What We Know About Donna Mills' Adopted Daughter Chloe

"Knots Landing" star Donna Mills famously left Hollywood to become a mother to adopted daughter Chloe Mills, according to her 2022 interview with People. Although Donna was at the height of her career, she decided to leave it behind and fill a childless void in her life. "I was very concentrated on my career, but at a certain point, I realized there was something missing — it was a child," shared Donna. "So I went after it. I adopted her when she was four days old." Donna, as she noted, was in her mid-50s at the time, and received pushback from people who felt she was too old for a baby. "I never felt that," continued Donna. "I never felt older than the other mothers who were probably in their 20s." 

Donna's life did change drastically over the next 18 years, as she prioritized being a full-time mother to Chloe over her acting career. As of 2023, Chloe is 29 years old. Donna, who never had any biological children, adopted her as an infant. But she would've adopted Chloe even if she had had her own kids, according to her Lifetime TV interview. "At that point, I hadn't had my own child, and I decided that I wanted to be a mother," said Donna in 2020. Then came her intense baby fever. "I started being really jealous of anyone who had a little kid running up, grabbing them, and calling them mommy," added Donna. 

Here's what we know about the girl who completely changed Donna's life.

Chloe Mills is a model and manager

Donna Mills has always been highly regarded for her eternal beauty, especially when she played Abigail Cunningham on "Knots Landing." And it seems her daughter Chloe Mills decided to pursue a career that puts her beauty at the forefront, too: modeling. According to the Daily Mail, she also manages the Malibu Solo House. Even though Donna and Chloe are not biologically related, beauty certainly runs in the family. Like her mother Donna, Chloe also commands her own Instagram account, which currently has nearly 20,000 followers. There, Chloe has proudly flaunted her beauty and model figure. Over the years Chloe has posted several noteworthy shots, including several sultry bikini shots. Chloe has also promoted her partnership with Carve Designs and credited other brands over the years, like apparel company Isla De Oro.

Of course, Chloe's account is also full of gorgeous selfies, such as this September 2022 Instagram post where she flaunted a simple bun and black dress decorated with red cherries. In 2018, she posted a fabulously relatable caption for anyone keen on taking the perfect photo. "Never not taking advantage of the light in bathrooms," Chloe wrote.

Chloe Mills is her mother's 'greatest joy'

Although Chloe Mills seems to be a woman of few words, Donna Mills has more than made up for it. Over the years, Donna has repeatedly shared details about the life she and Chloe built together. And like most adoring mothers, Donna has also shared that Chloe's been a highlight of her life. During an interview with CBS, Donna dove deeper into the decision to pause her career and start a family. "I had had a hit series, I had my own production company, I was doing all this stuff, and I said to myself, Well, this is great. I've achieved almost everything that I've wanted to in my career. What about my life?" From there, Donna realized she wanted a baby. "So I thought, I'll adopt. And that's probably what I feel is my greatest joy," she continued.

And boy, does the 80s star mean it!. Although Donna's Instagram is full of promotional posts for her recent acting projects, which according CBS, she picked back up after Chloe went to college, she has also dedicated plenty of space for bragging and celebrating her only child. To promote her Daily Mail interview, Donna posted a photo of herself and Chloe posed on the red carpet. "My bunny and I on the @dailymail She's the best decision I've ever made...now that she's all grown up I couldn't be happier to be back in-front of the [camera emoji]," posted Donna to Instagram in February.