Alicia Geigel

Temple University
Pace University
Celebrity News, Movies, Television
  • Alicia is an experienced freelance writer with expertise in covering several different topics.
  • In addition to Nicki Swift, her work can also be found online on sites like Uloop and PopSugar.
  • She has previously written for the blogs Top5Must and Know Philly.


Alicia has worked as a freelance writer with several publications for over four years. In the past, she has freelanced for the blogs Top5Must, a site that showcases the Top 5 best of movies, music, life hacks, food, etc., as well as Know Philly, which covers local news and entertainment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Along with being a features writer for Nicki Swift, she currently writes varied advice articles on Uloop, an online college newsfeed, as well as celebrity, film, TV, and pop culture articles on PopSugar.


Alicia attended Pace University in New York City, with a focus in Film and Screen Studies. Her sophomore year, she transferred to Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, earning a bachelor's degree in Political Science. While working toward her degree, Alicia strengthened her skills as a writer and wrote several essays that were well received by both peers and professors.
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