Why Peter Reckell Ditched His Role As Bo Brady On Days Of Our Lives

In 2012, Peter Reckell announced he was leaving "Days of Our Lives" after nearly 30 years as Bo Brady, the motorcycle-riding rebel and son of Caroline Brady and Victor Kariakis, who first arrived in Salem in 1983, per Soaps. He confirmed his departure in an emotional message to fans on Twitter, saying, via Soap Central, "'Days of Our Lives' has been my home, my life, for almost 30 years. Bo is a character that developed from my soul and has touched many lives, but none more than my own." He didn't offer a reason behind his exit, only that he was looking forward to revisiting his role sometime in the future. "I do not want to give up Bo, and with luck, in the future, will be able to return to the character that I fought so hard to preserve," he said. 

Chatting with Soap Opera Digest in 2015, Reckell said part of the reason he decided to leave "DOOL" was to focus on being a father. The actor has been married to singer-songwriter Kelly Moneymaker since 1998, and the two share a teenage daughter named Loden Sloan. "It was very painful for me to walk out the house each day to the 'DOOL' set after my daughter begged me, 'Daddy don't leave!" he said, via Soap Opera Spy. "As significant Bo Brady is to me as an actor, being her father is much more important." However, as it turns out, it wasn't the only thing that prompted his departure.

Peter Reckell denied there was a money issue

In 2013, six months after ending his run on "Days of Our Lives," Peter Reckell spoke with Soap Opera Digest about the real reason behind his sudden departure. Contrary to rumors, Reckell denied that it was a money issue that prompted his decision. "The money thing wasn't an issue for me," he explained. "Not having a storyline, not being able to do anything artistic there was my issue ... I just want the people who support me to know the real reason why I'm not there." In 2015, he told Michael Fairman that he didn't think staying on "DOOL" was worth sacrificing his precious time with his family for. "My decision was, 'If I'm not going to be utilized, then I am not going to be part of mainstream storylines," he said. "I would much rather not miss out on my daughter's life. Not miss out on her discoveries of her life, and not be an impact on her, and not share her life with her." The choices he's making are about keeping his family the top priority.

However, despite his insistence on leaving the soap, Reckell stressed that he isn't closing his doors on returning to "DOOL" in the near future. [Executive Producer] Ken Corday said the door is always open and that's been true for me," he told Soap Opera Digest. "If there's a way for me to be involved in the show as an artist, that's always a possibility."

He returned actually to Days of our Lives

In 2015, Peter Reckell returned to reprise his role on "Days of Our Lives" for a 13-week story arc in order to give Bo Brady a proper send-off. After finally reuniting with his family back in Salem, Brady was diagnosed with an inoperable terminal brain tumor and passed away in the arms of his wife, Hope (Kristian Alfonso), during the show's 50th anniversary season. In a chat with Soap Opera Digest, Reckell said that he didn't think twice about returning to "DOOL" to close out his character's storyline. "I immediately agreed because I felt that the fans have put so much passion and energy in this character for the three decades," he said. "We all deserved a chance to tell Bo goodbye."

But it wasn't goodbye — at least not yet. In 2022, Reckell once again returned to his iconic role for the soap opera's spin-off series "Beyond Salem," where it was revealed that his character had been brought back to life by Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson) toward the end of Season 1. Then, months later, it was confirmed that he and Alonso would be returning to "DOOL" for a brand new storyline beginning in 2023. "We wanted you to be the first to know," the pair said in a promotional video for the soap. "It's fun to get back in the sandbox," Reckell told Soap Hub about returning as Bo. "I've had an amazing time raising my daughter. She's 15 now."