Here's Who Hallmark Star Corey Cott Is Married To In Real Life

Hallmark star Corey Cott certainly knows a thing or two about romance. The actor, who was tapped for the lead role of Jack Kelly in the Broadway musical "Newsies" straight out of college, pulled out all the stops when he asked Meghan Woollard to be his wife. The two had met in 2010, and he decided to take the next step two years into their relationship. He popped the question during the final voice lab of the year, in front of his parents and fellow Carnegie Mellon classmates.

It was customary for musical theater major students to sing a song of their own preference for the last showcase of the year. Waiting to go last, Cott then sang Josh Groban's "When You Say You Love Me" while looking into Woollard's eyes, albeit across six rows of spectators. "Honestly, I didn't sing it, I cried it... At the end of the song, I got down and proposed," he told Paul Wontorek during a Broadway Show People interview. The Carnegie Mellon University school magazine reports that the moment was too great for his classmates and the final-year drama students went out of their minds. Fighting back tears, Cott yelled, "I have to say the words first ... Will you marry me?"  Cott told Paul Wontorek, "It was dramatic but it was amazing. It was one of the coolest things ever." The couple tied the knot on January 5, 2013, mere months after his proposal and 2012 graduation. In Cott's own words, "#ShePutARingOnIt."

Corey Cott and Meghan Woollard followed different career paths

Meghan Woollard Cott was born in October 1987 and is three years older than her husband Corey Cott. In an interview with Broadway Buzz, Corey teased, "When I think about it, I feel like kind of a stud." Meghan also has close ties to her family of origin, in particular, with her brother. Like Corey, her brother is also a performer of sorts. The "Making Waves" actor is not the only singer in the family as Meghan's brother, Travis Woollard, is also a talented musician and works as a worship minister in Jacksonville, Florida. 

In contrast, Meghan's career is about as far removed from the stage as possible. She graduated from West Virginia University in 2009 and worked in computer software. He told the outlet, "She's not an actress, which is my favorite part about our relationship ... I can just come home and hang out and we don't have to talk about acting. As much as I love the business, it's nice to let that be where it is during the day and then be normal people with each other." It makes sense considering that Corey's younger brother, "Riverdale" star Casey Cott, is also an actor and even expected his brother to take on the role of officiating his wedding ceremony. Casey stated to Us Weekly, "He's going to marry us, which is really cool... [A]nd we figured that'd be a good role for him... So we cast him."

Corey Cott and Meghan Woollard have this in common

Meghan Cott and Corey Cott have three sons — Elliott, Nolan, and Asher. Upon the birth of his first son, Corey gushed, per Broadway, "He's the most beautiful thing we have ever seen and we can't believe we are parents." When Meghan was expecting Asher, he took to Instagram and encouraged his followers to send good vibes as she was past her due date. "SHE IS UNCOMFORTABLE AND ALL I CAN DO IS YELL "COME OUT SOON" AT HER WOMB... P.S. How gorgeous is she pregnant? Man I'm a lucky guy," he wrote and attached a pic of his heavily pregnant wife. When Ashton was born in 2021, Corey wrote (via Broadway), " Our third rodeo and the miracle of life never ceases to amaze ... My wife is a gorgeous saint." Heard it from the source. Apparently, Meghan and Corey had an early start to their 2022 Christmas celebrations and got up at 3:30 AM for the sake of their kids. A day in the life as St. Cott sounds rough.

Meghan also sings, albeit not professionally. In fact, she and Corey met while they were singing at a church event together. He told Broadway, "Church is an important part of our lives... It's nice to have a community of people who do what you do and have similar beliefs." It seems as if family, singing, and their faith define the Cotts, and it's definitely working for them.