Tragic Details About Brittany Mahomes

She might be one of the least-liked athlete WAGs, but Brittany Mahomes sure knows how to make the news. Brittany first shot into the limelight in 2017 following her then-boyfriend, Patrick Mahomes' draft into the NFL. Football and the Super Bowl are not the only things the Mahomes have become known for. Brittany in particular has gained popularity for her antics, which range between her post-game celebrations to controversial social media posts. Nothing, however, could have prepared Brittany for her sudden rise to fame. "I didn't expect it to skyrocket this soon, and us kind of just being thrown into the fire like this," she admitted during a July 2023 interview with CBS Morning.

In addition to constantly warding off internet critics, Brittany also faces her fair share of personal struggles, including motherhood. In April 2023, the fitness trainer, who shares daughter Sterling Skye and son Bronze with Patrick, admitted to feeling mom guilt for having help with her kids. "I think for me it was just still learning to make time for yourself and other stuff and not just solely your child! Life is still moving when you have a kiddo so obviously they become your main priority but you can't just forget about everything else you did before," she said on Instagram (via People). 

Amid her difficult life in the spotlight and as a mother, Brittany has also undergone a slew of tragic events over the years. 

Brittany Mahomes' stepfather collapsed and died during an NFL game

In November 2018, Brittany Mahomes suffered a tragic loss when her stepfather, Paul Massey lost consciousness at Arrowhead Stadium following a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Arizona Cardinals. Massey was subsequently rushed to the hospital where he sadly passed away. "Today is a day I will never forget! Directly after this picture, I sprinted to the front entrance to see my stepdad passed out! He did not come back from this and he was called to heaven today!" Brittany poignantly wrote on Instagram (via The Washington Post). In the post, the former athlete also paid tribute to Massey, writing that she knew he was cheering them on from above. "We will miss you Paul So So So Much! I will take care of mom for you!," she concluded.

Responding to the tragic incident, the Kansas City Chiefs released a statement where they shared their condolences with the Mahomes family. "We're sorry to hear about what took place yesterday. Our prayers and blessings are with the family. I've talked to Patrick and they're doing well for the circumstance that took place," Andy Reid, the team's head coach said at the time, per ESPN

Brittany Mahomes has been a victim of cyberbullying

It is not uncommon for sports fans to love their athletes but dislike their significant others. Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are no exception. While the Kansas City Chiefs star is beloved by NFL fans, many simply can't stand his wife. Since Patrick's draft into the NFL in 2017, Brittany has continued to face backlash from critics. For instance, in 2022, she got a lot of flak for popping champagne into the stands while celebrating the Chiefs' win against New York's Buffalo Bills. But while some fans simply critiqued her actions, some others took it a notch higher. "Someone spray Brittany Mahomes with champagne!" one person tweeted. "I dare Brittany Mahomes to spray champagne on a Jags fan. Triple dog dare, actually," said another.

In response to the backlash, Brittany launched an anti-bullying campaign, teaming up with a local Kansas clothing company to make t-shirts with the phrase "Team Brittany" printed across them. "I do receive a lot of hate on a daily basis on social media and I know so so so many other people do as well," Brittany said at the time (via the Independent). "That's why I'm just proud to partner with this company and get behind this cause and hopefully push everything into the right direction and start spreading some more positivity on all of these platforms."

Brittany Mahomes' infant son suffered a medical emergency

In August 2023, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes experienced a harrowing incident when their 8-month-old son Patrick "Bronze" Lavon Mahomes III, was rushed to the emergency room. "We took a very scary and frantic trip to the ER yesterday after finding out this guy is highly highly allergic to peanuts," she wrote on her Instagram Story at the time (via The Kansas City Star). "The scariest 30 min of my life." 

Brittany and Patrick welcomed Bronze in November 2022, only five months after announcing they were expanding their family. In April 2023, the fitness trainer shared her labor story with her 1.4 million Instagram followers, revealing that her water broke at 39 weeks and she was in labor for about five hours before welcoming Bronze. Brittany also opened up about the difficult circumstances surrounding Bronze's birth which could have resulted in complications. "His cord was wrapped around his neck two times and thankfully didn't affect anything. He was fine," she wrote (via People).

In addition to Bronze, Brittany and Patrick also share a daughter, Sterling Skye whom they welcomed in February 2021. However, despite the occasional scares and uncertainties, Brittany Mahomes wouldn't have it any other way. "I knew becoming a mom was gonna be amazing but man have they have made it better then I could have ever thought," Brittany once gushed in a heartwarming Instagram post.

Brittany Mahomes had a scary experience with an unhoused person

In November 2020, Brittany Mahomes took to social media, detailing a scary encounter with an unhoused man. "He starts beating on my car, beating on my windows right at my dogs. Guys, I can't even talk about this because I just got so scared out of my mind," Brittany said in a video shared after the incident (via TMZ). "Ya know, with homeless people around Kansas City, there's quite a few of them and I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt and be nice to them and wave at them and smile and give stuff if I have it — but like today, this guy really just messed things up." In the clip, Brittany admitted she drove past a red traffic light as she attempted to escape the homeless man. But while it was admittedly terrifying for the fitness trainer, social media users have since continued to reference the video.

"After that showing, Brittany Mahomes is gonna go find a homeless person to spit on," one user wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, in January 2022. In a similar vein, many others took a swing at Patrick Mahomes, criticizing him for marrying Brittany. "He need to run away. Faster than he's ever run towards an end zone," one X user also tweeted.