets, Culpo had an insider keeping tabs on her then-boyfriend, who said that Berrios had been unfaithful. "I got confirmation that this wasn't the first girl also," she said on the podcast, via the New York Post

Plus, Culpo apparently found out about Berrios locking lips with influencer Alix Earle at the Super Bowl from her sister, Olivia Culpo (who is engaged to another NFL player, Christian McCaffrey). "[Olivia] calls me and she's like 'I'm so sorry I want you to hear this from me, he's cheating on you," Sophia said.

Apparently, Sophia's beef was not with Earle and only with her ex-boyfriend. She even reached out to the TikTok star. "You don't owe me anything; he was the only person that had loyalty to me," Sophia recalled telling Earle on the "Barely Filtered" podcast, via E! News. Meanwhile, Earle has maintained that she never hooked up with Berrios while he was still with Sophia.

Braxton Berrios and Alix Earle kept things casual

Braxton Berrios and Alix Earle made their red carpet debut together in July at the 2023 ESPY Awards. Even though the two seemed to be spending a lot of time together — as Berrios was spotted hanging out with Earle's friends a couple of months earlier — the pair were not officially coupled up. "Despite the fact they went to a red carpet together and maybe in traditional Hollywood terms, that could be interpreted as 'a hard launch' of a relationship, that's not what it was at all," a source told People in July. "Both have continued to keep things casual and have fun with each other."

Although Earle and the Miami Dolphins player were only casually dating, the TikTok star wanted to make it clear that she never crossed the line and dated Berrios while he was still with Sophia Culpo. "I spent my childhood basically thinking that this is the worst thing you could do to another human, so why the f*** would I do that?" Earle said on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast on Sept. 20, 2023, via Us Weekly. Despite Culpo's claims, Earle was adamant there was no overlap between the two dating Berrios. In fact, the TikToker said she had grilled and asked for "receipts" to prove he and Culpo were through when they started dating. "I was like there's just no f***ing way this happened. I was checking everything," Earle said on the podcast.