Inside Sophia Culpo And Braxton Berrios' Relationship

Model and influencer Sophia Culpo and New York Jets wide receiver Braxton Berrios met through fate and they have been going strong ever since. As reported by the New York Post in January 2022, Sophia was asked during an Instagram Q&A how she and her significant other first encountered each other. The celeb then explained that she and Berrios had "a lot of random run-ins" prior to properly meeting. 

One of these was at the 2018 bachelorette party of Sophia's sister, Aurora Culpo, where Berrios was a guest. "Random photo from 2018 at Aurora's bachelorette," Sophia wrote alongside a photo that showed herself posing next to guests like her sisters, Aurora and model Olivia Culpo. In the background, Berrios can be seen sitting at a dining table for the gathering. Eventually, a romance started up between the two, which was made public over Valentine's Day weekend in 2021, per TMZ. The duo has openly shared how their romance has only been thriving in time.

Sophia Culpo and Braxton Berrios have each other's backs

Celeb couple Sophia Culpo and Braxton Berrios are two love birds who are in a supportive relationship. In February 2021, TMZ reported that Culpo had shown followers on social media a video clip of her and Berrios working out together at the gym. Culpo explained that she was joined by Berrios for a workout after having taken a break from the gym during the previous year. "Today felt GOOD. Thanks for getting me back at it," Culpo wrote before tagging the Instagram accounts of Berrios and physical therapist Dr. Kyle Krupa.

Culpo explained to E! Insider in November 2021 that Berrios had taken the time to teach her all about football, which is a subject she wasn't previously familiar with. "That is another component to Braxton. He's a great teacher and has a lot of patience because I knew nothing about football before meeting him," Culpo said. Since discovering more about the sport, Culpo stated that she finds it "very fun" and "love[s] going to [Berrios'] games." In January 2022, Culpo showed encouragement toward Berrios on social media when the Jets player scored two touchdowns against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as reported by the New York Post. On one Instagram Story post, Culpo wrote, "@braxtonberrios so proud of you ... And anotha one," and in another she referred to her beau as "twinkle toes." Culpo and Berrios have also made certain to set aside quality time for their loved ones.

Sophia Culpo and Braxton Berrios value family

In addition to growing together as a couple, Sophia Culpo and Braxton Berrios have also dedicated time to sharing memories with family. Sophia and Berrios have even gone on vacation with Sophia's sister, Olivia Culpo, and her significant other, San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey. In June 2021, Olivia documented the occasion by posting photos on Instagram from the beachy getaway, which she dubbed "baecation."

Furthermore, in November 2022 E! News chatted with Sophia and her sisters Olivia and Aurora Culpo about their new TLC reality series, "The Culpo Sisters." Sophia explained that Berrios had been filmed for her family's show, during which a special moment of his life was documented. "I don't want to give too much away, but I am so happy that we were able to capture this specific day for [Berrios]," Sophia said. "I know he was super nervous for the day, let alone having it filmed. But now we will have those memories forever. I'm so happy that we did it." In an October 7 social media post, Sophia wished Berrios a happy birthday, calling him "the most thoughtful, caring, and hard working person [she] know[s]." Berrios offered a sweet response, writing, " ... I've enjoyed every moment, every lesson, and every laugh we've been lucky enough to share together this last year and a half." Congrats to the happy couple on reaching this relationship milestone!