Whatever Happened To Kris Humphries?

Kris Humphries is most known for two things: his career in the NBA and his short-lived relationship with Kim Kardashian. The whirlwind romance and marriage began in October 2010, and after a highly publicized (and scrutinized) wedding, quickly fizzled out by October 2011 when Kardashian filed for divorce.

While the tabloid attention shifted away from Humphries after his marriage ended, the NBA star continued to play on a number of teams in the league, ranging from the Boston Celtics to the Atlanta Hawks. After a 13-year career, the athlete announced his retirement from basketball in 2019, and essentially vanished off the public map, with many wondering what Humphries has been up to since he left the basketball court. 

Unlike his time in the Kardashians' orbit, Humphries has mostly kept his personal life out of the spotlight. The former basketball player has even explored a new career path in his post-NBA life.

Humphries found love again after his divorce

Following his highly publicized marriage to Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries preferred to keep his personal life — including those he's been in relationships with — out of the spotlight. Despite this, the NBA player's dating life has figured out over the years, and he has been linked to a few different people.

Shortly after he broke up with Kardashian, Humphries was spotted with Fatmire Sinanaj sometime in June 2012, but it is unknown how much their relationship took off or when the two called it quits. His next romance was with real estate agent and fashion model Natalie Pack — who also appeared on Cycle 12 of "America's Next Top Model" – between August 2013 and October 2013. In 2021, the former NBA star dated Instagram model and influencer Neyleen Ashley, but like his other romances, details of their relationship are unknown.

While it is possible that Humphries is dating someone out of the view of the public eye, he appears to be single.

His home was featured on Bravo's Million Dollar Listing

With that NBA money came Kris Humphries's investments in real estate. In 2015, Humphries made his return to reality TV post-"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" in an episode of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles," and bought a 3,336-square-foot home for $6.2 million near Beverly Hills. The basketball player lived in the three bedroom, three and a half bathroom home for nearly three years before putting it back on the market in 2017. This time around, Humphries sought to make a profit on the coastline home that sits on approximately one acre of land — and with the help of "Selling Sunset" star Jason Oppenheim – sold the home for $8.25 million. In 2018, he purchased another Hollywood Hills mansion for almost $7.5 million.

The Beverly Hills home was not the only one Humphries has tried to sell, however. Outside of the Golden State, he also listed his lake house in Mound, Minnesota in 2019. The home, which he originally bought in 2006, was listed for $1.58 million that year, and he allegedly had problems selling the home for that price despite paying $1.64 million for it.

He officially hung up his jersey

Kris Humphries's first step out of the public eye was his 2019 retirement from the NBA. He began his professional basketball career following a one-year stint at the University of Minnesota when he was selected by the Utah Jazz in the first round of the 2004 NBA Draft. He played for the Jazz for two years and would go on to be on the roster of many teams, including the Toronto Raptors, Brooklyn Nets, Boston Celtics, and Washington Wizards. Humphries finished his 13-year NBA career with the Atlanta Hawks, before ultimately retiring from the sport in 2019.

In an essay he wrote for The Players' Tribune titled, "I Never Wanted to Be That Guy," Humphries reflected on the effect being in the spotlight had on his basketball career. "I might not have turned out to be the scorer I thought I was going to be, and I definitely went through some tough times, but at the end of the day, I lasted 13 years in this league. Not a lot of guys can say that." He opened up about his anxiety from the paparazzi and public scrutiny led to a "dark" period of his life. "Honestly, the game was the only thing that got me through it. The game and my family."

In addition to announcing his retirement, Humphries also opened up about his highly scrutinized marriage to Kim Kardashian, as well as his future business ventures.

He revealed details about his marriage to Kim Kardashian

Kris Humphries's NBA career was significantly overshadowed during his relationship and marriage to Kim Kardashian. The two were introduced in 2010 by a mutual friend, basketball player Jordan Farmar, and began dating in October of that year. By August 2011, the couple tied the knot in a televised E! special called "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event," which reportedly cost millions of dollars to produce.

72 days after the two said "I do," Kardashian filed for divorce on October 31, 2011. The swift split news became tabloid fodder, and both Humphries and Kardashian were lambasted in the media. Some accused them of doing it all for publicity, not true love. In an instant, the unraveling of their relationship became a spectacle, and unfortunately for Humphries, it was difficult to control the narrative that he was a fraud that faked his relationship for fame and money.

In his 2019 essay for The Players' Tribune, however, Humphries made the true nature of their relationship clear. "There's definitely a lot about that world that is not entirely real. But our actual relationship was 100% real," he wrote. "When it was clear that it wasn't working ... what can I say? It sucked. It's never easy to go through the embarrassment of something like that — with your friends, with your family ... But when it plays out so publicly, in front of the world, it's a whole other level. It was brutal."

...Who has since apologized for how their breakup went down

After their divorce in October 2011, Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian moved on with their lives. The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star went on to marry Kanye West in May 2014 and have four children with the rapper. With their relationship years in the past, it came as a surprise when Kardashian apologized for the mistakes she made during her short-lived marriage to Humphries during the final "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" reunion in June 2021.

In the episode, host Andy Cohen asked the reality TV family who believed that the marriage to Humphries was going to last at the time. The Skims founder responded to the question quickly and acknowledged her part in the relationship coming to an end, saying (via People), "I was so nervous to break up with someone, I handled it totally the wrong way. I fully broke up with him in the worst way and I couldn't, I just didn't know how to deal."

But Kardashian's comments didn't stop there. Cohen also asked if she believed she owed Humphries an apology, to which she responded, "Absolutely, and I tried to, I tried calling him for months." While it is unknown if Humphries has accepted Kardashian's apology, the pair — at least on the outside — appear to have moved on from the situation.

The fast food business is his bread and butter now

When athletes retire, some will stick around and find a new job in their field as a coach or coordinator, while others opt for being a commentator on sports TV. Kris Humphries, on the other hand, took a different career path after his retirement in 2019. The former NBA player entered the fast food business and inked a deal in 2018 with Crisp & Green — a casual, healthy restaurant — to become the company's first-ever franchise partner. 

In addition to his Crisp & Green restaurants, Humphries owns a number of Five Guys locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as 10 Dave's Hot Chicken spots. The former basketball player opened up about his career transition in his essay for The Players' Tribune. "I'm trying to stay under the radar and work on a new phase of my life," he wrote in 2019. "It's been its own special kind of grind, but through a lot of hard work, I'm actually about to open seven Crisp & Green restaurants across the Midwest, and I've already opened 10 Five Guys franchises and counting." Basically, Humphries went from shooting baskets to raking in that fast food dough.

Pets are the heart of his life

With his many restaurant franchises, it's hard to believe that Kris Humphries has much time to relax. But the former NBA player actually spends much of his time surrounded by his many pets, whom he frequently shares on his social media. Sadly, Humphries experienced a great amount of loss after the deaths of his longtime furry friends.

In December 2020, Humphries's dog, Brody, died, and then one year later, his other dog, Gizmo, also died. The back to back heartbreaks were hard on Humphries, and he took to Instagram to honor Gizmo's memory. "RIP to the legend Gizmo," he lamented in the caption. "16 plus years of being there for me and loving me. Don't pick on Brodi in doggy heaven."

In May 2022, the former basketball player revealed in an Instagram post that he got two new puppies named Ricardo and Rocky, who have captured his heart after the losses of Gizmo and Brody. "Ricardo and Rocky. Big shoes to fill," he wrote in his caption.