Who Is Lana Del Rey's Reported Fiancé, Evan Winiker?

There was no "Summertime Sadness" for Lana Del Rey because she reportedly got engaged to Evan Winiker right before summer started. The couple has been extremely private about their relationship but have seemingly been together since September 2022 after they were spotted at the Malibu Chili Cook-Off Festival. Winiker appeared to confirm his relationship with the "Young and Beautiful" singer in October 2022 after he shared several photos of a Halloween party, where Del Rey was pictured in one of the photos.

Although Del Rey and Winiker haven't been vocal about their relationship, there is one thing the musician has spoken out about — finding love. In 2014, Del Rey expressed her desire to find a soulmate with Fashion Magazine (via Daily Mail). She said, "I would love to find someone I could share my life with and be married to. I would love children, too. Hopefully, they're not as bad as I am." While Del Rey has dealt with several tumultuous relationships, she appears to have finally found the one.

Because of how private Del Rey and Winiker are about their relationship, it's unclear how he popped the question. However, in March 2023, the "Born To Die" singer stepped out at the Billboard Women in Music Awards with what appeared to be a stunning engagement ring from Winiker. With Del Rey reportedly making plans to walk down the aisle, here's everything we know about her future husband.

Evan Winiker is a musician

It's no surprise that Lana Del Rey and Evan Winiker hit it off because he is a fellow musician. Winiker was in the band Steel Train, along with Del Rey's collaborator and producer Jack Antonoff. The band formed in 1999 but didn't have all five members — Scott Irby-Ranniar, Antonoff, Matthew Goldman, Winiker, and Matthias Gruber — until 2002. The band released several EPs and one album before Goldman and Gruber left and were replaced by Daniel Silbert and Jon Shiffman. Steel Train released two more albums before they seemingly stopped making music in 2010. This might have been the end of Steel Train, but it wasn't the end of Winiker's time in the music industry.

Winiker had been a part of management labels for years before he became a managing partner at Range Media. His clients consist of a wide range of artists, including MAX, Daya, Disco Biscuits, and more. When it comes to how he manages his artists, Winiker only wants the best for them. According to Variety, he said, "As a manager, it's always my goal to surround my clients with the best teams in all areas. This eco system is truly that. It's an environment of forward thinking people who look beyond the boundaries and walls that are categorically put in place, allowing them to open new doors and reach new peaks that we dream up."

Evan Winiker is a family man

Besides being a musician, Evan Winiker is a big family man. It's clear from taking one look at the manager's social media that he loves and adores his brood. He regularly shares photos of the bunch. Be it to celebrate birthdays, big moments, or just a casual Sunday.

Winiker comes from a family of four and has one sister whom he cherishes. For his sister's birthday, he shared throwback photos of the two with the caption, "Happy birthday to my favorite (only) sister Amy. Let's go back to the 90's." Despite being his only sibling, it's hard to deny the love shared between the two.

Winiker also appears to be a momma's boy. In November 2022, the musician celebrated his mother after what seems to be the conclusion of her medical care. He shared, "In honor of my amazing & incredibly strong moms last day of treatment, here's some gems of her crushing the style game in the 80's (found some of these last week)." His admiration isn't limited to his immediate family. In September 2023, Winiker shared a sweet image of him and his grandparents with the caption, "Ma and pa Winiker." There's clearly no breaking the bond that Winiker has with his family. And if he and Lana Del Rey are indeed engaged, we can't wait to see photos of the future Mrs. Winiker with her new family.