Who Is Lili Reinhart's Boyfriend, Jack Martin?

Lili Reinhart caused a buzz when she was seen kissing Jack Martin outside the Los Angeles airport in early April. As Page Six reported, the two were locked in a tight embrace, as they shared a smooch before the "Riverdale" star caught her flight. According to the pics, they didn't seem like they were hiding their new relationship status, but at the time, neither Reinhart nor Martin confirmed they were dating.

Fast forward to July, Martin made his relationship with Reinhart Instagram official when he posted a series of pics that included shots of the two traveling together. "Unbelievable, even egregious amounts of Smiling and Chilling," he captioned the post. The following month, the "Hustlers" actor gave Martin a 25th birthday shoutout in her Instagram Stories, per People. "It's my cowboy's birthday," she wrote on one pic. In another shot, she and Martin can be seen enjoying breakfast. She wrote, "I'd split a pain au chocolat with you any day." In the final Story, the couple were gazing at each other. "I'm so grateful for the light you've brought into my life," she said. If that's not a declaration of love, we don't know what is! Here's everything you need to know about the one who stole Reinhart's heart.

Jack Martin is a fellow actor

Jack Martin got his start in the acting world with a small role in "All Rise" in 2020, but it was not until he got cast in the hit NBC television series "La Brea" as Josh Harris that he became a well-known star. "I've always been a fan of action and sci-fi — I loved 'Heroes,' 'Lost,' and 'The Walking Dead,' to name a few, and this show combines elements of all of those ... Working on the show itself blew me away," he told Bello.

According to his website, Martin's love of acting started in the fifth grade. He later studied the craft at the USC School of Cinematic Arts and Tisch School of Arts at New York University. He also graduated from Georgetown University in 2019 and not long after, he booked "La Brea." The actor told The Book Of, "This has all happened so fast. Literally, my entire acting career and anything connected to it happened during COVID. I graduated college December 2019, I was class 2020. I graduated early. And then all of a sudden, my TikTok account blew up, and then I moved to LA and then I got signed by an agent." 

Besides his acting career, Martin displays his comedic side in his TikTok videos and has amassed quite a big following.

Jack Martin is a jokester on TikTok

Jack Martin wasn't always a fan of TikTok. He told The Book Of that he was "elitist" about the social media app but eventually broke down and downloaded it. "I had this moment that I remember so well, where I suddenly realized I was like, oh my God, this is just a platform where I can make anything," he recalled. In addition to giving hilarious dating advice, he also appeared on PlanBri Uncut's TikTok to make fun of Cole Sprouse's interview on "Call Her Daddy." Jokingly referred to as the "third Sprouse" brother, Martin pretended to chain-smoke cigarettes and give senseless answers to questions. "Who's your favorite influencer?" one of the hosts asked. Martin paused for a while and answered, "Socrates."

Before his internet fame, Martin was like any struggling actor. "I was fully living on my sister's couch in Brooklyn doing open casting calls," he told Hollywire. "It just forced me to really dig deep and think about what I could do to move things forward," he added. His hard work paid off and Martin seems to be moving his career forward. Early in September, he and Lili Reinhart appeared at the Venice International Film Festival together where they rubbed shoulders with "Euphoria" star Sydney Sweeney and her fiancé Jonathon Davino, per People. Martin shared a pic of him in Italy with Reinhart and joked, "Going to say Grazie as soon as I learn how to pronounce it."