Lawyer Tells Us Tupac Murder Suspect's Own Bragging Led To His Arrest

For nearly 30 years, the mysterious murder of Tupac Shakur has remained cold, with many wondering who was responsible for the death of the '90s rapper. In a recent turn of events, however, investigators announced that longtime suspect Duane "Keffe D" Davis, who was allegedly on the scene at the time of the drive-by, was arrested on September 29, 2023, in connection with the murder, according to AP News.

It's undeniable that, in the 1990s, Shakur ruled the hip-hop scene with his hard-hitting bars and captivating artistry. The "All Eyez on Me" artist's influential reach also extended beyond the music industry and into the film world with roles in popular films like "Juice" and "Poetic Justice." Unfortunately, Shakur's life was tragically cut short in September 1996 after being mortally wounded during a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since Shakur's shocking death, the jury has been out regarding who committed the murder. In a 2002 investigative article for the Los Angeles Times, journalist Chuck Philips claimed Orlando Anderson, a former Southside Crips member, was the shooter. He also wrote that the late rapper Notorious B.I.G. supplied the murder weapon and $1 million reward for Shakur's murder. At the time, the East Coast and West Coast rappers were embroiled in a longstanding beef. Smalls and Anderson, who both later died in separate shootings, denied the accusations. So, what ultimately led to Davis' arrest? We spoke to a legal expert who broke down the events leading to his apprehension.

Lawyer says Duane Davis' media interviews helped prosecutors

On September 29, 2023, Las Vegas authorities arrested Duane "Keffe D" Davis for Tupac Shakur's murder. According to AP News, a grand jury indicted Davis on one count of murder with a deadly weapon. "Duane Davis was the shot caller for this group of individuals that committed this crime, and he orchestrated the plan," Lt. Jason Johansson explained at a press conference

While some may be surprised by the break in the case, former prosecutor Joshua Ritter, a criminal defense attorney at the Los Angeles-based firm El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers, who was a Los Angeles deputy district attorney for six years, told Nicki Swift that the arrest was a long time coming. Prior to his arrest, Davis opened up about being in the car from which the deadly shots were fired in a 2018 interview with BET and a 2019 sit-down with VladTV. "When Duane 'Keffe D' Davis admitted in media interviews that he was in the passenger seat of the [white] Cadillac, that was enough for prosecutors," Ritter shared.

Ritter added that after authorities executed a search warrant, it solidified their longstanding suspicions of Davis. "It allowed police to confirm what they already had learned. They'd have wanted to make sure they went through all the necessary steps," Ritter said. Lastly, the criminal lawyer theorized that Davis' bragging may have also led to his indictment. "Davis probably talked so openly about the killing because members of street gangs can't help themselves," Ritter added. "At the end of the day, gang members like Davis want the street cred. There's a reason that term exists."