Ready To Feel Old? These Celebs Are Now Over 50

Age can be just a number for anyone who chooses to ignore the date on their driver's licenses, but that phrase rings especially true when we're talking about famous faces in Hollywood. The beautiful people of show business just don't seem to grow old at the same rate as everyone outside the fishbowl of fame. Whether that apparent eternal youth is owed to some serious plastic surgery investments, a cabinet full of fancy skincare products and makeup lines, or just good genes, there are a lot of celebrities whose true ages don't quite match their magnificent visage.

As hard as it may be to believe, these celebrities have already surpassed their big 50th birthdays. Considering how kindly they've been treated by time, you would be forgiven for not realizing that these stars have already crested the half-century mark and still look (and seem to feel) absolutely fabulous. Ready to feel old? 

It's a great time to be Nicole Kidman

With more than three decades of work under her belt, Nicole Kidman shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the Oscar-winning actress only seems to be getting better with time, continuing to line that trophy shelf with shiny new prizes. In 2017, Kidman collected a Golden Globe and an Emmy for her work in HBO's book-to-screen drama Big Little Lies. Keep in mind, this Aussie was in her early twenties when she hit the big time in the early '90s with movies such as Days of Thunder. She turned the big 5-0- in 2017 and turned in some of her best work.

Kidman talked about that milestone moment with Stellar Magazine (via Yahoo). "I'm just really going, 'OK, this is my life,' and I'm very, very happy to be 50." Her life is clearly flourishing both personall and professionally, so it's really no wonder she's able to embrace the number of candles on her birthday cake. It's a great time to be Nicole Kidman.

Kathy Griffin is proud of those candles

Comedian and actress Kathy Griffin is feeling pretty happy with herself these days, and for good reason. Ahead of a 2018 appearance at a GQ magazine event, she posted a behind-the-scenes picture of herself looking slick in a sequined little black dress. "I'm 50 f**ing 8 and d*** proud of it!!!" she boasted. Indeed, Griffin's fifties have seen her return from "life on the D-list" in a very big way — including overcoming what could have been a career-ending political controversy.

In 2017, she made headlines (emphasis on head) for posing with a decapitated Donald Trump dummy covered in ketchup. Griffin was fired immediately from her New Year's Eve hosting gig with CNN and lost some key celebrity friendships as a result of the bad buzz. After initially apologizing for the incident, she later rescinded her apology, telling The View, "I am not holding back on this family. This president is different, and I have been through the mill, and so now I'm back on the road." Her subsequent comeback tour, Laugh Your Head Off, was a resounding success, proving that all that attention really did pay off, and she's definitely still got it.

Ellen Degeneres shares her birthday wish

Turning 60 was a pretty frightening concept for talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. "I'm shocked that I'm turning 60 because it just sounds horrible. I mean, it really does," she told Hoda Kotb on the Today show. Frightening as it may be, DeGeneres celebrated the big occasion on-air with wife Portia de Rossi in early 2018, sharing her big birthday wish with her adoring fans. "While I usually wish for an iPad or a Tesla, today I have a different wish," she told the live audience of her show. "I wish for all of you to be kind to one another. I say that every single day, but I think we need that now more than ever. I have been alive for 60 years which have been filled with all kinds of emotions."

DeGeneres continued: "I had a really tough time and it was really difficult when I had to hide who I truly was." She reminded fans of her days in the entertainment industry before she famously revealed that she was gay. "I have been very, very fortunate in my life. It hasn't always been easy, but that's what makes this moment in particular even sweeter." The Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient has a lot to be proud of, so it was a touching moment to witness her sharing some of the wisdom and self-possession she's earned over her six decades of life.

Julianne Moore: 'Don't wish your life away'

Like many of her peers here, Julianne Moore has also tried not to put too much stock into the numerical value of her age. She told The Telegraph that part of her inspiration for trying to be happy with whatever age she is stemmed from the unexpected loss of her mother. "She died at 68," the actress said. "The thing about having a very young mother who had you at 20 is that you expect that you're going to be old ladies together. I've learnt that you have to appreciate every minute. Don't wish your life away. Be present."

For the Oscar-winner, who turned 58 in 2018, there's also a practical rationale for not getting too hung up on her age. "If you're 50 you're never going to be 50 ever again so enjoy being 50," she told the publication. "If you sit through the year wishing you were younger, before you know it it's going to be over and you're going to be 51." Too true, Julianne Moore. Too true.

Mary-Louise Parker dials down the negativity

Thanks to her milky skin tone and full, luscious locks, Mary-Louise Parker still doesn't look like she's anywhere north of 40, but the actress actually turned 50 back in 2014. The actress has admitted that she's been tempted to put herself down, but she wrote an op-ed in Harper's Bazaar explaining why she refuses to do so out loud anymore, opting to embrace her age instead.

Parker wrote that she was surprised to find herself "feeling more attractive in [her] mid and late forties." She said she also realized she needed to dial down any negative self-assessments for the sake of her daughter's self-esteem development. To celebrate her fiftieth birthday, Parker opted for a celebratory getaway with some pals. "We hiked and did yoga, got henna tattoos and ate candy. We had massages. We swam in the pool with our kids and when they went to sleep we drank from coconuts with fans sticking out and danced and karaoke-d so loud and for so long that the police showed up," she said. "I wasn't worried though, because I had all the confidence that comes with being half a century ... I am glad to be here instead of somewhere whining about how I was more sparkly last year."

Brad Pitt has 'no complaints'

When Brad Pitt turned 50 in 2013, he was riding a solid high on the fame front, collecting his first Academy Award for his work as a producer on 12 Years a Slave and owning the box office with his zombie action flick World War Z. His nominations for his work in Moneyball were also still fresh at the time, so it's hardly any wonder the actor was feeling pretty good about himself when he reached the big five-oh mark.

Before that momentous birthday, Pitt talked about maturing with Ann Curry on the Today show. "I haven't minded [aging] a bit. I have no complaints," he said. Although, he later admitted that the years were "catching up" with him in 2015. What's his secret to maintaining such a youthful vigor? According to Pitt: "Health, everything in moderation and a lot of love." 'Nuff said.

Tom Cruise and the birthday protocol

Although he's never been hurting for work, Tom Cruise's career seemed to really enjoy a second wind right around the time he turned 50 in 2012. That was when he kicked off the Jack Reacher film franchise, resurrected the dormant Mission Impossible movies with the fourth installment, Ghost Protocol, and put out more cerebral (but still crowd pleasing) sci-fi fare such as Edge of Tomorrow. He's one of the few true action stars left in the game and doesn't seem to be letting his accelerating age get in the way of his work one bit.

"It's great to be 50," Cruise told German press (via People) after the big birthday. "I enjoy it." To celebrate the occasion, Cruise revealed that life imitated art a bit: He was given a sleek new motorcycle by the studio and Director Joe Kosinski while filming Oblivion. Despite his tooth length and level of experience in the business, Cruise also said that he's an eternal student of entertainment. "That's what drives me, that I constantly learn something," he said. 

Turning 50 is all in a day's work for Robert Downey Jr.

Another actor who has enjoyed something of a career revival in mid-life is Robert Downey Jr., who was already 43 when he stepped into the title superhero role of 2008's Iron Man. In addition to helping launch the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that gig marked a distinct resurgence in his own fame. When he turned 50 in 2015, Downey was still riding that sustained wave of success, celebrating the occasion with a star-studded birthday bash that was crashed by the one and only Stan Lee. Otherwise, though, the actor said he just kind of plowed through the occasion like it was any other day.

"It just kind of blew by because honestly I was starting to think about starting to do the promotion and the premiere [of Avengers: Age of Ultron] and starting [Captain America] Civil War, so the timing was great," he told the Daily Mail. "I was a little bit more reflective and really just grateful and got to be around my loved ones and friends and co-workers." Downey's solid commitment to his craft has clearly done him wonders in more ways than one.

Will Smith gets jiggy with the big five-oh

Turning 50 won't stop Will Smith from doing death-defying stunts. The actor even rang in the half-century mark with a bungee jump heard 'round the world. In September 2018, Smith spent his big birthday getting an entirely different kind of airtime than he'd been used to over the course of his still-roaring career in film and television. The actor shared a live-streamed YouTube video bungee jumping from a helicopter that was hovering over the Grand Canyon. That footage garnered millions of views in a matter of days.

Despite the fact that it was his birthday, Smith was actually doing the stunt to benefit others. He partnered with Yes Theory to create the event and raised funds for Global Citizen by auctioning off access to witness his bold feat. Smith clearly seemed to get some personal satisfaction out of the moment. He said that bird's-eye view "is some of the most beautiful stuff I've ever seen in my life."

Halle Berry has a lot to say...and show

She may have turned 50 in 2016, but Halle Berry is still one of the most agelessly beautiful actresses in all of Hollywood, and she seems to know it, too. The actress isn't shy about sharing Instagram images of her incredible figure, and she embraced the big 5-0 with a very revealing shot of the birthday girl offering "open arms" to her new digits. She told USA Today that stripping down to nearly her birthday suit was the best way she could think of to showcase her philosophy on aging. 

"I said 'What do I want to say about my 50th birthday?' I'm now into the whole world of social media and realizing that it's my platform to say whatever I want to say. I love it. So I just wanted to let every one of my fans know I am embracing 50." Berry added that she was delighted to reach that milestone. "I've never been defined by a number or my age. And I've never felt better," she said. Brava, Berry!

Lucy Liu shares her secrets

Another visually ageless specimen of the entertainment world is actress Lucy Liu, who turned 50 in 2018, but could probably still find herself getting carded for wine at the supermarket. Perhaps it's her fresh attitude about the aging process that has helped keep her looking so young, or maybe it's the fact that she had a very little boy running around the house at the time — her son, Rockwell, was born in 2016.

Just ahead of her 50th birthday, Liu told the Today show: "I feel like I have aged. The age doesn't match the number. I feel younger than ever. I drink lots of water. I've had very little sleep. I'm passionate about what I do and how I do it." Her personal hobbies certainly can't hurt in staving off those signs of aging; the Elementary star said she spends her downtime promoting charities, painting, and practicing yoga.

Hugh Jackman claims he's not all he's jacked up to be

By the time he became a household name. thanks to his turn as Logan (aka Wolverine) in 2000's X-Men, this Australian actor was already in his early thirties. Nearly two decades after that character debut, Jackman was as muscle-bound as ever when he said goodbye to the role (after a whopping nine film appearances) in 2017's Logan, on the eve of his 50th birthday.

Despite impressing us with his ability to maintain such a beefy physique, Jackman has refused to take all the hype about his appearance seriously. Instead, he opted to usher in his big day with a little self-deprecation. He shared a photograph of himself looking decidedly less flexed than fans might be used to and captioned it: "When people tell you 'you don't look 50' part of you believes it ... until you see yourself sleeping." Hey, everyone has an off day now and then, even Jackman.

Keanu Reeves is still looking for his forties

He may have been fending off an immortal in his accidentally hilarious turn as Jonathan Harker in the 1992 film Bram Stoker's Dracula, but someone should definitely check to make sure Keanu Reeves isn't skittish around garlic. Considering how little he's aged since then, he just might be a vampire himself.  

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2014, just weeks after his fiftieth birthday, Reeves admitted that he himself was rather "shocked" that he'd reached that milestone. "It was like the week before, I was like, 'Gosh, I'm 50.' And I was like 'What happened to the 40s.' And then my friends were like, 'Let's have a party. Let's do something!' And I was like, 'Eh. Nah.'" Celebrities: They're just like us, right? The Matrix star did get some chocolate cake from his sister, so at least he did have something to show for the occasion.